Meher’s swasanlak one shot – PYAAR PHIR HUA :SMILE ONCE AGAIN


Hey guys!! Meher here… Itz been longggg since I have written last one shot.. So here we go

The story is not entirely mine… Anji has given me a plot n I just add some things n change some…



They were married.. They were bound to live together because of the seven vows..
Their destinies were entangled.. Their hearts were not.. He fell for her but she has already fallen for someone else.. His love for her was selfless.. But she never knew About his love..

Today he decide to confess his love for his wife.. His swara.. He was preparing for this day since 2 years…
He was looking in mirror… Checking himself whether he is looking good enough to stand with swara or not.. Then his eyes captured the beauty personified… His swara… He was just looking at the almighty’s great creation… He gathered courage and spoke
“swara can u come with at a charity event ”

” laksh! M going there with u since 2 years, stop asking these silly questions ” she sound irritated.

Laksh didn’t say anything in return… But his heart peirced with each harsh word of swara.. Still he loves her…

He still remember the day after 2 months of their marriage when swara told him that she loves someone else… She loves sahil Sengupta.. But still he fell in love with her.. With a girl who has just apathy towards him…

But he trust her.. She too never hurt the dignity of the pious relationship of marriage…

He got ready and sat in car waiting for her…

“today I will confess my love for you swara.. “he thought

” u know she has no feelings for you “his soul screams

” yes, I know… N I hv no problem in facing the reality.. I love her itz another big reality” he thought with determination

As soon as swara came n sat in the car his heart stopped beating… It starts rebeating when his mind nudges him “officer laksh!! The best officer of CBI surrenders everytime in front of his wife.. ”

Both reached the event… He was preparing himself for the worst… They were walking in the garden area.. When he stopped and hold her hand to stop her…

She turned… Now he was facing the most beautiful creation… Before he could speak something… Her expressions changed into.. Scary one.. N in no time he understands the reason as now he could feel a gun on his head..

“u r dead office laksh” a voice spoke behind his back

“run swara.. Run away… “laksh shouts..

The very next second a bullet has been shooted in laksh’s head from point blank range..

” I love you swara “his last words before falling into the dark world..

He was somewhere, but where?
then he saw
” welcome to heaven ”

He smiled slightly and went in… He used to just watch swara..


Today he has completed his 2 years in heaven…

2 years.. when he died

2 years… When he decides to confess his love

2 years.. To his unheard confession

Swara has moved on in life.. She was in a live in with her love sahil…

“sahil when we will get married ” swara ask

” we will marry but not now”sahil said n kisses her on forehead

“sahil u r saying this from 2 years.. !! I hv no one except you.. My family has cutted all the ties with me the moment I step in this relationship with you ” swara said with fear

” trust me swara we will get married.. I just need time to settle things “sahil said n left

He felt jealous seeing him kissing her..
He felt like killing him..

Everytime sahil lie to swara… That question was usual one with a usual answer… Laksh knew sahil won’t. Marry swara..

Wasn’t laksh good enough for her…
Wasn’t his love enough for her…

“Why swara loves sahil.. A man who beat her.. ” laksh thought

” cz love is blind.. U too fell for a girl who doesn’t feel anything for you “his heart whispers


Today itz been 5 years of laksh in heaven…

5 years.. When he died..

5 years.. When he decided to confess his love.. .

5 years.. To his unheard confession

Today laksh saw swara crying… Finally sahil has denied to marry her..

She ask why he played with her.. In answer she just got slaps..

Her body was bruised.. Her soul was dead… But she was breathing … Why she love sahil.. Why!!!

Wasn’t laksh good enough for her…
Wasn’t his love enough for her…

Today also laksh prays for her “please send someone in her life who can teach her to smile once again”

He just want her happiness.. He want her to live not to survive… Now he just want to see his old happy swara no matters how…


Its been 7 years of laksh in heaven…

7 years… Since he died.

7 years… Since he decide to confess his love….

7 years.. To his unheard confession..

Today he saw swara standing at a cliff… She has decided to end her life… She don’t want to live… She just want to fall in the plunge of darkness forever…

Laksh’s heart cried in helplessness.. He don’t want to meet his swara in heaven this way…

“no swara.!! No!! U can’t give up!! “laksh shouts..

She was about to jump off, laksh closed his eyes in the fear of seeing his love dieng infront of his eyes… But almighty is not heartless … He finally send someone in swara’s life..

That person pulled her n she landed on his chest.. He make her stand… “r u crazy… Why u wanna die!!”

