mehendi (swasan os)

Its meghs here. Here is my first os… Hope u like it.

Everyone must be confused about title name “mehendi”..

Everything in world has story then why can’t a mehendi have story ?
For marriage mehendi function is very important right.. In mehendi function not only bride but all girls (who likes mehendi) too put mehendi on their both hands ..
For that function one person is important whom we not notice much..
☆mehendi girl☆ one who applies mehendi ..
Mehendi designs are not easy as it seems but Mehendi girl truly do her job perfect by appling extraordinary mehendi designs ..
Now lets start story.

This is story of mehendi girl Swara..
From rich to poor everyone call only Swara to apply mehendi.. She is famous mehendi designer of village..
She has passion of mehendi, a mehendi lover .. She applies mehendi well .. there is mystry during marriage day besides bride mehendi her mehendi was awesome & stunning one.. No one knows who put such beautiful mehendi on her hand… Everyone in village always do ask her ” who applies mehendi on ur hand… ”
No replies from swara..

“Swara say naa who put mehendi on ur hand its stunning pls say naa.. ; ” Ragini her best friend asked her..

“you will get to know on my marriage day” Swara replied …

Finally the day come Swara marriage day which Ragini waited for .. Ragini was happy finally the mystery behind mehendi going to reveal.. But Swara was sad..
Due to Swara mom instance or father fear she agreed a marriage .. On mehendi day she don’t let anyone put mehendi on her hand she literally throw mehendi on floor and rush to room shouting ‘ I don’t want anyone put mehendi on my hand ‘..
Next day her marriage day everyone shocked to see mehendi in swara hand outstanding stunning one ..

Ragini seeing mehendi on her hand literally run to her and asked ‘ Atleast now tell me who is that ‘ in one breath..

” This type of mehendi design was on someone right hand ; you go search person”
Swara replied with sobbing voice..

Seeing Swara sad Ragini thought that person must be close to Swara and after marriage she leaving so was just sad..

~ Marriage time ~
Everyone busy in seeing marriage but Ragini was seeing everyone hand ..She almost searched everyone hand present in marriage but no clues of that design which she searching for..
Finally she get tired …

she see Swara marriage .. after marriage she goes near Swara..
Ragini (slowly ask) : ” atleast now before leaving tell me who always put mehendi on ur hand; During my marriage i want same person too put mehendi on my hand ”

Swara : no ragini that person never puts mehendi on others except me..
Then become silent ..

Ragini : Ok fine but atleast show face of person

Swara (in slow voice) : after I left next second u will come to know ..

Now vidhai time ~~~
For Swara vidhai whole village gather to bide bye to her .. Swara waves bye to everyone and sits in car to leave.. At same time one hand was seen waving only hand of person shown as there whole village gather that person face not able to see.. Ragini saw that had yes it was that hand of same nehendi design which she searching for …

Ragini quickly signed swara asking is that one
Swara sadly nodes yes
Then she left left from there for her sasural…

Ragini now rushes towards that person.. Seeing Ragini people strted murmurin ‘again this girl come now she ask show hand and all ‘.. and left..

Now everyone left except one guy who was hurt to see someone close to h
im marriage and her vidhai like his life snatched from him…

Ragini went towards him asked to show his hand. No reply from his side she forcefully hold his hand and saw it yes it is same hand she searching for.. Ragini happy finally she saw the person searching from long time ..
She asked “will u put mehendi in my hand like this”
Thud .. His hand falls from her hand he was lieng lifeless.. Ragini in shock calls Swara ” the person ur calling is unavailable ” its what she heard her heart beat raised …
Swara car had deadful accidentswara shown in pool of blood ..
Screen face on swara face and lifeless leing boy ..
After 5 years ~~~
Sanskar come fast we r getting late … Its ragini mehendi today …
Yeah just coming .. They left for ragini mehendi ..
Ragini mehendi~~~
Swara i am so happy to see u here .. Saying this ragini hugged swara
Swara : how can i leave u mehendi rago.. and yeaa as u wish going to happen sanskar will put mehendi on ur hand that one ur favorite mehendi design ..
Ragini : is it but sanskar never puts mehendi on anyone hand except u right then how he put mehendi in my hand..
Sanskar : yeah true i never put mehendi except my swara but ur special to us u did so much for me n swara now our turn..
Now trio goes to flashback…
Flashback starts-
Sanskar leing lifeless ragini shocked and called swara her phone was unavailable she had dreadful accident …
Sanskar fallen due to shock of his life marriage to someone else and his life separate … He gains his sense looks ragini and narrates confused ragini about his and swara love story how they met and mehendi become cupid of their story…
Screan shift to Swara car which had accident everyone in car died except swara .. She was in pool of blood think of her and sanskar it gave strength to survive to her.. The girl who lost love the day she married lost her husband yes her husband died in accident .. Swara take two month to recover from accident … Society people who once praise her mehendi and calls her to put mehendi now taunt her for loosing husband on marriage day said manhoos..
Ragini gave strength to swara to fight back against society and made swasan marriage ( sry for rushing don’t want drag it)
Flashback ends ~~~
Ragini : offo now don’t be senti sanskar u put mehendi on ur loved one swara .. only swara have that right .. And yeah don’t be so formal and all .. By the way where is Sanvi my princess..
A cute angel of 4 come there..
;Here i am maasi … Everyone forget me atleast maasi remember me… And pouts..
Sanvi : Maasi lets take selfie u look so pretty..
Ragini :k princess ..
Ragini and sanvi possed a selfie..
Swasan smilingly look at them …
Nxt ragini clicks pic of swasan pic with sanvi on sanskar arm swara holding her(cute family )
Story ends …

Hi guys i posted ot on fb already but want more people to read who have no fb…

Pls say whether it is good or bad..
Criticism warmly welcome.

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  1. Wow loved it

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    A very different concept. Loved it???

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  4. awesome.. different concept… its very nice..

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    beautiful os

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  8. It’s a amazing story.Continue writing.

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      Ya sure i strting ff soon hope u all like it too … thanks for linking it…

  9. Megha123

    Aww…too cute.? os

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        & u know what my name is too meghana s.

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  10. best os I have ever read..

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      Tani dear its too sweet of u but meher os r better than me… she is os queen noone can beat her…

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    Awsome episode…… meghu di

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  19. It’s a very different concept dear… Loved it… Really yar it was just superb… I really can’t even imagine that a mehendi can make a pair… Hats off to ur thinking dear… ?????

    1. Meghs

      Thanks for liking it??
      So sweet of u… ur comment really encourages. ..
      Mehendi can slso make pair dear ?
      Mehendi made jodi is swasan in my stry?

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  21. It’s an amazing one

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