Mehbeer: A Horror Love Story~Diary Photographs and brotherz Chapter 4


I came to a page where there was a picture of a girl. I was shocked. The girl looked exactly like Shivani, I read further to know the whole matter.It read ‘I and Parineeti make a very great bond, it’s just four days and we’ve become partners in crime, mischief everything, we even sit together in our class, she’s really adorable, always smiling, making others smile, friendly with everyone, never rude, have cute expressions, she is the girl of who i could only think of and read in novels about girls like her, this week is dance competition and we’re partners in dance also, the practice is going awesome’.

Then I skipped some of the diary entries as it had nothing to do with Parineeti, then again a page came where there was something written about her. It said ‘My twin brother Mohan is always trying to steal my friends from me, why is he doing that to me? He’s my brother for God’s sake, I am slowly losing all my friends, I feel so alone, only Parineeti talks to me, Mohan says nonsense stuff that she dislikes me and likes him, from where did this topic come of liking and all, we are too young for that.’

Then the last diary entry said ‘It’s been two weeks since I and Parineeti are friends, Mohan said that Parineeti loves him and not me, God knows what he was wanting, I saw them together today and he was teasing her, I went to them and he insulted me, I got embarrassed and went, today was my birthday and my mood was ruined by my own brother but when Parineeti gave me a gift, my mood became better. It was a necklace of mine and her photo. We looked so cute together.’

I put the diary back and went through the photo album. There was a cute picture of Parineeti and Rohan in which he was smiling while Parineeti was sitting with a cute expression. Then there was a dancing picture of Parineeti, maybe he secretly captured it because he got crush on her, then a picture in which they were standing together smiling, in one photo there was only Shivani dressed as a princess, then in one photo they were smiling broadly. Last two photos had Parineeti posed as dancing and the very last pic, she was dressed in a maxi.

How adorable they are, that’s why Rohan appears only to Shivani as he thinks of her as Parineeti. Her nature is also like hers. I smiled a little then kept back both the things inside and my gaze went on a necklace, it had his and Parineeti’s picture. I think they had innocent love between them but never realized it. I was about to go then I heard some noises from the room.

“Rohan, you won’t meet her, she likes me more than you.”

“This is not the truth Mohan, she likes us equally as friends, why are you being like this?”

“Oh please accept it you are in love.”

“Shut up!”

“Are you scared?”

“Fine I love her, and she too loves me, she has better bonding with me.”

“I will make sure she only has that special bonding with me.”

“Aaaaaahhh, stop Mohan get off me….aaaahhhh” *something breaks* “ouch!”

I quickly went out and locked the door behind me. I went to my room and saw Shivani playing with her toys sitting at Abeer’s side of bed smiling, I don’t have a problem if she’s happy, but that boy looked evil yesterday in library, maybe it wasn’t him, it was Mohan. But dont know if it was hallucination or reality, I will have to find more about the brothers and Parineeti, now I will have to go to Bombay Model School to know further.

Where is Parineeti now? Maybe she can tell me more about them, or maybe her parents can tell me more, I will find them too. At evening, Abeer came and Shivani was fast asleep.I thought to share all this with him. Firstly I gave him dinner then I narrated everything to him, he was blank, he said I should take rest. Why ain’t he believing me?

I was again tossing left and right on the bed, Abeer was also asleep now. What happened next was both expected and unexpected too. The scary music played again. No ways I am going in there again, I stuffed cotton in my ears and slept. I woke up in the midnight and saw a little boy standing near me. “Why are you trying to take away Parineeti from me? Please let her play with me, she’s my friend”, said the boy. “Who are you?”, I asked. “Rohan, I saw you that day but you didn’t see me, that’s because I didn’t wanted you to see me”, he said. The other boy too came, he looked just like Rohan so I guessed its Mohan. “Oh so you were digging in the past, now you see”, he said and grabbed my arm with his icy cold hands and pulled me up and pushed me off the bed. He pulled me up in the air, I screamed. “Don’t worry, nothing will happen to you”, said Rohan and fought with Mohan, soon Mohan disappeared into thin air and I fell on the floor. I stood up with Rohan still standing near me. “Why did you save me?”, I asked. “That’s because you are good and I m also good, you’re my friend’s mother and I can do this much”, he said and smiled. He’s a friendly ghost, he won’t harm Shivani. “Thank you, but how do you have photos with Shivani?”, I asked curiously. “She’s my school friend, didn’t she tell you?”, he asked and my eyes popped out of the sockets. “I never met her parents but today I met.” He doesn’t knows she’s not Parineeti, how to tell him? How to make my daughter sad? If I say that maybe he won’t play with her again.

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