“I hv no reason to live sanskar ” swara said

Laksh was watching this from heaven n his lips curved slightly… He knew sanskar.. Sanskar was swara’s childhood best friend… Now laksh Has hope that sanskar can teach swara to live again

” U hv reason to live shona ” sanskar said

” really.. What’s that reason… ?? My family has cutted all ties with me.. The man whom I loved most has left me all alone in this cruel world to face taunts..” swara broke

“u hv reason infront of ur eyes swara.. “sanskar said lovingly

She looked at him in confusion

” I love you swara.. Yes I really do.. I wanted to confess my love long back.. But first u got married to laksh…n Then u moved on with sahil.. I can’t see u with anyone else so I went to dubai. I just came back n come to know what u hv faced”sanskar said in guilt

“I thought you too hv left me like others “swara said with tears

” never.. Swara… I will never leave you”sanskar said and engulf her in a bone crushing hug…

Laksh was seeing all this from heaven with tears in his eyes… Tears of happiness… Tears of satisfaction… Satisfaction that finally she is with a man who will support n love her unconditionally…

But still he want to know that,
Wasn’t he good enough for her…
Wasn’t his love enough for her…


Today Its been 10 years of laksh in heaven…

10 years… Since he died.

10 years… Since he decide to confess his love..

10 years.. To his unheard confession

Today laksh saw her smiling wholeheartedly…

Today he saw her romancing with sanskar… He felt jealous..

Sanskar loves swara unconditionally… He is giving her all the happiness she deserves.. She is happy now…

Laksh was satisfied… But still, one thought was roaming in his mind
Wasn’t he good enough for her…
Wasn’t his love enough for her…


Today Its been 12 years of laksh in heaven…

12 years… Since he died.

12 years… Since he decide to confess his love….

12 years.. To his unheard confession

Today laksh saw swara playing with her daughter…
Swara and sanskar were living happily with their 2 year old daughter, lakshita…

Today he saw her loving sanskar more than her life…

at last his soul was satisfied but still …
His love remain unknown to swara…
His confession remain unheard…


But Wasn’t laksh good enough for her…
Wasn’t his love enough for her…


so guys tell me hwz this… I hv written os after long time.. And for the first time I used laksh in this way.. As I can’t kill sanskar

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  1. Nita D

    Meher bhabhi….awesome os…..the last two lines, which u have been repeated every time they really touched me…..

    1. Meher

      Thank you so much

      Luv u loads ?

  2. Nice…..

    1. Meher

      Thank you

  3. I like ur all os. This os too goes to the collection

    1. Meher

      Aww so sweet of you dear


  4. Sree

    I felt as if i was reading a diary but the diary belonged to a man in heaven?
    Awesome os bhabhiji. ??
    Very different one.
    But still Laksh’s questions remained unanswered?
    I loved this.??

  5. little princess

    Hiii dear….loved ur os…when u told me that laksh has main role in ur os,i never thought that he would have such importance in it… I was feeling so bad n sad for laksh…he loved her so unconditionly but she never felt his pure love or gave him the happiness he deserves… Those questions which were asked by laksh’s soul was right.. Wasnt laksh good enough for her….wasnt his love enough for her…somewhere i didnt like swara’s character bcoz of her attitude towards laksh in ur os…but gradually i liked her when the plot proceeded…we cant blame her also as she never knew his feelings for her…she loved someone who is not worthy of her pure love…hated sahil…now-a-days we could see many disguisting people like him around us who only knows to play with a girl’s dignity ….such people r stain for pure love…she may have got such tortures from sahil to understand that how good man was laksh n how wrong was she in choosing sahil..but her love towards sahil was pure…thats why god has given her a another chance…now she got a man who loves her unconditionly… She got her true love..whatever that happens in our life is a play of destiny… Here destiny has united 2 souls who was meant to be together….laksh’s character was heart touching….
    Ur this os is simple but meaningful…overall,itz amazing..tell ur frnd that this concept is good one..u both have did a good work… Loved it

  6. Mica

    Meher.. you made me crying, huhuhuhu it;s soo mindblowing
    but 1 thing, don’t anyone dare to think that suicide act will lead us to heaven, it’s big NO…
    you just insulting God by doing that….(sorry, my view based on laksh’s though when swara trying to suicide)
    being grateful, and we can bear any pains. xoxo

  7. Sriya

    meher I am speechless dear how you managed to get these ideas dear wonderful fantabulous stupenduous I am searching for words dear u rock it loved it to the core love swasan love this os and love u too dear anyways I have posted a hate to love story ( A SWASAN fanfic ) it has already been published it is in 5th page please do read it

  8. Serena

    Woah amazing Di…jab mene title padha….I was just thinking ki Bas koi sad ending na ho…..kyunki sad ending wala kaam mera hai???…swasan Milne chahiye….feeling bad for laksh…but koi nhi use heaven me koi ragini naam ki apsara mil hi jaayegi????

