Meher’s RagSan one shot “LIFE BEYOND DEATH”


Hello guys.. Shocked to see me with rag_san one shot.. Lol don’t worry I was also shocked ?? but for a change “aaj kuch toofani karte hain” ??? tysm nita baby ?
Here we go



Sanskar’s pov

Life is unpredictable… That’s why it is life… Everything was perfect.. But one day changed everything… We were going to Kolkata.. For meeting her family… But we couldn’t reach to our destination.. Instead that journey changed alot in our relationship.. We reached to a pious level…

I still remember that day when I first met her… She was a model struggling to establish herself… Whereas I was a bit stable in my career… My last fashion show was a hit.. So I decide to arrange a show on a bigger level… I was sitting in my cabin n deciding about my next show.. There she entered my cabin.. Lyk a storm.. She shouted at me.. Continously “What the hell is this.. I was waiting for my turn for audition.. But ur bl**dy staff is not paying heed to my words.. They were so rude towards me.. M struggling model it doesn’t mean that I will listen to ur staff??” oh man this girl is burning in anger… ?

“drink this first ” I passed a glass of chilled water to her

She drank that In a go.. I thought she must be thrusty afterall anger dries the water content in body… Lol?

” now tell me ur problem… But plz.. Don’t shout… Hv some mercy on my ears?” I said in pleading tone

“I want to give audition.. That’s it.. But they are not allowing me as according to them… I hv not filled the online registration form?” She said with puppy face…

“ok so tell me why should I allow you.. U hvnt compeleted the formalities either?” I said while sitting in boss style

” cz m best.. U wont get a better option them me..? “she said straight looking in my eyes

” hmm… Pretty confident.. I lyk this ?” I said

I gave her chance and I was happy as hell… Damn this girl is beyond my expectations.. Her neat walk.. Poised toe.. This girl knows how to carry style.. A true style diva..

” u r my show stopper” I said to her

“are u kidding me.. U want me to be a show stopper..u want a struggler to be a show stopper??? ” she was shocked

” I don’t like to repeat myself? “I said n left

That Girl had a unique charm.. Which attracts me towards her… Slowly we became friends…

Then I came to see her new shade.. A naughty ragini… I hvnt thought even in my worst dreams that she could be so naughty…

Once she asked me out on a date “sanskar let’s go out na.. M getting bore here?”

“ragini m bzy.. I hv a meeting.. Will go afterwards ” I said

But ragini was fuming with anger so she plan a revenge.. N poor me I was unaware of that…?

In meeting I sat on my chair n that was my biggest mistake.. As soon as I sat there I along with chair.. Which is now no longer a chair.. Fell on floor with a thud.. Yes!! This girl has dismantled my chair… Well I took a deep breath n let that go.. But ragini was in full masti mood… I dissmiss the meeting n came home in full anger… As soon as I open the door bingo… A bucket full of chilled water n small ice cubes fell on me.. Now this was it for me I shouted “ragini” ???

She came n I got awestruck Seeing her she was wearing a simple red saree.. Which undoubtedly I had designed for her but I never gather courage to present that to her… I was drooling over her.. ? I checked her out from head to toe.. Oh man this girl is eternal beauty.. Then I realized my position n I composes myself… “you were saying something sanskar ?” she said

“I luv u?” I said in flow… Without realizing what I said
Here heat reached to her cheeks n her face turns crimson… I realized what I said n I avoid the eye contact…

“I luv u too “I heard a feeble reply…

Voo hoo ??I was dancing in happiness… I was about to hug her but she stopped me as I was fully drenched.. I kept a pout..

” hw u find this dress ragu” I asked her after changing

She came towards my ear n said “itz a secret”

“achha ji ” then I start to tickle her n she laughs wholeheartedly..

Life was perfect… I hvnt imagine that I will fall for a girl like her.. But our destines were entangled… She moved in with me..

