Mehriya- a simple love (Part 16)

Episode 16
Shaurya makes a call.
S: I need your help, only you can help me now.
Shaurya cut the call and leaves from there.
That evening. Mehak reaches her home. She went straight to her room. After some time kantha chachi came to her.
K C: mehak, are you sure about this?
Mehak was shocked by the question.
M: chachi. ?.
KC: I ask you, are you sure about quitting the job?
Mehak sighs.
M: chachi. woh, Ajay don’t like me working. Soo I think… family is more important for us na.
KC: I can’t believe, you have become big enough to do sacrifice for your family.
Mehak looked at KC in confusion.
M: why are you talking like that?
KC: nothing. You sleep.
She leaves from there.

Next day morning.
Mehak got ready to go to the office.
Mansi: can you come a little early today?
M: I will try, what is the matter Chachi?
Mansi: you forget about it? It’s your Roka after two days and you are not taking care of your beauty?
Mansi laughs. Mehak gives a fake smile and leave.
Mehak was at her work site. She got a call from Ajay.
A: Hi dear.
M: Hi.
A: I want to meet you today. So let’s meet in the evening.
M: evening? Sorry. I can’t.
A: Can’t? Why??
M: chachi wants me to come home early today so. I am really sorry.
Mehak cut the call without letting him tell anything. She switch off her phone.
She was not concentrating on anything. Her mind was disturbed. She thinks about Ajay; the way he forces her to choose dress. How he got angry. The way Pammiji and Ajay asks her to resign her job. She was disturbed for the whole day. Shaurya saw her tensed.

Evening. Mehak was leaving to her home. Shaurya came near her.
S: Mehak. Where is your phone?
M: What?
S: your phone Mehak?
M: It’s with me only. But why are you asking?
S: I called and it says switched off.
Mehak remembers how she switched off the phone after Ajays’s call.
M: Why do you call me?
S: Sonal called. She asks you to came and meet her.
M: Ok. I will meet her at her home.
S: she is not at home.
M: what?
S: She is at City hospital.
M: What?!!
S: There is nothing to worry. She just slipped from her scooty. She ask you to pick her from hospital.
M: Oh my God!! Ok I will.. Thank you.
Mehak turns.
S: Mehak. Wait. I am coming with you.
M: its not needed. I will manage.
S: I know you will manage, but I want to meet Sonal. Afterall we are college mates right? Come…
Mehak was not able to say anything. They leave in Shaurya’s car.
S: Why are you silent?
Mehak looks at him.
S: tell me what are you thinking?
M: nothing.
S: is it “I am thinking about nothing” or “there is nothing to think about” nothing??
Shaurya asks with a smile. Mehak looks at him. He winks at Mehak. She smiles at him.
S: nowadays I was missing this.
M: Missing what?
S: Your smile.
Mehak smiles and turns her face.

S: so, how much time do we have together Mehak?
M: huh?
S: I ask how much time you have before resignation.
M: I don’t know. Till marriage may be.
Mehak said, and turn her face to the road. They were silent for some time.
S: Mehak.
Shaurya called in a soft voice. Mehak turns and looks at him.
S: I will miss you.
Shaurya looks deep into her eyes. Her eyes were wet.
M: I will miss you too
Her voice seems to came from other world. She suddenly turns her eyes to the road. They drove rest of the way in silence.
They reach the hospital, pick Sonal, and drop her back to her home. Shaurya insisted Mehak that he will drop her home as it is getting late…
They reach Mehak’s home.
M: come home. I will get you coffee. You will be starving.
S: that’s tempting, thanks for the invitation.
Shaurya and Mehak enter her house.

A: You said you have to reach home early. But I think you got busy with someone else.
Ajay says looking at Shaurya. K Chachi come forward.
K Chachi: Were were you mehak? Ajay has been waiting for a long time.
A: Don’t say that you had overtime work today.
M: I was with Sonal. She was in hospital.
A: really? Is that your new excuse??
M: What are you trying to say?
A: is she important than me?
M: it’s not like that,
S: hey Ajay. Why are getting annoyed she told you Sonal was at hospital so…
A: you stay away from this. Who are you to talk in between? It’s between me and my to be wife.
Saying so, he pushed Shaurya away. Mehak came between them.
M: what is this Ajay? What are you trying to prove?
Ajay came close to mehak.
M- no. I told you, I went to meet Sonal
Ajay came near her and hold her by her elbow. He pushed her near to the wall. Shaurya came near them and push Ajay away.
S: Ajay, be in your limits ok? What the hell are you doing?
A: Shaurya I told you to stay away.
S: I can’t.
A: you have to. I have to talk to mehak. It’s been enough. Our marriage is fixed and she is spending time with some strange man.
S: Ajay. Mind your words.
A: I am telling the truth only. She don’t even try to talk to me. Always says she is busy in work, is this your work? Are you trying to avoid me?
Shaurya hold Ajay by his shoulder. Shaurya was about to hit Ajay, mehak came near them.
M: Shaurya..
Shaurya drop his hand, and looked at mehak.
Mehak face to Ajay.
M: it’s all my mistake.
Ajay looks at her in confusion. Mehak turns to kantha chachi.
M: I am sorry Chachi. I can’t do this. I tried but… I am sorry.
Mehak starts to cry.
A: what are saying.
Mehak wipes her tears and turns to Ajay.
M: look Ajay, I know it’s late now. But I don’t want to be too late to correct.
Balwant: Mehak what is all this?
Mehak looks at Balwant.
M: there is nothing between us. After two days it’s my Roka with Ajay, but I don’t know him. I don’t feel for him. I don’t feel the excitement every to be bride feels. I don’t feel happy. But instead of all this I feel like lost. I feel like missing something, loosing something.

Shaurya looks at Mehak. Mehak wipes her tears and turn to Ajay.
M: Ajay I can’t marry you. Our likes are different, our aims are different. But most importantly we don’t even try to understand each other.
A: do you love someone else?
M: what?
A: who is he?
M: no… there is nothing like that.
A: you don’t feel for me, I accept it. But who do you feel for??
Shaurya moved in front of Ajay.
S: stay away from her Ajay.
A: ohooo! You are the one?? I should have guessed it before.
S: shut up Ajay.
Shaurya hold Ajay on his shirt.
S: if you say one more word I will break your nose.
Mehak came between them.
M: move… I say you both to move away… There has been enough drama here. You both please go…
Mehak turns to Ajay.
M: I am sorry for whatever happens. Please go from there.
Mehak run to her room.
Kantha asks Ravi and Jeevan to talk to Ajay and make her leave. Shaurya looks at Mehak room.
S: Can I?
Shaurya asks to Kantha looking at Mehak’s room. Shaurya went to her room. Mehak was standing near the window. Looking at nothing. Shaurya enter the room and came near her.
S: Mehak…
Mehak don’t look at him. She lifted her head. Her face was wet with her tears. Her eyes were tired and red.
S: Mehak, why … don’t…
Shaurya searched for words. He doesn’t know what to say. How to console her. He was left without words. Shaurya hold her hand in his hand. He slightly pressed it. Mehak looked at him. She looked into his eyes. Did they say something…? Mehak hold his hands with both her hands as if she is afraid of letting it go… Their beautiful moment was disturbed by Mehak’s phone ring. It was Sonal. Mehak looks at Shaurya without picking the call. The call ends.
S: Thank you.
He said with a smile. The smile she had fallen for.
M: Don’t think I do this because of you. It’s nothing to do with you.
Shaurya came close to Mehak.
S: you know, you can’t lie to me. Your eyes say it all.
Shaurya whisper to her. He winks and went from there.

To be continued…

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