Mehbeer: A Horror Love Story~Truth Unfolded Chapter 8


I was taking Shivani to make her meet Anita when a sudden force pulled me upstairs, I heard the door unlock and I was pulled inside the locked room, the door got locked again. I touched my neck, OMG, no rosary. “Mumma! Mumma!”, I heard Shivani shout knocking the door. “Shivani!”, I shouted back. “Don’t worry, unlock this door using one of the keys of all the rooms.” I heard the running footsteps grow slower and slower and then it faded completely.

I tried to get up, just then, a body pounced upon me, i saw it was Mohan, his eyes were fully black, then they turned fully white and then turned back to normal. His eyes continued to change, he gave me an angry look pinning me to the floor. “Where will you go now? I warned you right? Now all of you will be killed”, he said in a ghostly voice and laughed evilly. His laugh hurted my ears. “No, don’t harm them”, I said shouting worriedly. He held my face tightly. “No one can save you now! Nothing!”, he shouted even more gripping my face tighter and tighter.

I tried pushing him but then he gave me a blow on my stomach, I screamed. He smelt so bad, I thought I will faint anytime. He strangulated me and I coughed badly. Just then I saw the door opening, I saw Shivani and signed her to be quiet. Rohan too appeared behind her. She took a candle stand to beat Mohan. She came slowly and hit him but it passed through him. “Leave my mumma!”, she screamed and Mohan turned to her.

“Parineeti you? Nice to meet you friend”, he said and then he left me and I stood up and hid Shivani behind me. “You can’t get her”, I said sternly. “Yes you can’t get her”, said Rohan coming to Mohan. “I know I am long dead but I still get to meet my friend Pari”, he said. “I am Shivani and not Parineeti, what are you talking about?”, said Shivani coming in front. “Shivani run!”, I said and ran with her locking the door.

“Mumma…”, she began but I cut her in between. “Not now, later”, I said and we ran to the entrance and took an auto and directly went to Anita’s house. “Shivani, you will come to know the truth in sometime, I promise”, I said and hugged her. We reached Anita’s villa and rang the bell. She opened the door and on seeing Shivani, she smiled at her and hugged her.

“Mumma, I have come here also”, she said looking around, her gaze stopped at her photos. “Aunty, how do you have my photos? When did these pics were clicked?”, she asked curiously and I looked at Anita who was confused on what to say and just then a man came smiling at Shivani. He sat down in front of her and smiled. “Pari”, he whispered and kissed her forehead, now Shivani was really confused. No way was left, so now the truth should be told to her.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    oh mohan is really dangerous.somehow they escaped n reached parineeti’s that Karan who kissed shivani?will shivaani know d truth now?

    1. Salley145

      Yes he is karan. N she will know the truth now

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