Our daily routine was like
*laughing *
*teasing *
*romance *

One day while having dinner I said “ragu I want to give an auspicious name to our relationship”

She looked at me with confusion

“I want to marry u.. Only if u r comfortable… Cz this decision Will affect ur career alot and “before I could say anything more she hugged me tightly n said” m ready to marry you… I don’t give a damn to my career but I want to be with you ”

I was shocked ?with her decision as I was expecting a refusal cz in our profession being married for a model is just lyk a declaration of ending her career…

We decide to go to Kolkata… Finally I was meeting with her parents… I was nervous lyk hell…

“ragini shekhar uncle marenge to nahi na mujhe?? ” I asked her in nervousness

” na na he will not kill u.. He will only throw u off the howrah bridge?? “she said with giggle

I gulp in fear ? n her small pranks were lighting more n more fear in me.. Ofcourse I was scared of him.. He was an ex army man…

We were in train.. Ragini was preparing me for the test.. She was literally behaving like my teacher

“sanskar if dad ask u to drink water drink that slowly.. If mom offers u sweets then don’t refuse I know you don’t like sweet but still.. Took a small piece with an ear to ear smile”

” okay mam any more Instructions ” I asked

” ha most important thing.. Focus on voice modulation ” ragini said

And I was giving her” are u serious ?”look

” aree don’t stare me.. I mean be polite.. N don’t raise ur voice..u kno once my bf came to meet me.. N dad put rifle on his head n he ran with Usain bolt’s speed.. But don’t worry show that u r confident… N be a man” ??she said n winks

“no m not a man.. U r scaring me”?? I said while gulping in fear

She look at me n laughs… That was her last whole hearted laugh… After that
We heard sound..
It happened so abruptly that we can’t even understand what was happening… It was shocking lyk hell.. Soon everything turns upside-down n we came to know that are train had been derailed… It was indeed a big accident last thing which I remember was holding her hand tightly…

I open my eyes i was on hospital bed and my each n every body part was not moving.. Wait what was that… Itz me…hw can i see myself lyng on hospital bed. It.. It means what.. No.. Hwz this possible…

There I saw mom dad n uttra crying miserably… But why are they crying… I am not getting anything what’s happening… Mom dad plz don’t cry I can’t see u crying I put my hand on mom’s shoulder.. N.. N it go through her shoulder…

I was taken aback… I shout lyk a mad… I was screaming… I was crying but no one can listen to me.. Hwz it possible… I finally broke down

“itz possible ” I heard a known voice

I turn n saw ragini.. I hugged her tightly…

” hwz this possible… Hw could you listen to me… Hw could you touch ” I asked her in utter confusion…

” cz we both are dead” she said

“what!!! ” I was shocked like hell…

” we… We.. We are… D.e.a.d ” I was taken aback

” yes we are ” she said with a smile..

Now I can understand why no one listen to me..
So now we are dead.. We couldn’t reach to Kolkata.. But we hv reached to the eternal level of luv.. Now we are blessed that we can safe guard our loved ones…

Death is peaceful… Indeed it is… No pain.. No suffering… Just luv.. Endless togetherness…. But now our responsibility increases as we hv to protect our loved one from all odds… N when me n ragini are together we can overcome anything…. Just lyk we over come the vicious cycle of life and death….


Ahh done with my first ever ragsan one shot.. Ok I know u want to kill me for killing them.. But when I start I don’t know how m gonna end that.. Except a broad outline…

And m soo sorry guys no ff from my side today… M not sure whether I will be able to post that tmrw or not… Itz aunvoidable.. Otherwise u kno my crazyness for being regular.. But don’t worry… I will bring sanskar in kuch iss tarah 2 in 2 episodes…

Luv u all ??

Credit to: Meher

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  1. Mugdha 1….or 2 sacchi bhul gayi hu..?? tu toh bohot talented hai..sab couples peh kitna accha likti ho…and yeah u r right..i want to kill u right now for killing them..ahhhh….? koi nehi woh kahito jakar mile…btw sacchi batana..Ragsan os likne ka idea tere iss chote seh cute seh dimaag mein kese aya???

    1. I’m Mugdha 2 teri saas..?

      1. U mean humari saas.. ????

      2. Meri pagalon…. sacchi… I swear ur both mad….??

        Kya hua tum dono ko??

        Mujhe bhi dekhni h sautan vs sautan. ???

      3. Dono m kon kon aata hai plz specify anji ???

    2. Ha to Meher bula.. Afterall teri sautan hoon.. Actually firstly I want to kill ragini.. Then I thought to make her blind bt finally maar dala dono ko ???

      Idea ese aya mne ye raglak pe likha tha then.. Pta ni q bt RagSan dimag m aa gya.. Fir Nita se kha ek choose kr usne RagSan kia.. To Bas hote hote ye ho gya… ???

      1. Nehi..ab Mugdha ka koi problem nehi hai..Mugdha 2 toh hamari SaaS bangayi hai unhe mammiji kahungi and tujhe…Meher….btw mein uski first wife hu..aur Tu second..

