Mehbeer FF Yeh Dil Part 5

Part 5
Rishab enters the parliament office.
Journalist: How do you feel about sending your own son behind the bars?
Rishab: What type of question are you asking? It will be painful for any father to do that but I have always stood for what is right and will do it till my last breath. If I have pledged to serve my country, I have to treat the entire nation as my family. I will not take back the case come what may. My son is not supposed to disrespect a woman.
He leaves after saying that. The riots continue. Rishab arranges for a stronger security against people who are involved in the riots. Many cops are killed during the encounter at the same time many people who are involved in the riots are also arrested. The situation is still tense.

Abeer and Meher are doing combined studies but there are lots of disturbances.
Abeer: I think it is better if we do combined studies at my place. There are many rooms. My mom and grand-father are very much accommodative. My dad is also in jail now so there won’t be any problems.
Both go to Abeer’s place to study. Meher teaches Abeer many things which he does not know and clears his doubts. Madhavi comes in their room and gives them juice to drink.
Abeer: Meher, she is my mom.
Meher greets Madhavi who says, “Nice to see you. I’ve heard a lot about you but this is the first time, I am seeing you personally. What work your father does?”
Meher: He is running a garment and jewelry shop.
Madhavi: That is great. You’re Devki’s neice right?
Meher: Yes. My mother’s name is Suman.
Madhavi: Oh you are Suman’s daughter. We have been best friends in school and college.
Meher: I’m sorry for what Kuber uncle has done to you.
Madhavi: What to tell you my girl? That’s my fate. My only aim is that my son Abeer should come up in life somehow. He is talented in other things but education is also equally important. Please take care of him.
Meher: It s my pleasure to help him. Abeer has got good focus. Whatever attention he is giving to sports and other activities, he needs to devote some time to studies as well. He is fine and is picking up fast.
Madhavi pays her the fees to tutor Abeer. However, Meher said, “No need Aunty, you have accepted me as your own and my mom’s friend, then why are you being formal?”
Madhavi: That is because we don’t mix up friendship with work. I know that you are helping my son as a good friend. I apologize to you for what has happened.
Meher: It is okay. We have compromised and patched up with each other.
Madhavi: My blessings are always with you guys. I wish the same friendship to continue.
Abeer: Yes mom, it will be there for life.
Nisar and Rati are doing combined studies in the park. Suddenly, it starts raining. Both of them go to their hostel rooms and communicate with each other through facebook and intercom.
Akshat and Sasha are spending time at the computer lab and are working on the project in Java. They are working on the Airways project. Time passes quickly.
Akshat: I’m feeling sleepy now.
Sasha: This will be the last part for now. We will continue on the project tomorrow.
However, the peon comes and said, “Your time is up. This is the closing time. You guys can continue tomorrow.”
Akshat and Sasha go to their rooms.
Abeer drops Meher to her house.
Shyam sees Abeer. As soon as Meher entered the house, Shyam asks her, “Who is this guy? I guess he is the one who framed you in cheating at the examination hall right?”
Meher: Exactly, but that is between us. We have patched up & are good friends now.
Devki: A young guy and a girl who has crossed their teens can never be good friends. If you are sitting in his bike daily, it is more than a friend.

Shyam: Devki is right. Abeer is your boyfriend right?
Meher: You can think whatever you want. I don’t care about what people say. Even if he is my boyfriend & lover, I don’t find anything wrong in that. Yes, I love him in the same way. That is what you want to hear right? For your information, he is Madhavi’s son. Mom knows her very well.
Suman: Oh ok, that’s cool. I want to meet Madhavi.
Meher gives her number to Suman. Shyam is fuming.
Next day, he sends his goons to kill Abeer but he faces them with courage. He asked,”What have I done?”
The goons said, “This is Shyam’s order to kill you. You are Meher’s lover right?
Abeer said, “I have not said that I love her but I am disclosing now that I love her & am going to marry her. I will marry her in front of the whole world & you guys can’t do anything.
He fights the goons. All run away seeing Rishab’s car.
One of KM’s spies sees that & informs him about mehbeer affair.
KM: I won’t let my son to marry the girl of that middle class mentality.
MLA election date is declared. However, the public detests KM & decides not to vote for him.
KM’s advocate comes to visit him & present him at the court. All the evidences are against him. KM loses the case. The court gives him the sentence of imprisonment for 12 years.
The situation comes to normal. Everyone goes to the college as usual to write their exams.

Precap: Abeer asks Meher, “What have you told your dad that he sent his men to attack me? Meher replied,”My dad & aunt doubted about our friendship. So I told them sarcastically that I love you. ”

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