Meher’s SwaSan one shot: a princess in disguise


” a princess in disguise”

“One shot”

A car was running on the roads of Kolkata in full speed, after covering a distance it stopped in front of a hospital, a man in early 30s stepped out of the car, and immediately ran inside the hospital towards reception, he stopped and asked panting…

“Swa… Swara… W-where is… She…?”

The receptionist gave him a small smile and said ” room no 403 sir”

He rushed for room number 403, he stood In front of elevator and started pressing its button impatiently, showing his anxiety…

“Damn! Why it is taking time??” He thought in mind, and rushed towards the stairs as he can’t wait anymore…

He was running on the stairs, bumping into ward boys and others… Everyone was giving a smile to him. He finally reached the fourth floor and rushed into room no 3…

“s-swara” he said breathing heavily

The moment he saw Swara his lips curled up into a smile, and he moved towards Swara, who was holding a small, delicate child in her arms, wrapped in soft, pink cloth. He looked at her in amazement…

“Swara ye?”

She nods “Haan, Sanskar ye tumhari he beti hai. You’ve won!” She said with a smile.

Sanskar stood frozen.

“Sanskar go and take your baby girl in your arms” Shivangi, Sanskar’s friend and Swara’s doctor said, he didn’t react to her, he was still in his Dreamland, she pushed him little ahead ” Jao na! ”

He came to senses and moved ahead, and forwarded his hands to take his baby girl in his arms, as Swara moved the baby towards sanskar he withdrew his hands…

” No, No, I can’t take her, she is so small and fragile, what if I drop her, no, you keep her and I will see her from distance” sanskar said in nervousness.

Shivangi and Swara busted out laughing, seeing his expressions, he pouts.

“So, Dr. Sanskar Maheshwari, best heart surgeon of the state is afraid of holding his own daughter” Shivangi said controlling her laughter

“Haan toh? Operating heart is easier than holding a baby, I can’t take risk” he defends himself

“Sanskar, don’t behave like a kid! I have one, I don’t want other now!” Swara said strictly and Sanskar moved towards her and finally took his girl in his arms…

The happiness was clear on his face which can’t be described in words, he was just seeing her small face, suddenly the baby started crying and he panicked…

“Swara! look she is crying. Please do something!! ”

“Give her to me, and you take rest,look at yourself your are tried more than me” Swara said to sanskar

“Doctors can’t rest Swara. well, Will be back in an hour, I need to go on round, okay?” He said and left.

Here Swara got lost how Sanskar came in her life, taking her out from the streets of darkness…


An year ago

Sanskar was coming back to his home after a tiring day, when be saw a young boy having a moustache and light heard on his face, wearing loose tee shirt and a denim jacket over that, with a cap on his head, struggling to walk, he stopped his car and realised that the boy had been stabbed in right shoulder, near heart. He stepped out of the car to help him but the boy’s vision turned blur and he collapsed on Sanskar… Sanskar helped him in sitting in car.

“This guy is quite lighter” Sanskar thought

He drove to his place and placed that boy on bed in his home’s clinic. He was wearing gloves to treat him, when the cap fell off the boy’s head, releasing his long black hair, Sanskar startled once

“She is a girl!” Sanskar said to himself in amazement and then removed the moustache and beard from his face, now he was seeing one of the most beautiful creation of the almighty.

“She is so beautiful! ” He murmurs to himself, he got alert listening to her wincing.

Sanskar hesitantly removed her jacket, and realised that wound was deep and needed to be stitched, but he was hesitant to treat an uncouncious girl in the absence of any nurse or lady doctor.

“Oh god! Now what? How can I..? Haan! I should call Shivangi she will help me

He immediately dialed Shivangi’s number but she didn’t lift that, then he called his maid…

“Kamla kaki, can you please help me?” He asked

“Sanskar Baba? What happened tell me?” The old lady in her late 60s, with white silky hair, said

“Kaki, vo… Ummm… That boy isn’t a boy, She is a girl, so I can’t treat her, I need your help please can you change her clothes?” Sanskar spoke in one breath, at first kaki didn’t get what he was saying but at last she understood and agreed.

Kamla covered swara with blanket leaving her injured shoulder exposed. Sanskar finally did her treatment and admired her beauty, while tons of questions were running in his head…

“She is so beautiful, then why she was disguised as a boy? How did she get stabbed? Why would anyone hurt her? What about her family? They must be worrying about her.” He thought

“Sanskar baba have food” Kamla kaki called him.

Sanskar left the unconscious swara with an Iv attached to Her hand.