      2. Btw Meher mere liye plz ek os likhegi Jaha swalak aur swasan dono ho? Mere liye itna karle plz akhir mein teri eklauti sautan Jo hu…

    3. Tere liye kuch b.. Bas ye bta last m swara kiske sath chahiye tujhe… Ab apni underage sautan k liye itta to kar sakti hoon.. ???

      Sahi kaha na maine mummy ji ?????

      1. Last me…..oho…mujhe toh dono pasand hai…plz Raglak maat karna….baki sab tum decide karo…agar unko mar bhi dalogi tabhi chalenga..

    4. Mai fir swasan rkhungi… U know na I hv height issues with swaLak ?????

      1. What height issues?

      2. Make sure ki Laksh ka character bohot accha ho…Ragini ko Laksh ki behen banana….

      3. Lol… meri evu ko Raglak bilkhul pasand nhi…. ????

      4. And whats your fb id?

      5. U both r so self obsessed and lame…matlaab….kya lame topic chuna hai…Sanskar?Useh kon husband ke roop mein chahega?Sanskar was the one who came here for revenge…he provoked Ragini too…..and u both…seriously….Fight for Laksh….he is better than Sanskar..

      6. OO meri bahuo…suno….i’m gonna select my son’s wife….so first challenge for u both Eva bahu u write a os on Raglak(I know u hate them isi liye) aur Meher bahu…u write one on swalak(Ragsan dena chahti thi par u wrote already0Phir meh decide karungi ki mere Sanskar ke liye kon zada accha hai…dekti hu mere Sanskar ke liye kon kya karta hai… πŸ˜› (Mujhe saas banaya hai na tum dono ne…lo abb saas banke hukum chalaogi mein)

      7. Vaishnavi..stay out of this convo..u r not a part of it and no one wants to know you opinion..u like Laksh we like Sanskar its ok…don’t call my daughters in law lame…we r friends…so plz u don’t understand anything be quiet ?

      8. @vaishnavi dear we luv sanskar from bottom of our hearts n let me tell you why…

        1. I agree he was the one who had provoked ragini… But he was first one who realized that he was wrong
        2. When ragini’s truth came out n laksh being legally married to ragini wants swara back who was that tym legally married to sanskar… Sanskar back off from that scenario
        3. Sanskar dint kidnapped anyone for the sake of revenge
        He luvs swara selflessly
        4. Sanskar didn’t ditch his bride at mandap

        That’s my pov…I luv namish.. No offense…. N yup m swasan n raglak fan… ?????

      9. Mummy ji plz swaLak nhi… I hv height issues with them… N m desperate about that… Swara bhut chhoti hai laksh se… Eva ka theek dia hai… ???

        M swasan pe likh lungi… Eva raglak se khush hai ????

    5. Hawww kbi ni… Ragini n laksh bhai bhn… Huh… No way…

      1. Ja baat nehi karungi..tu meri baat nehi maan rahi hai..deklena..agar last mein Raglak dilhaya na toh meh..meh…ummm..ha..mein Tera saar phor dungi..sacchii..?? Raglak bhai behen chahiye..apni Underage sautan ke liye itna bhi nehi karsakti toh tu definitely meri nanand hii hai..sautam nehi?? kattiii???

      2. ??????

      3. Mammiji mere exams hai…baadme pakla likhungi Raglak pe..zada mushkil nehi hai..swasan peh likhungi…phir meri behen useh change kardegi..EVA CAN NEVER WRITE SOMETHING BASED ON RAGLAK ONLY..SWASAN KE LIYE RAGLAK KO SIDE CHARACTERS BANASAKTIHU..BUT THATS IT..NOT MAIN LEADS..?

    6. Underage sautan k liye kuch b bt raglak bhai bhn ni… I luv them as a couple… They look so cute… ???

      SwaLak os likhungi ye km ni h tere liye…. ??

      1. I have a perfect reason for hating Raglak..cause Ragini’s love won…as in negativity won…which I don’t support…btw mein Raglak par likhungi aur Tu swalak pe likh..

      2. Hum pehle court marriage kr chuke hain secretly ???

      3. First wife is always first wife Meher…and I’m Sanku’s wife…

    7. Mummy ji gussa na karo… BP badh jyega… ??? sansku Hume dantega ????

      1. Useh toh mein datungi..mujhe binabataye Eva seh shadi karli ush nalayek ne…ab tera kya hoga beta? Tu Suju seh hii shadi karle…???

