Mehbeer: A Horror Love Story~The Attack Chapter 12

“Mumma, stop all this, my head is hurting a lot”, said Shivani holding her head and I understood that she is possessed by Mohan. She started running to our room, I also ran behind her. “Shivani, where’s your rosary”, I asked and she looked at me. “I don’t care where’s it, just stop all this!”, she shouted on me and I got teary eyed, she never talked to me like this before, I looked at her before going and she was sitting holding her head.

I walked away absent mindedly, just then I heard a ghostly voice and ran back to Shivani and what I saw was enough to scare me. She was continuously digging nails in her whole body angrily letting out ghostly roars out of her mouth and glared at me while doing so. “Stop digging in the past lady, else I will hurt your daughter a lot”, said Shivani in a horror voice. “Mohan”, I moaned. “Yeah right”, Mohan said from inside her body and started moving towards me on the bed faster and faster and I tried to run but the door got shut with a thud and I looked back and now she was standing on floor, I knocked the door several times and suddenly she clinged onto me from back palming my mouth with her legs around my waist.

I tried to make her leave me but her grip was really strong, the cupboard opened on its own and she dragged me there, my neck in between both the doors and she closed the doors with full force which strangulated me and I screamed and screamed. The cupboard’s doors left my neck and I fell on the floor gasping for breath, to my shock she crawled out from under the bed and kept her foot on my neck. “Noooo”, I screamed. “Help! Help!”

“Goodbye mumma”, she said and removed her foot, I laid there gasping for breath and I heard her fall. “Shivani”, I said out of breath and reached my hand for her but I couldn’t reach her. Just then the door opened and Abeer came in. “Meher! Shivani! What the hell happened to you both?”, he asked looking at our bruises. “Abeer Mohan”, I said not able to breath, he gestured me to be quiet and took me to bed, and Shivani too.

Tears rolled down my cheeks, I couldn’t bear all this more. “Abeer, our daughter is in danger, I will attend puja”, I said and he agreed. I got a last look of myself in the mirror and stared at the marks on my neck tattooed by Mohan. You will pay for this for sure. I went downstairs with Abeer and the puja started, I held the plate and Abeer too held it. Though I was in pain, I still did it.

Do it Meher, yeah you can do it, Shivani would be proud of you, oh dear baby, my little angel, my cute baby, my sweet daughter, mumma’s doll, papa’s princess, please be OK, you will be fine I promise. Just then I heard evil laughters and it came for somewhere up. I looked up and saw Shivani crawling on the ceiling.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    mohan attacked meher.oh no…Shivani’s life is in danger.hope mehbeer will b able 2 save her

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