Next day

Sanskar didn’t go to hospital just, in case if Swara may needed him. he was sitting on couch opposite to her bed, waiting her to get up and answer the questions running into his head…

Soon he heard a soft yet painful flinch of Swara. She tried to got up and in the sudden action, she hurt her stitches…


He immediately stood up and moved towards her to help her in sitting ” be careful, your wound is fresh. I have given you stitches so don’t try to move your hand, unless you wanted to get operated” Sanskar said, arranging pillow behind her back to comfort her.

“Thank-you!” She said, in he soft and soothing voice

“You’re most welcome, by the way, I’m Dr. Sanskar Maheshwari and you?” He asked, forwarding this hand

“Swa- ahh!” She shouts as she moved her hand,

“Hey! It’s fine just don’t move your hand now” he said

She smiled slightly, taking his breath away…

“I’m Swara” she said

“Your name is as beautiful as you” he said drooling over her

“Huh??” She gave him confused look

“Vo… Nothing, you must be hungry na lemme bring something for you to eat, after that you need to have Medecins also” he said and left to avoid embarrassing situation

Sanskar brought mixed vegetables soup for her, she was surprised too see soup, it seems she had never seen something like soup.

Sanskar put the tray in Swara’s lap, she struggled to have that from her left hand, he understood and offered her…

“If you don’t mind, can I?”

She had no other option left, so she nods slightly. Sanskar took the spoon and feed her, he was busy in feeding her and she was scanning the surroundings, which was showing his wealth.

“He is very rich ! It will be good for me, vese bhi, Rishi ki school fees Deni hai, thank God!” She thought in mind

Time Was passing, hours turned into minutes and minute turned into days, and finally days turned into a week…

Sanskar use to take care of Swara like a child, he fell for her but here Swara didn’t know what she feel for him, for her he is just a rich prey, during the week Swara use to steal money and other expensive yet small things, so that no one could doubt her.
Sanskar noticed the missing money and things but he ignored that.

Swara had collected a handsome amount from his house and was waiting him to cut her stitches so that she could elope…

Sanskar came home soon, making mind to propose Swara, although he felt that she will deny…

“Swara!! Swara!! ” He called

Swara didn’t listen to him as she was busy in steeling the gold chain from lord Krishna’s idol, she quickly took that and kept in her small purse, which also she had stolen from sanskar’s house. This sight left him heartbroken, for the first time he fell in love and his love is revieled to be a thief. He clenched his fist in anger of helplessness, and called Swara…


She startled and turned “haaan Sanskar”

“Come, I will cut your stitches so that you can leave” he said sternly

She nods, He proceeded towards his work of cutting her stitches. The moment his hands touched her bare shoulder, a current passed down to her spine and for the first time, she noticed the Greek God in front of her, she was lost in his deep, black, shiny eyes. Sanskar broke her trance with a shock.

“Done. You may leave now, your family must be worrying for you. Take these clothes with you.” he said blankly, pointing towards the clothes which Kamla kaki had given to her.He stopped and said…

“Path of honesty is tough”

Here Swara understood that Sanskar came to know about her deeds, she packed her things, which weren’t really hers… She wanted to go but somewhere she was feeling bad for betraying Sanskar so she decided to keep a letter for him on bed and left.


Swara reached her home, where her mother and little 10 year old brother Rishi was waiting for her…

“Maa! Didi aa gayi!!!” Rishi jumps in happiness.

“Rishi don’t jump!” Sharmishtha called from inside.

Swara came and Rishi hugged her.

“Didi, I’m feeling hungry please do something na” he said innocently

Tears swam in her eyes and she took out fruits, from her polybag, which she had stolen from Sanskar’s home and gave them to Rishi.

“Shona? What’s this? These are expensive fruits. from where did you buy them?” Sharmishtha asked her

“Maa, actually my new employer gave them to me after knowing that Rishi is unwell” she lied to her,avoiding eye contact.

Sharmishtha found her behavior suspicious as always but she again let this go.Swara use to visit her home once a week, and every time she came with some stolen money,Whenever Sharmishtha asked her about her job, she always lied to her, but this time something was bothering Swara a lot, the feeling of betraying someone who had trusted her was killing her,like always guilt covered her heart, and she can’t overcame that, this time. May be she fell in love with him..


