Mehbeer: A Horror Love Story~Playing With Minds Chapter 18

Abeer came and all I did was hug him and cry with pain in my body. “How did all this happen?,” he asked hugging me back. “When doctor said Sasha went in coma, I came here and took off this protection necklace and asked them to come and get me, and aunty came downstairs hearing me and then they came, they called you in my voice and the old man injured me throwing me on table,” I narrated him the whole scene. “It’s all because of them that Sasha is in coma and Shivani is away from us, there’s no way out except that we burn this house and leave from here.”

“But where will we go?,” asked Abeer. “Wherever but not here,” I said still hugging him. “Ok fine,” he said and I parted away. Later at night, I and Abeer talked to Shivani over phone and were sleeping. I went to washroom and I unlocked the washroom and to my shock I was in Rohan and Mohan’s room. “How did I come here? I was supposed to be in my room,” I said scared and then went back to the door from which I reached here and to my shock I was in kitchen. “How did I come here?,” I said and exited the kitchen and then I came to library and the scary music started to play. Beads of sweat started forming on my forehead. I went to the exit door of library and I was in the room where the old man attacked Abeer, the one of the locked rooms.

I went to its exit and it wasn’t locked, I opened the room and went out and now I was in the washroom where I found the old man hanging. I went to its exit and then I was in uncle and Aunty’s room. I was too scared, I didn’t woke them up, I exited this room as well and I was in the dining room. I went to the window to get out of this house and to my shock the house was on 10th floor. “What is happening? Our house was on the ground its a bungalow, what has happened?,” I ran back to our room and the door took me to my room only, I sat on the bed curling myself into a ball, hugging my knees with my chin resting on my hands and I was sweating a lot. I was trembling in fear, I felt a hand on my shoulder. “What happen?,” asked Abeer. “You woke up,” I said and told him everything. “It’s nothing such, drink water,” he said and filled a glass with water making me drink it.

I laid on the bed and he made me close my eyes and he too slept, just when I was about to drift into sleep fully, I felt icy cold hands hold both my wrists pinning them to bed and I felt a third hand on my neck which pressed it hard making me faint.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Meher in different rooms.oh….is it really happening or is it her illusion? who is attacking meher?

    The title is horror love story. Is it the horror love story of rohan parineeti or mehbeer?

    1. Salley145

      I kept this name by mistake

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