Mehbeer FF Yeh Dil Part 7


Meher calls Abeer & said, “My parents are calling you to our place.”
Abeer: That is great. We will come to your place with shagun.
Next day, Meher & Abeer meet at the college.
Meher: All the best. Do well in your exams.
They enter the examination hall & start answering the question paper. The invigilator is surprised to see Abeer sitting & writing the paper as he was giving blank paper.

After they are done with their exams, all the students come out. Kuber & Shyam’s goons are waiting outside the college to kill Abeer & Meher.
Abeer: Meher, you go to home & get ready. I will deal with these people.
Meher: No, I cannot leave you like that.
Nisar & Akshat come for Abeer’s help. Sasha called up Rishab & said, “Kuber uncle’s goons have attacked mehbeer.”
Fight is going on. Rishab comes hurriedly to the college & stops them. He said, “Once more you come and attack my children, I will get you all arrested. Tell me on whose instructions you are doing this? Don’t you have children at home? Don’t you have any feelings?”

Some men said, Shyam & some said Kuber.
Rishab: So it means both the fathers have given instructions. Once more if you meet Shyam or Kuber, you will be joining Kuber.
Meher goes home. Abeer , Madhavi & Rishab come to her place with shagun.
Devki: Oh Madhavi, it is nice to see you. Now I’ve got it. It is good that Abeer & Meher has patched up to the extent that they decided to spend their life with each other.
Both the families exchange shagun. Shyam calls his goons to find out what happened. Rishab catches him red-handed & said, “If you create problems for my family, you will join my son Kuber. Do you get that? Do you know who I am?”
Shyam: I don’t care.
Rishab shows his identity card & said, “I’m MP. I have the power to put you inside or get you people hanged. Don’t mess up with us.”
Shyam: Oh your name & photo is coming in newspaper. I’m lucky to get a samdhan like you.
Rishab: If you want your daughter’s happiness, go & bless them.
Devki: Let the engagement take place tomorrow. But we can put the marriage date within one year.

Rishab + Madhavi: We too wanted to say that.
Next day, Abeer gets engaged to Meher as there is 2 days gap for the next paper. Four days are remaining for their exams to get over.
Next day, Abeer & Meher spend time at his study room in his house. Meher comes home by afternoon & continues to study.
Madhavi & Rishab are also happy to see Abeer becoming responsible.
Rishab: We are lucky to get a DIL like Meher. It is her magic.

Madhavi: Yes, that is true. If Kuber was here, he might have changed his attitude.
Rishab: I would have thought like you if he had not tried to molest his class teacher. Not only that, he is sending his men to kill Meher. He can’t be my son. From now on you are my daughter. I will never let you all to feel Kuber’s absence.
After 4 days, everyone finishes their exams. Abeer also answered those papers which he didn’t clear in his previous year. He takes out the guitar after doing his workouts. All go crazy listening to his music.
One day, Sattu comes & offers the job to Abeer, Nisar, Akshat & Rati. Sasha assists her father in his business.

Tayiji enters Malhotra house. Everyone is shocked to see her.
Tayiji: Where is devarji?
Rishab: He is not in town. He will come after one year.
Tayiji feels that Malhotras are hiding something from her. She decides to find out what it is.
Next day, Tayiji goes to the office to see where Kuber is. She calls up all the branches & finds out the he is not there. She then called up to the parliament & finds out that he is in jail for molesting a college lecturer for which Madhavi & Rishab are witnesses.
Tayiji calls everyone to the room & said, “Devarji is in jail & you people are not bothered.”

Madhavi: Nothing like that. He is getting punished for what he did.
Abeer: I could not even think in the wildest of my dreams that my dad could molest my class teacher.
Tayiji: I want to talk to devarji. I want to meet him.
Rishab: Fine, but not more than 5 minutes.
Tayiji goes & meets Kuber.
Kuber: When did you come?

Tayiji: I’d come yesterday. I know that you have been doing a lot of illegal things but attempt to rape is little too much.
Kuber: She was going to expose me. So that was the only way to stop her. My good-for-nothing son Abeer had fallen for this middle class Meher though he had framed her in cheating at the examination hall. My wife & dad also accepted this relationship.
Tayiji: It is Lalla’s choice. If he is happy, I am happy. This marriage will take place at any cost.

Precap: Tayiji finds out that Meher is related to Devki & decides to stop her marriage with Abeer.

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