Mehbeer: A Horror Love Story~Too Many Accidents Chapter 17


I heard some horrible noises as I entered Dream Villa. I rushed upstairs and peeped inside uncle and aunty’s room but everything was normal there. I ran to my room and saw Shivani holding her head turning it around letting out ghostly cries, he has entered her body again. I went near her gathering bravery and sprinkled holy water on her, Mohan screamed and came out of her body in a form of dark shadow and escaped. I made her wear the protection thread while she was unconscious on the bed. I decided to take her to Anita. I picked her on my shoulder and took her downstairs and just then I saw hands coming out from below the door of the locked room downstairs. More ghosts are there? I don’t care, I ran to the door with Shivani in my arms and opened it, I got out and closed the door.

I hired an auto and sat in it, it drove off and I patted Shivani’s back and cried. Why is God doing this with my daughter? The auto stopped and I got down and paid the driver and rushed to Anita’s villa. I rang the doorbell. She opened the door and I gave Shivani to her. “Can you take care of her till our house gets free from those ghosts?,” I asked folding hands. “What type of question is this? Of course I can, she’s my daughter too, don’t worry about her, she’s in safe hands,” she said and smiled. “Thank you,” I said and went. Though it was difficult to be away from my daughter but I had to do it for her safety. I went back to Dream Villa. Later Abeer came and I told him everything, he agreed to keep her with Anita.

The doorbell rang and I opened the door. “Sasha,” I exclaimed and hugged her. Sasha I and Abeer are college friends and are best friends, never hiding anything from each other. “Sasha, be careful around here,” I told her but she chuckled and went to our room followed by me. We talked and talked, suddenly Sasha felt thirsty and went out of our room for water. Just then we heard her scream and rushed out of our room and what we saw made us cry. She was laying down the stairs in a pool of blood. We ran downstairs to her and I immediately called ambulance. I checked her pulse, she was alive. I sat down and took her head in my lap. Her head was bleeding a lot. I wiped her blood while Abeer was shocked.

The ambulance came and they took Sasha inside and we followed it in our car. We reached the hospital and Sasha was taken to OT. After a long surgery, they told us, she’s in coma. I was heartbroken and ran back to Dream Villa, as I entered I threw the rosary away. “Come and get me! C’mon, get me!,” I screamed and aunty came downstairs. “What happened?,” she asked and I told her everything. “Now they will kill everyone,” I said cryingly. “Yes we will, and our first target is you,” said a ghostly man voice and I turned back and saw that old man behind me. Aunty was too scared to react. “Yes you can kill me, but dare you harm others,” I warned him and he laughed and Mohan came from behind him. He took my phone and called Abeer. “Hallo, Abeer, come back, the house is on fire,” said Mohan in my voice while the old man grabbed my hands and palmed my mouth.

“Yes I m coming,” I heard Abeer say and the call got disconnected. “Meher, who are they?,” aunty asked as the old man left me. “The ghosts that are haunting our house since they died,” I told her. “We will keep haunting this house till you don’t give us your daughter, call her Mohan,” said the old man to Mohan. “No!,” I said and he lifted me off the floor while I gasped for air. “Till when will you hide her?,” he said and threw me on the glass table which broke as I fell on it and the glass pieces stabbed me on my back and the back of my head. I stood up by difficulty and picked my rosary and threw it on each one of them, they disappeared. Aunty held me by my shoulders. “Are you ok?,” she asked and I nodded in pain. “Come with me,” she said and took me upstairs while I fought back tears. She took out of the glass pieces from my head and back and applied the ointment, I was really tensed what to do? Then I got it, we need to burn this house and shift to another house.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Meher is such a nice mother.she handed over Shivani to Anita for her safety.hope she will be safe.Why even the old ghost wants Shivani?

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