      2. Mammiji…plz mere Sanku Ko nalayak maat kaho..woh bohot ache hai…aur ha sujju aur Meher ki shadi jaldi karao…

  2. So beautifully written meher…
    I loved it

    1. Thnku so much dear

  3. awesome yaar thanks for ragsan……..

    1. Thnku for reading this ?

  4. It was cute as well as emotional.But it is really a shock that u came with ragsan!!!

    1. It a shock for me as well.. I never ever thought of RagSan… I am swasan n raglak fan…. ?

  5. This was just perfect!!……this was best ragsan ff I had ever read!!……
    Just fab dear!!…..

    1. Thnku so much dear…

      I hv never written RagSan.. But m glad that you lyk it

  6. Thanks fr ragsan…its gud tat u killed both…if one s alive ten it ill b v sad…

    1. Thnku… Nxt tym I will kill one only ??? lol just kidding

  7. Emotional one meher nice

  8. Superb dear
    You’ve written so well
    I feel like I was actually watching all those scenes
    It’s ok atleast they r together even after the death
    Once again amazing

    1. Thnku so much

      M glad that you lyk it ???

  9. Yipwee!! Yahoo!! Yay!! *dances madly with joy* . MEher is back with a wondrful RagSan os! Okay!i know i am a bigg drama queen. Kya karun haii, ye dil jo udta hai!! πŸ˜€ xD β™₯β™₯
    I dint feel crying when I gotta know they r dead bcz they r together. And wo speech Swaragini jaisa tha, jab RagSan r together they can obercome anything!! Great! Tumhe compliment ki koi jarurat nahi hai. Do bar to mar chuki ho… aur bhi marti rahogi, but still Love You A Lot sweety sis!! Keep writing.β™₯β™₯β™₯

    1. No way u r not biggest drama queen… Itz me ?

      Mne nhi maraa sachhhiiii ???????

      Luv u loads ???

      BTW I hv msged u on fb check out…

  10. Awesome πŸ™‚ superb mindblowing amazing os meher i loved it alot pls write more os on ragsan i love them πŸ™‚ and coming to this os ending iam happy with it bcoz both are died or else if any one of them were dead then i would sad

    1. Thnku so much dear…

      I can’t say whether I will write more or not… But I will try ??

  11. That was an amazing one shot. I dont know why nost of the os end up killing the lead and it really makea me very sad. About ur os fron first i was laughing and suddenly i was on the verge to cry still u made me smile with ragini’s smile. I loved this os di. But i am very sad as i wanted to read ur ff today. But its ok. Post tomorrow atleast di. This is the first ragsan os i read. But i am very happy that i read this. Love u di and tc. πŸ™‚

    1. Chhutki.. I was supposed to post this on Sunday but.. Kal scene ho gya to I can’t write episode… This was almost compeleted so I Complete this n post this..

      Luv u loads ???

  12. Wow tq for ragsan os di…….n this os is emotional n funny too… I love ragsan?????n tqs for ragsan os once again….

    1. Thnku dear for reading this ??

  13. its awesome meher πŸ™‚ <3

  14. Meher di One Shot is Awesome. But Where is Episode of Kuch iss tarah 2 and Yeh Dooriyan. You dont know it is very difficult for me to wait 24 hours to read second part. Today you have not posted episodes. Jao Katti

    1. Sry babu.. I hvnt written any of them till now.. But I will post tmrw… Dono k bade bade post karungi… Sryyyyy baby ????

      1. Jao Maaf Kiya. Par ho sake to shaam tak post kar dena. Please Please…Mugdha 1 di …???

      1. I am not a baby. You are very bad. You are telling me baby. I am 11 years old. So I am not a baby. By the way what is your age di? Di Where are youfrom?

    2. Aww my 11 yr old baby ???
      BTW m just sweet 18 n m from delhi…

      BABY ???

      1. Which is u r favourite ff? Mugdha 1Di….

    3. I dreamt a dream by sindhuja?????

  15. Arre.. meri one shot rani… superb as usual… first even i was like.. .whaaaat… meher wrote ragsan os!!! ????

    But anyways I read it… and ?? it was awesome…????

    Waiting for kit2 ??

    1. I was also lyk… Sach m RagSan ???

      Tysm baby

  16. it was awesome actually I’m a silent reader. I never commented on any ff plz di me her di can u tell me which browser u use to visit telly updates n to post your submission. bcz my browser is not working plz its a request.

  17. it was awesome actually I’m a silent reader. I never commented on any ff plz di me her di can u tell me which browser u use to visit telly updates n to post your submission. bcz my browser is not working plz its a request. I’m talking about phone.