    N jaldi se ff post karo..

    1. Serena

      N Di TU ne aapke private msg Hata diye..

    2. Sriya

      hi serena dear thanks a lot for commenting on my ff just now only I have posted its first episode soon it will be published and when you are going to post your ss I am eagerly waiting for that love u loads dear keep smiling always

      1. Serena

        Hi I will try to post soon as m surrounding with my devil projects write now???

    3. Serena

      Di aapke msg show nhi kar rahe n Ab mujko gussa aa raha raha h???

  9. AnuAnn

    Amazing dear.. Different concept and in a different way you portrayed it.. Feeling sad for Laksh and his unconditional love towards swara…. Y u didn’t show any guilt in swara for laksh.. I know she didn’t love laksh ..But …Anyways always swasan is best

  10. Wowwww meher…sachi the way u hv written nd described …ws jst mind blowing…
    The plot was also good…thnxx to anji..
    Bt the way u hv carvd it is really nice… ur writing hs given the meaning to this beautiful plot..
    Aur pehli baar mujhe laksh acha laga..haha lol..;)
    Thnxx fr this os after a lonngggggg write more… 🙂

  11. meher yeh tune kya kiya swasan are my fav couple but I’m feeling sad for lucky oh god tum na mahan ho & your story is gr8 keep writing

  12. sanjana (daddy's little princess)

    Awesome…. superb …..

  13. its fantastic…
    I thought laksh will get a answer but he never got…..

  14. Awsworth

  15. Wow superb speeches.. The way u narrated….love y for this os

  16. awsm..d way u expressed evrythng ws petfect….bt one thng i miss dat d feelings of swara towards laksh..she didnt even feel guilty…really sad for laksh…in dis stry i love laksh mote dàn swasan…wasn’ he good enough for her…wasn’t his love good for her????

  17. Neha_priya

    Awesome ?

  18. Samys

    Its really awesome yaar… No words to describe it.. You are really tallented.. And i just loved the way you plotted the story..
    The story is fantastic and hearttouching… Laksh will never get the answer.. bt he will be happy seeing her life….
    Thank you MEHER for this wonderful and hearttouching strory…

    1. Samys

      and one more thing, Thanks ANJI, for giving this fabulous idea to MEHER… you did a great job…

  19. Awesome

  20. Chaitali

    Awww…i don’t know what to say…reading the last lines,i am just feeling speechless…i can’t write anything…bass tum samajh lo main kya kehna chahti hu!

  21. Pooja26

    really a amazing one……

    meher= one shot ki rani…… 😉 😉 😉

    post nxt os soon……..

  22. heart touching

  23. RUPA

    Meher yaar kya likhti ho

    This was too good and the way Laksh loved Swara was outstanding.

    Though i’m big time swasan fan but still i loved swalak in this.

    Hope Lucky could understand swara realised his love and named her daughter Lakshita.

    And Anju di aapke dimaag mein aise ideas kese ate hain????

    This was an aweson plot Anju di.

    And Meher now don’t stop writing one shots. I missed u and ur one shots a lot.

    Love you my OS queen???

  24. Fanficoholic

    Lovelyyyyyyyy. Awesome di. It was really touching. Sanky’s entry was amazing. And that sahil guy agggrhhhhhhhh i want to finish him. He is creating so many disturbances in swasan’s life. Waiting agerly fr ur ffs di. And felt really sad fr laksh. It is very hard to love a person unconditionally. And he did that. And so did sanky. Lived bth their characters.

  25. U really awesome

  26. OMG…how can u write so nicely??? Suchh mein it was just too good…beautifully written…

  27. Meher:.this os was awesome nd really touched my heart..tqs fr this wonderful os..
    meher can u pls tl d names of names of ur earlier one shots..pls..
    I might b unable to comment againcos of heavy workload these days
    So thanks in advance fr giving links to ur earlier oneshots

  28. Sweeta

    Fantastic. …I’m speechless. …i never read such a great story. …nd t last two lines u used nd repeated its to touched my heart. …???

  29. Awesome Maher di & the lines that laksh is enough for her that dialogue really awesome. Waiting for ur ffs. Love u dii.

    1. & this 2 dialogues I find answer in my mind . that sanky loves swara more than lucky love her. & sanky love swara more than swara loves sahil so aakhir kar jit sanky baba ki hoi ???.

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