Mehbeer: A Horror Love Story~Truth Unfolded Chapter 7


“Actually, Parineeti is no more, Rohan and Mohan used to live in Dream Villa earlier, Pari used to go to Bombay Model School and befriended a boy Rohan, his brother Mohan was really jealous that everyone likes Rohan and not him, slowly they became good friends, one day, Rohan called her to his house and then…”, Anita stopped in between taking a deep breath as she was on the verge of crying. “And then, she saw Rohan getting killed by Mohan and he killed Pari too, it’s been many years since she died but still it’s hard for me to talk about it.”

She bursted into tears and I gave her water. I thought about the voices I heard when I went inside the locked room upstairs in our house, the fighting voices and the voice of something breaking. It were the noises from past. “How did Mohan die?”, I asked after a long silence. “Don’t know”, she said looking at Parineeti’s photo. I felt really bad for her, but what about Shivani? She’s the exact copy of Pari, maybe if Anita meets her, she will feel better. “Anita
my daughter looks just like your daughter and..”, I stopped in between as all of a sudden, Shivani’s words echoed in my ears. MUMMA, I HAVE COME HERE BEFORE TOO, I FELT LIKE THIS ON MY ADMISSION DAY TOO. That’s what she said, then it clicked in my mind.

“And?”, asked Anita repeating my last word. “And the good news is that she is the rebirth of your daughter Pari, your daughter is alive, she took birth again with the same face”, I said and told her what Shivani told me, she wiped her tears and smiled. “Mmmy daughter is alive? Where is she? I want to see her”, she asked. “At Dream Villa”, I said and her smile vanished. “He will kill her again”, she said worriedly. “They won’t, I made her wear rosary”, I said and she had a sigh of relief.

“Can you bring her here in evening? My husband comes late, he will also be able to meet her”, she said and I nodded and left from there. I went back to Dream Villa and I hoped everything is alright there. I reached and rang the doorbell, Shivani opened the door, she didn’t had rosary around her neck. “I told you to keep that rosary around your neck, why you took it off?”, I asked.  “I forgot, can you make me do homework? I am confused”, I nodded and she took me to our room and the sight made me shocked. There was another Shivani sitting on bed still, not moving, trying to say something but words didn’t come out though her lips were moving. I understood that the one who’s standing beside me is Mohan and not Shivani, I took off the rosary and made him wear it, a loud roaring noise filled the air and he disappeared. Shivani got up with a jolt and ran to me and hugged me. “Mumma, Rohan”, she said cryingly. “He’s not Rohan, he’s Mohan”, i said. “I will tell you everything in a form of story.” She looked at me eagerly.

“Once there was a girl and two boys, one was bad, one was good, they were twin brothers, and the girl was very cute, very pretty, who everyone loved, just like everyone loves you”, I said smiling proudly at her. “Good brother became friend of the girl but the bad brother was jealous and he killed the good brother and the girl too, then the girl was born again and met the good brother again, they were old friends and they got a good bond”, I continued telling her skipping that the good brother is now dead.

Soon, I made her engrossed in her homework and later I was taking her to meet Anita but suddenly a force pulled me upstairs towards the locked room and the door got locked. Oh my God! Now what to do?

Additional characters:
Anita Hassanandini as Anita Sharma
Karan Patel as Karan Sharma
Ruhanika Dhawan as Shivani Malhotra/Parineeti Sharma’s rebirth

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  1. Jasminerahul

    So mohan kiled rohan pari due 2 can a child b so criminal minded?strange.Meher finding shivani without rosary n finding another shivani who wasnt able 2 talk n realizing that d one who was near her was mohan n getting rid of him was scary.last scene is scary.they got locked up.oh no.Is Anita a mysterious character?
    how many parts does this story have?

    1. Salley145

      24…no Anita is not a mysterious character… Life diaries updated

      1. Jasminerahul

        you chose Anita over Divyanka as Parineeti’s mother opposite Karan Patel.That’s why i asked u

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