    1. Thnku dear…

      I use uc browser ???

  18. Pehle toh mai tere se bht gussa thi…
    RagSan os…
    Mujhe wo dono bhai behen lagte h…. kya karu…
    BT phir tune likha tha… toh padhna pada…
    Sanky ko maar diya ??. ..
    Kitni muskil se padhi hu mai… Mujhe hi pata h…. ragsan imagine hi nhi hota… so maine ragini k jagah swara ko imagine kiya

    1. Lol. . I too can’t imagine RagSan.. But ye galti Nita ki hai use bol… ?? mne Sanskar ki jgh laksh le k likha baad m edit kia… ????

      U know mujhe b vo bhai bhn late hai.. Bt kya karu.. N sply vo jail wala jb se aya tha merko dono twins lgne lage the.. ???

      No offense plz..

      1. YΓ’ar mai yaha zyada nhi bolunngi bcz ragsan fans will c… n may be they will be offended so… no more bakwas??…. bt nita tune ye Acha nhi kiya…. waise be aaj kal 10 mai se 5 ragsan ff hote h…. aur tune ek swasan writer se b ragsan likhwa diya

      2. Hai Ram…. bill mere naam ka phat raha hai…..bhalai ka toh zamana hi nahi raha…. gor kalyug hai kalyug….

        even i m a swasan fan yaar but i thought it will be a new venture for Meher….

      3. Aur nita kalyug ki ravan hai meher…. n sorry haan meher ravan ka female gender nhi pata so male se kaam chala le….
        By yΓ’ar nita… raglak se b kam chal jata tune sanky ko q beech mai ghusa diya…

      4. Sahi kaha Sujata…. Lady Ravan…. ??…… Ramji ke ghar mein Ravan…

    2. Hehehehe thank god bill Nita pe Fata… ????

      Luv u loads Nita for saving me ????

      1. bill mere naam ka phado n khud sare wows m awesomes leke jaao…. yeh kaha ka nyay hai???

    3. Sujata ki bachhi… Tu pehle nxt chappy post kr fir dekhte hain ravan n all..

      Nita bby ye meher ka nyay hai ???

  19. its awesome baby…… congrats on your first ragsan shot…. n i m very angry on u for not posting any of the ffs today….. i have been checking for update since 11…. ??…. i want one tomorrow atleast….

    1. Thnku baby n pairing ka credit terko…

      N pakka kl post kr dunga that too bade bade chappy??

      1. thx …..
        n if u dont upload bade bade chapy 2moro u r dead baby……

    2. What if kl b na post karu to??

      1. mujhe kuch khaas karne ki zarurat nahi padegi…. baki ki janta kafi hai….

  20. Amazing os made me cry

    1. Thnku dear n don’t cry ?

      1. I had cry cause it was awesome?

  21. OMG!??? Dhyan se dekho is masum chehre ko Jo RAGSAN os ke saath aaya h…well Di ap rag-san likho ya swa-lak main toh swasan samajh ke hi padhungi???? coz I don’t know why I can see ragsan as siblings only.???.well about os it was awesome…???
    And as I read it sa swasan it was more awesome?????????
    But bura lava baad me dono ????ban gaye.

    1. Look kisi ne to mana k m masoom hoon… ???

      Dear mere puch kaise likha hai mne… Merko b vo lo ese he lagte hai… Bt koi ni… For a change..


  22. Ot teri ki, tum aur ragsan ff, am I day dreaming??.By the way, tum story likne me No.2 ho yeh mujhe pata hai (cholly No. 1 pe koi aur hai, lol).Ab marne or marwane mai be top kargayi, hats of to you.Har shot pe swasan ko marti ho, ab ragsan ko b mardi, vo b first shot pei, great.Tumne har shot pe hero or heroine ko mar neki kasam li rakki he kya???You killed them, now I want to kill you.But no worries, I am not gonna kill you, bcz If I kill you,then Eva apni sautan ko degi, or mein yeh paap nehi kar sakti.After all, I am also human, I have also right to see ‘SAUTAN VS SAUTAN’game.I am going to enjoy it.I am playing silent audience role, lol.Too much fun is waiting for me.Yehhh, hurray,

    1. Oyyeee..Uma..maar de iseh..mere raste ka kata hata de…

      1. Nehi re di.Yeh galat hogi,after all, vo apni parents ki loti bacchi hai, aur bacche bagwan ki roop hote hein.BTW how is riya now??? Any improvement?

