Mehbeer: A Horror Love Story~Trouble

“So here’s the plan, Mohan listens only to Pari, and if Pari tells him to leave, he will leave but after killing her, and it’s clear that he wants to kill her and you all as well, so all you have to do is a death drama,” said Rohan and I felt a hope inside of me. “Don’t worry, I will be there, nothing will go wrong, I will get peace once he goes freeing you all, may God protect you all in this, and remember, the death drama should be here in this house only.”

We nodded and he disappeared. I sat near Meher and hugged her along with Shivani, I made sure they had protection lockets around their neck. Later, that night, we all were asleep when I heard someone scream, I immediately woke up and saw Meher being pulled away by an unknown force. “Help me!,” she screamed. “I am coming, I am coming!,” I shouted back at her and ran to her but the force which dragged her was too strong. She got pulled and while running, I tripped over the glass table which hit my head and I fell down on the floor getting unconscious. Next thing which happened was I woke up on my bed with mom dad and Shivani around me. It was morning. “Abeer are you okay? You have been unconscious for three days,” said mom and I sat up with a jerk hearing this. The flashes of Meher getting dragged away and calling out for help came in front of my eyes. “Three days? Where is Meher?,” I asked worriedly. “She is missing since then,” she said and my worry raised.

“I want to find her ma, she’s in danger, the ghosts will kill her, she might be somewhere in here only,” I said and stood up taking the keys of all the rooms and went to the locked room of Rohan and Mohan and unlocked it and switched on my flashlight to see the switchboard and when I found it, I pushed all the buttons on but it didn’t work. “Meher! Meher!,” I called out her name, I checked under the bed, inside the cupboard, the washroom, everywhere in that room, but didn’t find her. I went to another locked room from where the spirit of the old man got free by us, there was no light here as well. I shone my flashlight everywhere but she was nowhere to be seen.

Then I went to the last locked room. Here was also the same as before, no light. Then I heard sniffles, they were very familiar. “Save me!,” said someone and it was Meher. Don’t know how she might be. Her voice was faint, it came from the washroom. I immediately went there and opened the door, it opened with a creaking sound. “Abeer, is that you?,” she asked, I looked around and there she was in the bathtub with water full of blood as if she had been bleeding badly, her body was shaking. “Yes it’s me,” I said and went to her. “Get me out of here,” she said and as I neared her, my heart pricked to see her condition, her eyes, nose and mouth were bleeding, she had her eyes shut tight. “Now I came, calm down,” I said and kept my arm around her waist and one arm inside the bathtub to lift her. The water was boiling hot. I startled and got my hand out, it was burnt. I again put it inside the bathtub and I felt being pulled in. “Abeer,” I heard Meher say through tears. “Please do something.”

I got my hand free and quickly took her out of the bathtub, although the water was boiling hot, I had to save her. I got out of there with her in my arms, she was crying a lot. I went to our room and put her on the bed. “I was really scared, please call doctor,” she said and I dialed her number. When she came and examined her, she said that someone has hit her badly and that her eyes will be banded because of the excess of bleeding. She left after bandaging her eyes and wiping her nose and mouth. When she was asleep, I was sitting resting my back on the bedboard. I heard a whisper. “Abeer,” it was Meher’s voice. I opened my eyes and she was really close to me, the bandage from her eyes was removed, they were normal at first, but suddenly it turned fully white. I startled and pinned myself to the bed clutching the bedsheet tightly.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Rohan suggesting death drama.oh.Will it work? Shocking that abeer was unconscious for 3 days n meher was missing. How did abeer become unconscious? Bathtub scene was really scary. But good that she is saved by abeer.last scene is giving tension. What exactly happened?

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