Mehbeer: A Horror Love Story ~ Possessed Chapter 19

Hello reader, I am Abeer Malhotra, Meher’s husband, right now it’s 7:00 in the morning and I am sitting on my bed beside my wife with worry on my face. You might be wondering what am I talking about? Let me take you back to the day of yesterday when we came back from dinner and just entered Dream Villa.

I unlocked the gate and went inside with her but suddenly Meher stopped in between and was staring at something, she was frozen on her place. I looked in the direction where she was looking but found nothing, her gaze kept shifting nearer and nearer to her and suddenly she shook, her whole body shook as if startled by something. I immediately went to her. “What happened? Are you ok?,” I asked holding her but she didn’t even move. “Meher,” I called her name and she looked at me but only by eyes and didn’t turn her face towards me. “What happen?,” I asked again. “I am hungry,” she said like a child and I was shocked. “But didn’t we just ate?,” I asked. “So what? I am hungry again, please give me something to eat,” she said again giving me a shock as she always gets herself something to eat instead of asking me, she doesn’t gets hungry so soon and her behavior was very different but what’s the problem in giving her food?

“Ok you sit, I will bring something,” I told her and went to kitchen. Just then I heard a voice behind me. “What are you doing here? Didn’t we just eat? Let’s sleep,” said the voice and it was Meher. I turned, her behavior was no more like a child. “But didn’t you just say to bring you food?,” I asked confusingly. “When did I say? I am tired, I want to sleep,” she said and something caught my attention, Mohan was behind her coming towards her and with a screw driver in his hand. “She’s dead,” he said and was about to hit her and just then I switched her place with mine and Mohan wasn’t there anymore.

“What happened? Come let’s sleep,” said Meher and started pulling me and I saw Mohan on the ceiling, he smiled evilly and jumped on Meher entering her body. She shook and turned to me. Her eyes were normal at first but suddenly it changed completely gray, I moved back in horror as she moved towards me forwarding her hand to throttle me. “Meher what’s wrong with you?,” I asked with a quiver in my voice. She came to me faster with her bloodshot eyes and I collided with the back behind me. “You’re dead,” she said in a childish voice and throttled me, I throttled her/Mohan with the same force and suddenly she fell.

“Meher,” I said holding her in my arms. “Are you trying to kill me?,” she asked and I nodded in a no. She shook again and straightened herself pushing me with such a force that I banged the back of my head with the wall behind me. “Aww what happened uncle? Are you hurt? Tch tch tch,” said Mohan as Meher and climbed the stairs in a crawling position. “Leave my Meher,” I begged. “Sure,” he said as Meher and put his hand on the railing and her one foot on the railing as well, then she stood up on the railing and jumped. “Abeeer Abeeeer aahhhhh,” she screamed and I went to her, her eyes turned fully white and she smiled evilly. “Your love made you weak right? Same was with me, bring Parineeti,” he demanded in a ghostly voice. “No!,” I shouted and he got angry and lifted me off the floor. “You won’t?,” he asked. “No I won’t!,” I screamed and he threw me on the wall. “Then bear your wife getting hurt,” he said and started digging nails in her arms and blood oozed out. “Stop that!,” I pleaded.

He then dug his nails in her neck. “Please don’t do that!,” I screamed. He laughed evilly and dug his nails in her jaws and suddenly a strong wind blew past her and she fainted, I went and held her before she fell completely and picked her in my arms and took her to our room. Her one arm moving to and fro in the air and her other arm was on her stomach. Her face and arms were full of bruises, I climbed upstairs faster and took her to our bed as soon as I reached the room.

I kissed her forehead and nursed her wounds and covered her with the bed sheet. I too laid beside her but didn’t got sleep, next morning I woke up and I didn’t realized I was sleeping. Meher still wasn’t awake. I touched her forehead, it was burning hot, I called doctor for her and he said, she will gain consciousness in sometime as he injected her. I laid beside her and again slept in tension. Next thing I remember is waking up and not seeing Meher beside me, I stood up and searched whole house including the locked rooms but she was nowhere to be seen. I went outside in the garden and then in the outhouse, I saw her sitting on the swing looking down with some more fresh bruises on her knees, she was wearing a white dress, her hair were fully messed up. I went to her and touched her, she was abnormally very cold, she looked at me with bloodshot eyes as if she’s a dead person with open eyes.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Good to see abeer’s pov. Shocking that Mohan entered meher and is hurting her to get Shivani. Thankfully abeer could save her.what happened to meher now?hope she is not dead

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