      2. Nahi…… Meher di ko kuch mat kaho. Nahi to sanky ko jaldi nahi layegi. Dusra tyre bhi Puncher kar dengi… Fir hum log ko aur wait karna padega..

      3. Tu to jlti hai mrse cz sanskar mujhe zada pyar karta hai ?

      4. Heyy uma… I’ve seen u many times here in tu… hope I don’t mind my intervention…

        Actually riyas sister had posted saying that riya has come out if the coma now..with no side effects or any thing… she’s fine now… but she needs 2 months physio therapy and complete bed rest…

        So our riya is angry…???

        But otherwise she’s fine..???

      5. Zada seriously nehi le liye yeh tunne?? Riya is fine now..

      6. Thank you so much for the information.I like you and love your ff also.I am silent reader of your ff.So, no need to hesitate.Tum meri saath kabhi bi baat kar sakti ho.Thank god, riya is fine now.Thank you once again.

    2. Esa kuch ni h k mar deti hoon… Look mne 16 one shot likhe h n sid or sry 3 m swara ko mara n 2 m sanskar ko… Esa thodi hota hai…
      Sautan vs sautan lol… ????

      1. Sanskar mujse zada pyar karta hai…tu mujhe maar ne ki planning kareh useh pehle tujhe maar dena zada accha hoga…kk mujhe marne ki koshish karegi na tabhi mera Sanskar ake apni Eva ki bachaeja….??

      2. Hawwww…. Meri one shot rani ko kuch mat karo… kya h yeh…. ????
        Eva… tum ragini jaisi mat ban…. ya phir parineeta jaisi…
        Wanting to kill ppl…??

        Jk.. ik my sis is too sweet for that.

    3. So guys congrats… I don’t know riya but itz osm that she is fine…. ???

      I luv u shipra ?????

      Thank God kisi(uma) m to Akal hai…

      1. Meher supports Ragini’s crazy love..matlab ki I think Ragini ke kadmo par chalke mujhe Sanslar miljayega…u people can support Ragini..then thoda support mujhe bhi karlo….?

      2. Love u too di. By the way di Can we friends?

    4. M tujhe q marungi.. Pgl tb tk teri shaadi ki umar hogi… Tb tk hum shaadi or chuke honge ????

    5. Dekh le anji is underage sautan ko….

      Sab mujh masoom k peeche peeche hai… ???????????

      1. Tu masoom ke alava sab kuch hai..?

      2. Tum masoom bilkhul nhi ho…. par evu… ise pareshaan mat kar… bechari!!! ???

      3. Like Meher n bichari…. who says so!!!!! ???

      4. Meher bhi Eva Ko preshan kar rahi hai…agg dono taraf barabar ki lagi hai…lets enjoy it..Meher agar tujhe meri bahu ki sautan banna hai toh apni madat khud kar…fight for yourself…patni ka title to woh legayi..ab sautan ka bhi title lejayegi..don’t be a cry baby??? mere Sanku koh nehi pasand..

      5. Tum sab… sacchi… ill go mad if I listen to u all… both mugdha 1, mugdha 2 and underage sautan…??????

      6. U mean if u read all this hai na anjali ??

    6. Oo underage sautan I never support her crazy luv… But I luv ragu… N more than that I luv teju…

      Bhool Ja koi terko support krega ??????

    7. Pgl ye b puchne ki baat hai… U r my baby ???

      1. Seriously? Tu shadi ki baat kar rahi hai.mene toh Sanku seh bal vivah karliye tha…meri toh shadi pehle hi hogayi..tu apni chinta kar..mein apne pati ko dubara shadi karne nehi dungi..??

      2. Thank You So much di. Di what is u r real name? If u Want u can tell?

      3. Hain? Mere jigar ke tukre mere bete neh mujhe bina bataye shadi karli? Nehiiiiiii..yeh sunne seh pehle mein behri kyu nehi hogayi..???

      4. Bal vivah illegal hai.. . My pyri underage sautan….

      5. My name is mugdha

      6. Legal illegal ki chinta tu kar…mein toh bal vivah karchuki hu…ab kuch nehi hosakta..

      7. Sasu ma u mean padhne se pehle andhi q ni ho hogai ????

  23. Awesome yaar those pranks were really cute

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    1. Itz ok after writing this I was also laughing ?????

      Luv u too baby ?

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    1. Wait m 18… Now u know whether m elder to u or not …. My all one shotz n ffs were on swasan this is first ever RagSan shot…

      Thanks so much..

      Luv u loads

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