Mehbeer: A Horror Love Story~Horror Everywhere Chapter 11


I was going back to my room when I felt someone pull me and take me to my room and pinned me to wall, I closed my eyes tight in fear as I was too scared to see who’s it. I was breathing heavily and I felt someone’s hot breath on my neck and the person kissed me. Now it was easy to guess that its Abeer because ghosts don’t kiss people. I opened my eyes and glared at him. “Why you always scare me?”, I asked angrily. “Aww don’t blame me I didn’t scare you, give me a kiss before I leave”, he said. Naughtiest man I have ever met, I am scared and he wants a kiss. I kissed him and went. How stupid. Again he pulled me in corridor. “I also want to kiss”, he said wrapping his arms around my stomach and this tickled me and I laughed, he kissed me. “Bye lover boy”, I went finally out of his arms.

I was in the kitchen preparing breakfast and I needed a knife, as I took it out of drawer, it was covered in blood. “Aagh”, I screamed and threw the knife away. As my gaze went on the floor, there was blood leading somewhere. I followed it and it took me behind the fridge. There was Mohan’s body covered in blood. “Aaaaahhhhhhh”, I screamed and ran out of kitchen and collided with Abeer and hugged him fearfully. “What happen? Sometime ago you were running away and now hugging me?”, he said naughtily. “There’s a dead body in the kitchen”, I said with my face buried in his chest.

“Come”, he said and I went behind him, to my shock, the knife was no more covered in blood, there were no blood drops that led us behind the fridge. “It was behind the fridge”, I said and he went behind the fridge, I hid behind him and slowly peeped there. No body, gosh! “It’s nothing dear, you’re imagining things, take care, don’t be afraid, and where’s your rosary?”, he asked and I touched my neck. I ran to uncle and Aunty’s room, no rosary, I went to our room, no rosary there as well. Just then, icy cold hands grabbed me. “What are you finding?”, asked Mohan. Yup it was him. “Here’s your rosary”, he said showing me his hand and I tried taking it but he threw it away and laughed evilly. His eyes turned black and then back to normal and it continued changing like this. I thought to distract him and take the rosary.

“Mohan, I know how you must’ve felt when your brother also loved the same girl as you, I really know it, believe me”, I said and he made a puppy face. “You are very good, I know, what are you getting by doing all this? You were also a human before right? God will be dissatisfied by you”, I said and he continued looking at me with the same puppy face. “If you go by yourself, God will be happy”, I said calmly and his eyes stopped changing. “Your parents won’t feel good if they get to know you didn’t get peace”, I told him and he started approaching me. “I am saying the truth, my child”, I said trying to stop him while I moved back towards the rosary and suddenly fell. I moved back on the floor.

“I will leave if you give me Shivani”, he said and while moving back my hand touched the rosary and he disappeared into thin air roaring. I am not going to give him my daughter, I am calling pundit. I wore the rosary and dialed his number and asked if he could come today for the house is haunted and we want to get rid of the ghost. He agreed and I told aunty, he said he will come at 7:00 in the night. I made clothes ready and went to take a bath. I was standing in the shower and the water was normal but suddenly it turned boiling hot and I started screaming as it burnt a lot. My hand couldn’t reach to turn off the shower, my body started getting boils and I screamed loudly.

After a lot of try my hand reached and I turned off the shower, my whole body was on fire it seemed. I went to bathtub and laid inside to cool myself, everything was ok until I felt being pushed inside the tub and the water started going in my nose, I struggled to get out and did. Again, the force pushed me inside trying to make me drown and I got out of there in a towel and I felt nails being dug in my back giving it a big bruise, I shouted a little. It hurt a lot. I got ready in loose clothes. I went to doctor and came back soon.

Later that day, after picking Shivani and dropping her to Dream Villa, I went to Anita’s house and she asked me about my boils but I said I will tell later and that I want the contact number of Rohan and Mohan’s parents. She gave me and I went back to Dream Villa and contacted on the number and told them the whole matter and invited them to our house for the peace pooja of Rohan and Mohan and they agreed to come. Later at 7:00 pm, everyone came for the pooja and we were doing pooja when suddenly Shivani started reacting weirdly. “Mumma stop all this, my head is aching, it’s hurting a lot”, she said and then I realized that Mohan has possessed her again.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Mehbeer scene was so romantic. Kitchen and bathroom scenes scared me.Mohan wants Shivani. Sad that meher’s advice didn’t change him. The boys’ parents are coming for Puja. Great. Hope it will have good effect. Mohan has possessed Shivani. Shocking

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