Mehbeer: A Horror Love Story~Meeting Parineeti’s parents Chapter 6


I am Mohan and not Shivani, tell her to stop digging in past else I will kill Shivani or Parineeti whatever her name is”, she said to Abeer while I was on the edge of death, Mohan was Shivani strangulating me lifting me off the ground away from railing. In short, I was away from the floor too, I was in the air. “Leave me”, I cried gasping for air. “Ok, Meher, don’t try to find the truth, just don’t”, he said and I agreed helplessly. Suddenly I felt her grip loosen on me. “Abeer, I will fall, she’s leaving me, her grip is loosening”, I said and Shivani fainted while I slipped from her hand but Abeer held my wrist just in time keeping his other hand around my waist.

He pulled me up and hugged me. We parted away remembering about Shivani, there she was, knocked unconscious on the floor. “Shivani, baby”, I said tapping her cheeks to wake her. Abeer lifted her and took her to bed. We both sat by her each side. “I am extremely sorry for not believing you, really sorry”, he said. “It’s ok, but if he comes again then? He tried to kill me, he can kill Shivani too”, I said worriedly. “He won’t come, I think we should always keep rosary around her neck, that way they won’t be able to come”, he suggested. “Good idea”, I said and he went to bring them. “Take it”, he said giving me one of them.

“Beautiful”, I said. “Yes wifey you are really beautiful”, he said and kissed my forehead. He wore the rosary, I also wore it, and I tied the third rosary on Shivani’s hand. “I was talking about the rosary and not myself”, I said trying to control my laugh. “Now I can’t even praise my wifey”, he said pouting. “You are so cute”, I said. “Thank you flirty wifey, now sleep”, he said and I switched off the light and slept holding his hand over Shivani.

Next morning, Shivani had an headache and stayed at home, I asked her not to take off the rosary, I made an excuse that its good to wear it. She agreed. Some days passed by, and I never dared to open up the past again, but I had to do so, for my daughter. I went to school in between the timings and asked about Parineeti’s details. Where she lives or lived? Where is her family? Each and every detail. “Sorry, but we can’t tell you”, said the peon. He went and I had no option but to go in store room and search for her name file.

There were many files, finally I found her file, Parineeti Sharma. I went to the file named as “background”.
Mother: Anita Sharma
Father: Karan Sharma
Address: Villa#202, ABC Road

I took a picture of the paper and the residence numbers. I went out quickly from there directly to meet Anita and Karan. I found the villa after a lot of problems. I rang the bell and a beautiful lady with long hair, wearing a saree, a brown mark above her lips and sorrow hidden in her eyes opened the door. “Namaste, what do you want?”, she asked folding her hands.

“Are you Anita?”, I asked. “Yes, and you are?”, she asked back. “Meher, actually I wanted to ask about your daughter Parineeti”, I asked. Her lips curved in a frown. She was about to shut the door but I held it. “It’s urgent”, I said narrating everything to her and she called me in. I sat on couch in front of her. I could notice the tears in her eyes. I waited for her to explain and my gaze went on the garlanded photo of Parineeti.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Glad that abeer trusts meher n protected her and shivani.hope rosary protects them.but y does Mohan want to kill shivani?finally meher met parineeti’s mother. Parineeti is no more.waiting for the mysterious past to unhold

    1. Salley145

      He wants to kill her because he doesn’t wants her to have friendship with Johan as he’sjealous of their ffriendship

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