Mehbeer: A Horror Love Story~Hallucinations or Reality? Chapter 2 chapter 1
“Who Rohan?”, I asked Shivani. “Mumma, the boy who crawled out of the bed when I was playing with my toys”, said Shivani smilingly. I was shocked. Is she imagining things? Is she hallucinating? Was the house really haunted? These questions kept rising in my head. I sat up. “Is he still there?”, I said, don’t know what came over me that I asked her this. “I don’t know, but if you sit with me, then he will come out”, she said and held my hand. “Come I will introduce you to my new friend.”

Before I could say something, she pulled with holding my hand taking me to Abeer’s side of bed. I sat down beside her. I stared at the space beneath the bed praying nothing is there, I was scared. “Mumma, look he came, he’s sitting in front of us”, said Shivani and I slowly looked up. There was no one. “Who are you talking about Shivani?”, I asked. “Don’t joke, he’s sitting right there”, she said pointing in front of her. But there was no one, what is she talking about? “Mumma, I want to play with my new friend Rohan”, said Shivani. “Can you bring some more toys for me please?”

I nodded and stood up going to cupboard looking at Shivani again and again. She was saying things, as if there is really someone in front of her. I took out her toys and gave it to her. Just then the toy lifted on its own. “Aaghh”, I screamed horrified and stared at Shivani. She was smiling. I quickly went to her and lifted her off the ground in my arms and took her to bed. “What happened mumma? Let me play”, she said trying to get off the bed. “Stop, promise me you won’t talk to any stranger?”, I said forwarding my hand.

“But why mumma? He’s my friend”, she protested. “Promise me?”, I repeated. She frowned but then promised me. “Good girl, OK now go downstairs I will come and give you something to eat”, I said kissing her and she went. I went to the side where Shivani was sitting and the toy lifted on its own, did it really moved? I must be seeing things, never mind. I put all the toys back and was going when a hand pulled me and I turned to see brown eyes staring at me. I screamed, Abeer too screamed. Then I realized it’s he who pulled me.

“Why are you shouting wifey? You scared me”, he said sitting up and made me sit beside him and pulled me in a hug. “Nothing, it’s good you woke up,” I said hugging him back. “Aww missing me?”, he asked. “Yes”, I said. He broke the hug and cupped my cheeks. “Now tell why were you screaming?”, he asked and I laughed pretending I saw nothing. “It was just a lizard”, I said and he laughed. “Lizard? It seemed as if you saw a ghost”, he laughed even more. “You look cute”, I said. “You too”, he replied. “Now let’s go down, I m hungry.”

We went downstairs hand in hand and sat beside each other. First Abeer then me then Shivani then uncle then aunty. I served everyone and ate without talking. When I was done eating, I went to the library in the room and it was very beautiful. I thought to clean it as it was dusty. I cleaned everything and saw a piano, I cleaned it as well and played it. I didn’t knew I can play so well. Then I stood up and went out of there.

Later that day, uncle was gone to office and aunty and I were busy in chores. When it were all done, I went to my room and saw Shivani scribbling something in a diary. “Shivani”, I called. “Yes mumma”, she replied while writing. “Sleep early, we are going for your admission tomorrow morning”, I said. “Ok mumma”, she replied in her sweet voice and I kissed her and sat on the bed.

Soon night approached, I was making the bed when I felt someone else in the room besides me. I looked around, there was no one. I continued with my work and my gaze shifted on the diary in which Shivani was writing something. I thought to read it, no no, it might be a private diary, but I m her mother, and a daughter’s best friend is mother, I should read it. I turned to the first page, others were empty. There was written, ‘I got a new friend today, Rohan, I even made mumma meet him but she couldn’t see him, she shouted when she saw him playing with my toys, she said not to talk to any stranger, I agreed, maybe she is right, but I will have to play with him secretly.” What is all this? Rohan and all? How did he crawl out of bed? How did the toy lifted on it’s own and how she could see him but I couldn’t? I will have to find out the truth.

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  1. So u started a horror one
    Well it was scary ?
    God job but don’t scare us so much

    1. Salley145

      Ok haha thnx

  2. Awesome update bt plz change mehbeer’s daughter name I don’t like name shivani! Change it if possible !

    1. Salley145

      Which name u like then?

      1. Chahat

      2. Salley145

        Yr its such an awkward name, tell some appropriate name

      3. Then ur choice

  3. It was nice
    Have u stopped writing the ff life dairies

    1. Salley145

      No no, I m still writing it

      1. Ok
        I have asked since its so long that u have posted the ch.8

      2. Salley145

        It will be updated soon

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