Mehbeer: A Horror Love Story~Who’s It? Chapter 13


I was doing puja with Abeer when suddenly I heard Mohan’s evil laughter and it came from somewhere up. I looked up and saw Shivani crawling on the ceiling. “I am here also,” she said with an evil smile. “Leave my daughter,” I said crying. “I leave her? Ok,” he said as Shivani and came out of her body causing her to fall from the ceiling and she screamed. I catched her just in time. “Shivani, baby,” I said hugging her tight. “Mumma, how could I reach the ceiling? I never did it before,” she asked confusingly. “Baby you need rest,” I said and took her to room while she cried being scared.

I applied ointment on the bruises Mohan gave her while she was sleeping. I tied a protection locked around her neck and went down. Abeer hugged me as I cried. “Concentrate on the puja,” he said and I continued the puja. “We’re really sorry as our son is troubling you,” said Mohan’s mother. “It’s not your fault,” I assured. She looked up and I too looked up and now it was just Mohan who crawled on ceiling. “Mohan, son, come here, you’re not doing right,” she said calling him down from there and he came flying and hugged her.

Rohan too appeared. “Unlock the remaining two doors after puja, there is something you really need,” he said and he too went and hugged her. After a long puja, I unlocked the one of the remaining two locked doors and winds started blowing vigorously. I ran my hand on the wall and it touched the switchboard. I switched on the lights and there was a very bed smell in the room. Maybe because it didn’t open from a lot of time. The room was downstairs, it had a small bed near the window, rest of the room had a big rug. I went near the cupboard but there was nothing more than clothes, a man’s clothes. I walked around the room and bent down to see under the bed and there were many toys inside.

I admired them and picked one of them, blood started to appear on it and I kept it back getting scared and heard my name being called in a scary voice. “Meherrrr,” said the voice. I walked towards it getting scared. “Who’s it?” I asked stammering badly. The voice again called my name and it came from washroom. I went there and slowly opened the door and what I saw froze me on my place.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    thank god shivani is saved.mohan’s mother apologizing, calling him n he hugging her was emotional.what is d mystery behind that room?last scene is so scary

    1. Salley145

      U will know

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