MehBeer – My heart beats for U (Epi 1)


( Hey guys I like meher-abeer veryy much….I m starting with the end of last episode )

Suman : now my all wishes fulfilled today …
Devki : yes bhabhi , they r reallyy happy… and also ishan will get both mom & dad’s luv
(Just then abeer and meher comes)
Abeer : so now it’s time to celebrate…I’ll call mom
Devki : I know madhviji will not have any problem..
But ….
Abeer : but what about dad reaction ? …right buaji …
Devki : hm..yes
Abeer : I’ll try to convince him…and I’m sure he will be veryy happy as now he is Dada….and he doesn’t want to miss that chance
( devki is still thinking )
Abeer : believe me buaji ….
( Abeer calls a cook and orders him to make a special dishes …. And don’t tell to mom or dad )
@ malhotra mansion
( kuber sits silently and thinks I’ve done wrong with meher and her family … just then bell rings )

( madhvi opens the door …. And surprised to see mehbeer and her mom nd buaji … then she wlcms them with a smile…but she notices their anger)

Madhvi : plz come…. And take a sit…
Suman : we don’t come here to take a sit….
( just then kuber comes…)
Ishaan : ur abeer is torturing my mom nd nani …. He is a bad guy…
Madhvi: what happened ?….plz tell us …. We’ll try to Sort out …
Suman : don’t need to do that…
Devki : I m telling u from starting that keep away this guy from our home bhabhi… but u didn’t listen…

Kuber : ishaan … Abeeer is really Gud person …. I make him bad … I m bad not abeer …
( evryone looks at him shockingly …)

Kuber : I m ur Dada … plz forgive me … I have Done really bad with ur mumma …
( then he goes to meher and folds his hands )
Kuber : I m sryy beta … I know now u will not have any respect for me … but plz give me one chance ….
( suman and devki shocked to see him like that…but then they continues their drama …)
Suman : we r not hear to show it drama … we r sending our mehbeer nd ishaan to it house….
( madhvi nd kuber are shocked …. Madhvi hugs suman nd meher happily)
( madhvi nd kuber hugs ishaan )

Abeer : meher , tell me which type of changes u want in the room … and ya chhote abeer u will decide what u want in it new room ….
( they all laughs )

Precap : the whole family spend some happy moment… they take dinner ….

( plz guyz must comment ….nd tell me if any part u don’t like … nd what changes I should do …. )

Credit to: Shivani

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  1. Very nice abeeers cute family…

  2. nice start , keep it up

    1. Thank u

  3. Wow shivani gud mehabeerKagan story continue

    1. Thanks

  4. Thanks vaishali and rishi

  5. Paul Amalraj

    Hey guys it was good
    but the final episode was taken place in malthora mansion
    then how come they are coming to the malthora mansion again

    1. No dear ,
      It was taken place at meher’s home as firstly abeer stays at meher’s home nd after accident he stays near meher’s home on rent…
      Correct me if I m wrong

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