Mehbeer: A Horror Love Story~Entered My Body Chapter 18

I gained my senses early morning and stood on my feet with pain in my neck, I looked at myself in the mirror and my neck had hand mark tattooed by the old man or Rohan whoever it was. I looked at the bed and Abeer wasn’t there, I took my clothes and went to have a bath and came out wearing white and pink floral kameez with white shalwar and dupatta. I was drying my hair and my phone rang. I picked it up as it flashed Anita’s name. “Hallo,” I said. “Hallo, Shivani wants to meet you,” said Anita and I agreed. I did a quick breakfast and went to meet my cute little daughter. As I reached there and she saw me, she hugged me and I felt very good to meet her after a long time.

I came back after a short time and the next couple of days went normally, slowly Sasha started responding to the doctor’s treatments. Abeer and I were sitting on our bed. “How’s Sasha?,” I asked. “Better from before,” he replied. “Oh, I was just so scared for her, I hope we get rid of these ghosts soon,” I said. “Don’t worry, they will go once they see us,” he replied and I got confused. “Why?,” I asked. “Because we are more horror than them,” he joked making me smile and I punched him playfully on his stomach. “You just keep joking,” I said between my laugh.

He giggled and kissed my forehead, he always does that when I laugh. ” I am in a mood to spend my day with you,” he said cutely. I agreed and smiled at him. Later, I got ready as we were going to have dinner outside. I wore a sea green sleeveless top and printed black and sea green long skirt with high heels. I was applying make up when suddenly strong winds started to blow towards me, the window door of the room kept opening and closing. I felt a strange movement in my body and I got scared and all of a sudden the winds stopped and I felt someone hug me from back. “Ready?,” asked Abeer and I nodded. “Just two minutes more,” I said and he agreed.

I quickly finished my make up and we went towards the exit and soon we were in car and Abeer was driving. We reached in a short time and as I got down the car, I felt cold. “Is it just me or is the weather really cold right now?,” I asked Abeer. “No its not at all cold, you can have my blazer if needed,” he said removing it and giving it to me. “Thank you,” I said and wore it. After having dinner, we went back to Dream Villa and winds blew vigorously when I entered inside. I didn’t knew why but I got really scared. Suddenly I saw Mohan and he was coming towards me and he entered my body and I shook.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    obviously how can shivani not miss her mother?loved Meher Shivani meeting.hopefully there will be mehbeer shivani scenes in d coming parts too.Want Abeer Shivani scene.i always wished 4 mehbveer scenes n this chapter gave cute mehbeer scenes.loved all mehbeer scenes.mohan’s soul entered Meher?OMG!Now what will happen?
    thanku very much 4 updating this.i was rly missing this FF

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