Sanskar came in Swara’s room after her departure and found a letter on bed…

Dear Sanskar,

I don’t know what to say, but the truth is that I have killed your trust. I’m a thief Sanskar, I disguised as a man so that no one can recognise me, that day when we met I got stabbed as I tried to steal someone’s wallet but my badluck he himself was a goon and he stabbed me, but you weren’t my target, you became my prey by chance…

I’m taking money and other expensive things from your house, I don’t know whether I will be able to return them to you or not, but sometimes our circumstances forced us to do something which we never wanted to do.
Like you said, path of honesty is tough, but trust me this path isn’t a cake walk, the feeling of self loathing kills you from inside, the guilt, can’t let you survive, even after knowing that you are doing wrong, but you are helpless and can’t stop doing that. The guilt which I face everytime when maa, asked me about my job can’t be described in words. I know when she will come to about my deeds, I will be left alone, she will disown me but still I’m stealing things, everything has a reason, if you want to complain in police station then do that, don’t compromise with your morals for me.

One last thing, I know you love me, you are the most genuine man, I’ve ever met, don’t waste your precious love on me, I don’t deserve any love, I hope you will get your soulmate soon who can love you with equal passion, I will wish for your future.

Yours unfaithful

He could see the faded letters of the letter showing that she had cried while writing that. He sat on the bed, burying his face in his palms…


Days were passing, Swara had tried to follow Sanskar’s advice but everytime her emotions overcame her heart and again she fell into the dark streets, no matter how hard she tried, the result was always same…

Here Sanskar was continuing his daily routine. He tried alot to find Swara but never succeeded, his main motive was to find her and took her out from the dark streets, before it gets too late.

Two months had passed with the blink of eye,SwaSan didn’t met each other, but destiny had already decided their next meeting…

It was a medical conference in a hotel, Swara was working there as a waitress but still she can’t stop pick pocketing, she was stealing a wallet, when a strong hand stopped her, she turned and got shocked to see Sanskar with bloodshot eyes, she gulped in fear. Sanskar dragged her to his hotel room.

“What the hell you were going to do?? I thought you must have changed but no! You will never change! Chori ki aadat jayegi nai na?” He said angrily

She didn’t utter any word and tears were making their way quietly from her eyes…

“First you have stolen my money, then my heart, and after that you eloped leaving me heartbroken” he said softly.

She looked at him in disbelief, he moved towards her wiping her tears, he held her hands firmly and continued…


This time she can’t control her emotions and hugged him tight.


“Sshhh!! Don’t cry Swara, and tell me why did you steal money? What’s the reason?” He asked softly

“Ri- ” she was about to tell him everything but she stopped.

“Swara,ita okay if you don’t want to tell me. Just hold my hand, I promise I will take you out from these streets for ever, I will help you, just trust me” he said, holding her Hand tightly

“I trust you, but it’s impossible now” she said hopelessly

“It’s possible, my love” he said lovingly

She broke down in his arms, he was caressing her hair to calm her down. Once she was calm, he brushed his lips on hers,e entering into the hungry, passionate kiss.

His hands travelled down to her waist, unting the white apron from her waist, her hands were holding his overcoat tightly, pressing him onto her, they broke the kiss. Swara was seeing straight into his eyes, without getting shy, she can see the immense love for her in his eyes. He after tracing the outline of her slim waist, travelled up to her hair, which were locked in a bun, he undid her bun, giving freedom to her black, long, silky, hair.

The moment was heating up, with the burning desire of the two souls, their brains stopped working, now their heart was in-charge, their hearts were craving to become one, the distance which they endured was just a word, their hearts were never far away. They proceed towards the next level, becoming one till the eternity.



Swara woke up in the warm embrace of Sanskar, seeing him the feeling of guilt overcame the feeling of love.

“Shooot! What you did Swara? You don’t deserve Sanskar, he is such a pious soul, and you are a blo*dy theif, I can’t destroy Sanskar’s life.” She curses herself mentally.

Planting a kiss on his forehead, she left the hotel again with a note…

Sanskar woke up with a satisfactory smile on his face,

“Swara!!” He called her

He was about to call her again, when his sight caught the note kept on side table…

Dear Sanskar,

I’m sorry for going like this, but I can’t face you. It’s a mess Sanskar, loving me is a mess. You can’t love me, no one can love a thief. Please forget whatever Happened between us last night or what ever I said to you, I don’t deserve you. Please move on and forget the moment which we spent.

Yours undeserving

“Man! How could you Swara? Why did you leave me again? You deserve me, you are mine… Only mine. Don’t worry I will not let you go this time, I will find you anyhow!” He thought with determination


Again time Was passing quickly,in the mean time Swara nerves herself and told Sharmishtha about her deeds, initially Sharmishtha was angry with her, but as she saw change in Swara she forgave her but this was not the end the problem started when Swara conceived Sanskar’s child.

