Mehbeer: A Horror Love Story ~ The Death Drama Chapter 22

When she was asleep, I was sitting resting my back on the bedboard. I heard a whisper. “Abeer,” it was Meher’s voice. I opened my eyes and she was really close to me, the bandage from her eyes was removed, they were normal at first, but suddenly it turned fully white. I startled and pinned myself to the bed clutching the bedsheet tightly. “Meher just move away,” I said shoving her away but she let out a devilish laugh and stopped with an angry look on her face. Her whole face and head was bandaged, but why? Only her eyes were supposed to be bandaged. She removed the whole bandage.

We were both young when I first saw you
I close my eyes and the flashback starts I am standing there on the balcony in summer air


he sang in a ghostly voice and came more closer to me. “I love you, you love me, death is close, will you accompany me?,” she sang and laughed and strangulated me digging her nails in my neck. I pushed her away knowing that she’s possessed and she fell on the floor. “Why did you push me? I was sleeping,” she said opening her eyes by difficulty. She stood up and came near me. “Why you pushed me idiot?,” she asked angrily. “You removed the bandage too, now my eyes are getting sensitive.”

I quickly bandaged her eyes and put her to sleep. Later that day, we all were set to do the death drama, I had bought guns and tomato sauce sachets were stuck in our clothes. “Shivani, it’s all because of you, the trouble creator, because of you Mohan is after us, he possesses Meher again and again,” I fakely scolded Shivani. She shed fake tears. “Papa, it’s not my fault,” she said through fake tears. “It’s because of you,” I shouted trying to sound angry and shot her on her stomach, her clothes got stained with tomato sauce. She held her stomach pretending to be hurt and fell on the floor, Meher ran to her. “Shivani, baby, what did you do? You killed her, I will call police,” Meher said faking anger and sadness pulling out her phone, I went to her and grabbed her arm pulling her up from the floor and held her hair loosely, she screamed pretending to be hurt. “You will call police? You! That will happen when you are alive wifey,” I said faking anger and threw her on floor and shot her three times on her stomach, her clothes too got stained.

Mom and dad came there all set. I firstly shot my mother, tomato sauce oozed out, I shot my dad too, they all acted well and in the last I picked up a fake knife which had spring inside with fake blood. “I also don’t want to live,” I shouted and slit my wrist and the fake blood spreaded everywhere. I too threw myself on the floor. I heard footsteps approach us. “You all died *evil laughs* now I will die peacefully,” said someone and it was Mohan. He came and had a look at all of us and then vanished and his soul was lost forever. His grandfather too came and did the same and vanished. We got up and had a high five. Finally the house was rid of the ghosts. “Pari,” said Rohan appearing there. Shivani looked at him with sadness because he’s going to go soon.

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    1stscene was real horror.death drama was interesting.ghosts disappeared bcz of it.its a relief.hope the ghosts won’t return

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