Mehriya- a simple love (Part 17)

Hey everyone, I am really sorry for this late update. I know you all will be bored waiting for my new update. As I said already I was busy with my brother’s marriage. But now I am back home. Hope you all will forgive me.I wish you all a happy reading, with lots of love yours Achu.

Episode 17
Mehak was in her room itself. She was not redy to face her family. She was not certain about their reactions. So much had happen in a few hours. Soo much drama. She thinks about her life. She wonders where it is going. She thinks about Ajay, how he asks her who do she feel for. She asks herself will she ever be able to admit.
Her chain of thought was broken by Sonal’s call.
Sonal: Mehak?
M: haam…
Sonal: are you fine?
Sonal: everything is going to be fine.
M: how do you know?
Sonal: Shaurya called me. He told me everything. You did the right thing. This is what we expect from you.
M: we??
Sonal: haamm.
M: will you tell me the names?
Sonal: me and…
M: and??
Sonal: Shaurya
M: what!! Shaurya!!
Sonal: Yes, Shaurya..
Mehak was totally confused. She don’t understand what was going on. Sonal explained her everything that happened a day before.

###Flash back###
Shaurya making a call.
S: hello, Sonal?
Sonal: yes, Sonal here.
S: it’s Shaurya, Shaurya Khanna.
Sonal: hi Shaurya, what make you call me?
S: I need your help. Only you can help me.
Sonal: what?
S: can we meet?
Sonal: ok. After my office?
S: I am sorry, can you meet me now? It’s really urgent.
Sonal: can you come to my office?
S: ok. Thank you.
Sonal: ok.
S: please don’t say anything to Mehak.
Sonal: ok.
Sonal was confused. She was impatient till their meeting.
Sonal: tell me Shaurya. What is the matter?

They were in her office cafe.
S: it’s about Mehak.
Sonal: what happen? Will you please break the suspense?
S: do you think Ajay is right for Mehak?
Sonal: what do you mean?
S: look Sonal; you are Mehak’s best friend. Can’t you see she is not happy with all this.
Sonal looks at Shaurya.
Sonal: what are you trying to say Shaurya?
S: Ajay is not the right person for her. She has the right to be happy, to be cared to be loved. She needs someone to support her, to reach her dreams. Ajay is snatching her happiness, her dreams her everything. Don’t you think we have to do something?
Sonal: what you want?
S: we have to stop this before it is too late.
Sonal: before that answer my one question.
S: what?
They left from there after some time.
They reach Mehak’s home.
K chachi: Sonal betta, come inside.
Sonal: chachi, this is Shaurya. He was our college mate. Now he is Mehak’s boss.
K chachi: namaste.
S: namaste Chachi.

Sonal: chachi, we have come to tell something important.
K chachi: tell beta, what is the matter?
Sonal looks at Shaurya signaling him to say.
S: chachi, please don’t misunderstand me. I think you have to think about Mehak’s marriage.
K chachi: I don’t understand.
S: Mehak is not happy about this marriage.
K chachi: did she say so?
S: no. She didn’t say anything.
K chachi: then?
Shaurya looks at Sonal.
Sonal: we feel so chachi. She is not happy. She is compromising everything for your happiness. She doesn’t want to make you all sad. You have also seen how Ajay is making her leave her job.
Sonal: you know na chachi, how ambitious she is about her job. He not even lets her work after marriage. Don’t you think our Mehak deserves better?
K Chachi was silent.
Sonal: Chachi??
K chachi: yes.
Sonal: you don’t say anything.

K chachi: I had a feeling, if we were hurrying about this relation. But I don’t know about all these. She is upset from a few days. My poor girl.
Sonal: don’t worry chachi. We are with you.
Chachi wiped her tear.
K Chachi: I will talk with Mehak’s Chacha and all. Thank you beta.
Sonal: Chachi, what is the need of thanking and all.
K chachi thanked Shaurya and Sonal.
Mehak was still in her room.
Shaurya? Shaurya came to meet chachi and all, to talk about me? I can’t believe this!
Mehak stay in her dreams for some more time. Then she came to meet PD.
PD: came my Laddoo.

Mehak came and sit near PD. She layed her head on PD’s shoulder. PD slightly tapped her head.
M: dadi
PD: hmm…
M: did I do anything wrong?
PD: why you feel so?
M: I don’t know dadi. But… I feel like… Did I disappoint you all.
Kantha, Mansi, Ravi and Jeevan came there.
Jeevan: no Mehak.
Mehak stood up.
M: chachu.
Jeevan: don’t think you made us sad. Actually you made us proud.
Kantha chachi: yes Mehak. We were about to do a mistake. But by God’s grace nahi hua. You stopped us from doing a mistake.
Mansi: you and your friends.
Ravi: we have to thank them too.
M: I think you all will be angry with me.
K chachi: we were. We were angry with you, when your friends came here. We were upset because you hide your feelings from us. You decide to sacrifice your life. do you think how will we feel about all these?
Mehak looked down with wet eyes.
K chachi: we have dreams about your marriage that is true, but nothing is not important than you and your happiness.
M: sorry chachi.
Mehak hugged kantha and Mansi.

Chachi left the room. Mehak took her phone and dialed Shaurya’s number. She cut the call immediately. She dialed his number two more times but disconnect before it rings. She dialed his number again saying “last time. This time I promise never to disconnect.” First bell.
S: hello?
M: hey..! I mean hello.
Shaurya smiles.
S: hey.
M: woh…!
S: woh? What…?
M: woh….
S: hmmm??
M: were playing with the phone? You pick the call in the first ring itself.
S: no. I was waiting for a call. Sooo….
M: oh! Don’t get that call till now??
S: do you call to check whether I was playing with phone or not?
M: no..
S: then… Tell….
M: what…?
S: you call to tell something na, that.
M: woh….
S: hmmmm…?
M: Good night.
S: huh?
M: that’s what I want to say. Good Night.
S: good night??
M: yaa..
S: Really?
M: yup.. ok bye…
S: wait …. Wait….
M: what?
S: are you sure you call to say good night?
M: yaa. I am sure.
S: pakka?
M: pakka. Now go to sleep….
Mehak laughs and disconnect the call. Shaurya smiles looking at his phone.

To be continued

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