“Get out Swara!” Sharmishtha said angrily

“Maa, please I’m sorry, trust me I didn’t do anything wrong” Swara said sobbing

“Really! You did nothing wrong! Then how can you get pregnant!! Tell me who’s child is this, then!! ” Sharmishtha said

Swara kept quiet, even after knowing that this is Sanskar’s child she didn’t tell Sharmishtha, as she could not explain her anything.

“You have hurt me a lot Swara, I was proud of being your mother, but today I’m ashamed of you, get out from my house and never show me your face again, you are dead for us” Sharmishtha said with a broken heart, it was difficult for her to disown her own daughter, but she being utopian had to do that.

“Didi, please don’t go! I will talk to mumma” Rishi said to her, when she was packing her necessary belongings

She kneel down in front of him and wiped his tears ” Rishi, never hurt maa like I did, you are a big boy now, take care of maa and don’t trouble her, now your didi can’t be with you for saving you from maa’s scoldings” she said chokingly

“Didi, this time I will save you from maa’s scoldings, but please don’t go. I promise I will be a good boy, I will do everything which you will ask me to do, but don’t go” Rishi said, while sobbing

Swara ignored his words and moved towards the exit…

“Ma please call me if you ever need me” Swara said

“Di please mat Jao” Rishi tried for last time.

She kissed him on forehead “Never become like me! NEVER BE LIKE YOUR SWARA DI” she said and left crying Rishi, and shattered Sharmishtha.

A month had passed, Swara was struggling to live, she never had enough money to buy Medecins or food, she was just surviving with difficulty.
Sanskar was trying to find her hard,but he couldn’t.

Swara worked as a helper in a bungalow after leaving the house.

“Swara! Give me water” her employer asked

“Yes, sir” she said and took a glass of water

“Swara today we have a small party, prepare food for 25 people” the lady said

She was shocked to listen that, preparing food for 25 people wasn’t an easy task.

“Mam I can’t prepare everything alone” she said politely, wishing them to understood her condition, but they were heartless

“If you can then leave the job!” Lady said strictly, she nods and went into kitchen and engrossed herself in work.

The work was tiring for her, she was having back ache but couldn’t say anything, she finished preparing food somehow with much difficulty.

She felt a sudden craving for something sour, she tried to suppress her craving but the baby was adamant not to agree…

She lifted one piece of mango pickle and that was the biggest mistake…

“How dare you to touch this!!! You poor girl, how dare you to eat my pickle!! Hum Khana nahi Dete tumhe? Kya zaroorat thi, mere khane ko Ganda karne ki!!” She shouts

“S-sorry mam, I-i was craving for that,” she said in feeble tone

“It’s not my problem if you crave for anything! I don’t card about you or your illegitimate child, pata nahi kiska Ganda khoon hai” lady said making disgusting looks

Swara can’t tolerate question in her child and she raised her voice

“You have no right to raise finger on my child! I’m your servant it doesn’t mean that I will listen to your rubbish talks” she retorted

“How dare you to argue with me, you are fired!” She said and showed her exit.

Swara realised how badly she needed that job and pleaded, but that lady dragged her to the gate and pushed her out, and closed the door.

“Aaahhhhhh!!” Shw cried in pain.

She wanted someone to help her but no one was there for her, she was missing her Sanskar badly, she kept sitting on the bare cold floor until her stomach ache became bearable.

She got up and went towards temple to get some shelter… After that, she use to sleep on temple stairs and eat whatever people distributed amongst the beggars and homeless people.


One morning Swara got Sharmishtha’s call, assuming that she might had forgiven her she lifted her call happily, but her call left swara shattered…

“Swara, please come to city hospital, I have admitted Rishi here, and he wanted to see you for one last time” Sharmishtha said crying hard

“I’m coming” was her answer and she rushed for the hospital.



Swara storms into Rishi’s room and hugged him tightly…

“I thought you won’t come di, and I will die without meeting you” Rishi said

“Shhh! I will slap you, if you again utter rubbish, nothing will happen to you, your di is here Na” she consoled him

Doctor came in and said ” I had told you not to delay his surgery, and now because of your negligence he must get operated, within 24 hrs, please deposit money at reception”

“How much money?” Swara asked hesitantly

“7 lakh plus hospital charges” doctor declared and left

Swara saw Sharmishtha shattered…

“Maa, nothing will Happen to Rishi, I will find a way out, don’t worry” she gave her confidence and left

“Doctor!!” She called him

Doctor stopped and she asked ” doctor, we don’t have this much money now, can we do something else?”

“I can’t help it, but you can talk to Dr. Sanskar Maheshwari, he will operate him, so if he can help yo- she didn’t let him complete and ran to meet Sanskar, she knew his cabin was on 3rd floor, she was running towards the third floor when her leg slipped on stairs, before she could fall, her man, her Sanskar held her.

