Mehbeer FF Yeh Dil Part 6

Meher comes to the place where the goons attacked Abeer. Nisar, Akshat, Rati & Sasha stand for Abeer & Meher. The entire crowd gathers there & supports them.

All the students hold each other’s hands & said, “You guys have to kill us first before reaching out to them.” They pelt stones on the goons. Most of the goons get injured. The students defeated the goons & made them run away.

Everyone goes to the examination hall. Abeer feels that Meher must have told her dad about their relationship. He asks her, “What did you tell your dad that his goons started attacking me?”

Meher: First I told my dad & aunt that you are my good friend but they did not accept this answer. So I told them what they wanted to hear. I told them sarcastically that I love you & am going to marry you.

Abeer gets upset and goes to the hall. Meher too reaches the hall. After their exams, Abeer and Meher avoid each other but they begin to think about each other after going home.

Abeer’s POV

I know that I have loved Meher but have not told her. I could have told her today but didn’t know how she will react. I should tell about my feelings to her at least tomorrow.

Meher’s POV

I have been making fun of Abeer but in the process of tutoring him, I didn’t know how did I blurt these things to my dad and aunt? I have stood for him when he was attacked. Though I am avoiding him, my mind thinks about him when I’m idle. I think I love him.

Madhavi dials Suman’s number.

Madhavi: Am I speaking to Suman? This is Madhavi.
Suman: Is it Madhavi who was studying in Mithibhai College?
Madhavi: Yes, I am the same Madhavi. Your daughter Meher told me that she is your daughter. Can we meet today?
Suman: Yes, Meher told Dad and Shyam that Abeer is your son. Shall we meet at the coffee shop at 4 pm?
Madhavi: Done. We will meet.

Suman and Madhavi meet each other at coffee shop at the said time. Both hug each other.

Suman: It’s been a long time we have ever met.
Madhavi: Yes, my memories have become fresh.
Both of them sit together and have coffee.

Abeer and Meher meet at the college.
Meher: I’m sorry if I have hurt you.
Abeer: I was not upset about that. I was upset that you have taken the risk to tell your family about us. To be honest, I had fallen in love with you after you have rejoined the college. But I could not say that after framing you in that cheating incident. My revenge has been baseless. My dad has been giving me a lot of money though I have never asked him. I was never able to communicate with my mom properly as dad has been engaging me in his politics. He has been telling me that money is God and I should be able to manipulate others. I was shocked when I saw that he had misbehaved with our class teacher. I never knew that my life is empty. I feel very lonely.
Meher: I have been making fun of you. I have never respected your talent. I’m sorry for that. Don’t ever think that you are alone and lonely. I’m always there for you. In the process of making you study, I never knew when I began to feel for you. I love you Abeer.

Both hug each other. The background song is
(Ek mai ek tu
Kho gaye pyar mai
Bhul ke ye jaha do badan ek jaan
Kho gaye pyar mai) – (2)
Ek mai ek tu
Kho gaye pyar mai

Maine subha shyam likh liya
Ishq ka payam likh liya
Ho aati jati sanso pe sanam dil pe tera naam likh diya
Mai bana hu bas tere liye
Tu bani hai bas mere liye
Honge hum na kabhi juda
Hum ne milke fainsle kiye

Hum diwane bade muskuraye kabhi
Ro diye pyar mai
Ek mai ek tu
Kho gaye pyar mai

Sath sath aaj hum chale
Hare na hum kabhi bhi hoshle
Koi na bujha saka use
Jo chala hai tufan mai chale
Door door itne din rahe
Hum kisi se kuch nahi kahe
O is milan ki aarzu liye
Har sitam zamane ke sahe

Mit gaye fasle
Is subho ke tale
So gaye e pyar mai
Ek mai ek tu
Kho gaye pyar mai
Bhul ke ye jaha do badan ek jaan
Kho gaye pyar mai
Ek mai ek tu
Kho gaye pyar mai

At Coffee Shop

Madhavi: I’ve been observing that my son Abeer has fallen for your daughter ever since he realized his mistake. If Meher agrees with this relationship, we can proceed with this relationship.

Suman: Shyam & Devki saw him dropping my daughter to our place. Meher blurted out that she loves him. I’m sorry for what my husband has done to Abeer.

Madhavi: I’ve got everything but not husband’s love. All I want is my son should do something in life. He is talented in every activity but studies are also equally important. I never expected that he would try to molest Abeer’s class teacher.

Suman: My husband is no better. He has married second time & spends most of his time at her place. I want my daughter to be in safe hands.

Madhavi: Don’t worry about that. Meher is our daughter too. We will ensure that she will be happy at our place.

Suman: I trust you.

Abeer & Meher reach their places.

Madhavi discusses with him about Meher. Suman talks to Meher about Abeer.

Abeer tells Madhavi,”I love Meher. I want to spend my life with her.”

Rishab & Madhavi: You’ve made a right choice. Meher is a gem. We will bring the proposal to her place.

Meher: Yes mom, I love Abeer a lot. I want to marry him.

Suman & Devki agrees for their relationship.

Devki: Tell them to come home.

Precap: Meher calls up Abeer & said, “My mom & aunt has agreed. They told you to bring the proposal to our place. Abeer said,”I’m coming with my mom & grandpa to your place with shagun.”

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