“Be caref- swara? What are you doing here and why are you crying? Oh god! I was searching you madly” he said

“Vo… Voo… Ri-rishi… P-please… Help” she cried

“okay, okay. Calm down come with me.” He took her into his cabin

He fetched a glass of water for her, she was drinking that when he noticed a slight curve on her belly, he put his hand on her belly and looked at her in amazement

“Swara ye? T-tum? (She nods with tears) t-this is my child?” He was surprised

“Sanskar I will explain you everything, first please help me. My brother Rishi is here and you will be operating him, I don’t have any money to pay, please save my brother” she cried

He messeged someone in the meantime

“Marry me!” He said

“What?” She looked at him in shock

“If you want me to operate your brother, you have to marry me, and I will clear every bill” he said sternly

“B-but, please treat him, I will marry you afterwards, I promise.” She lied, thinking a new way to elope

“No way! You have to marry me right here, right now. I don’t trust you” he said. “Speak up Swara, you brother has less time” he continued

” I’m ready” she said with tears.

In no time Sanskar filled her hair part, with the roli kept Infront of the small worship place in his cabin. During this process she fell unconscious on his chest, he called Shivangi to take care of Swara and left for operation as he had already messeged other doctor to prepare everything for operation.

~8 hours later~

Operation was successful and Rishi was unconscious. Swara was also uncouncious in his cabin and Shivangi was taking care of her. Sanskar explained Sharmishtha everything and she agreed to Sanskar.

She woke up and found Sharmishtha and sanskar beside Her.

“Ri-Rishi?” She asked with tears

“He will gain his senses soon” sanskar said with a smile and in no time, Swara pulled him in a bone crushing hug.

“Thank-you so much!” She continued

“Ahhann!( He shook his head) I love you” he planted a lingering kiss on her forehead

“I love- “( she stopped seeing Sharmishtha, and bow down her head)

“What happened Shona? Why aren’t you confessing your love for my son-in-law “Sharmishtha said teasingly

She looked at her in shock.

“Look Swara, when you were unconscious me and maa team up against you” sanskar said

“I’m sorry Sanskar, I’m sorry maa” she said

Sharmishtha Hits her head playfully and said “pagal, sorry nahi, I love you”

Swara blushes.

“Okay so let’s do this again, I LOVE YOU SWARA” Sanskar said

“I LOVE YOU TOO AND THIS TIME I will NOT ELOPE” she said with tinted cheeks.



SwaSan were sitting in the mandap and swara saw a beautiful bracelet near the mandap, she picked that up and Sanskar glared at her, she pouts…

“Sorry, bad habit”

” Will change your habbit soon” he whispers

Sharmishtha forgave her and SwaSan were duly married. Rishi and Sharmishtha moved in sanskar’s home.

~flashback ends~

Sanskar came back from round and saw Swara sleeping peacefully. He sat beside her and caressed her hair, she woke up feeling his touch…

“Tum aa Gaye?”

“Hmm.. so how’s my princess?” He asked

She saw the baby girl sleeping in crib,

“Sleeping peacefully” she said

He shook his head “I’m asking about my princess not about my angel”he said.

Swara blushes ” your princess is tired ”

“Let me help you in relaxing then” he said naughtily and moved towards her lips, they were couple of inches away when, someone opened the door and shouts

“Yippppppppeeeeeeee!! I’m mamu now”

SwaSan sat properly, and smiled seeing the excited Rishi,

“Shhh! Don’t shout Rishi” Sharmishtha called while entering.

“Sorry ma, jiju howz my niece” he asked in excitement

“Your niece is perfectly fine” sanskar said

“Haan, ab di ko Kon dekhega” Swara showed fake anger.

“Nai di, I love you too, but right now I love my niece more” Rishi said

Soon Rishi and Sharmishtha got involved into adoring the new family member.

“So Mrs Maheshwari, what’s your future plan?” He asked

“No plans Mr Maheshwari, oopps Dr Maheshwari” she said

” You have plans, your are finishing your graduation and then you will do a job” Sanskar said

“But? With a baby how can I study?” She asked

“She is mine also, don’t worry” he said and kissed her forehead

“Thank-you for helping me in coming out of my bad habits” she said

“You are my disguised princess, I can do this much for you” he said lovingly

She rest her head on his shoulder…


Everyone has two options in life, it’s upto them what they will choose, Swara choosed wrong path even after knowing that she was doing wrong, she wanted to change herself but she was unable to do so, she needed a helping hand and that hand was Sanskar’s…

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