Mehbeer FF Yeh Dil Part 4

Examinations are going on. Meher is back but Nisar, Akshat, Sasha and Rati still are not in talking terms with Abeer. After finishing the paper, he sees everyone discussing about the question paper and gets satisfied that he has answered all the questions properly but his friends continue to avoid him.

Parth: I will repay whatever you have paid or me.

He also gives the first instalment to him. Abeer tries to stop him but in vain. He sees Meher coming out and tries to talk to her.

Abeer: I wanted to speak to you after your return..
Meher: Don’t talk to me.
Abeer: I’ve made a big blunder. I was never taught what is right and what is wrong. Please forgive me. Please give me a chance. You are right. I’ve been bragging over my dad and grandpa’s achievement. I never knew that the consequences will be bad. No one is talking to me. I hate myself.
Meher: Serves you right.

She leaves.
Abeer is all alone by himself. Meher goes to the library to get more information about the next paper which is after 2 days. She is engrossed in the library. However, when she is about to leave, some college boys start ragging her and begins to misbehave with her. Abeer comes and saves her at the nick of the time

Meher: Thanks a lot for saving me dignity & honour. If you think I will say that & forgive you, then you are wrong because I know it is your work.

Abeer: What are you talking? I didn’t even know that you were in the library. What do you expect from me? What should I do to convince you that I’ve changed?

Meher: You don’t have to do anything. I wasn’t talking to you even before. I was only making fun of you.

Abeer: Unless you forgive me, nobody will even look at me.

Meher: So you’re coming to me because of them right? If you had apologized to me in front of Princi, my buaji & your grandpa, I would have excused you. I need to go home now.

Abeer: You won’t get any bus or auto rickshaw now. I’ll drop you to your place.

Meher: No need.

She waits for the public transport but no busses are available as the riots began between Hindus & the Muslims. Everyone had left earlier. Abeer was surfing for the information for the next exam using his tablet. Both of them got stranded. However, Abeer has a bike.

Meher finds a public booth near her college & asked him, “What happened to the vehicles now?”

The puclic booth fellow answered, “They won’t ply now as the riots suddenly took place.”

Abeer comes & says,”There’s no use waiting. I’m not that bad. I will drop you to your place.”

Meher reluctantly agrees. Abeer drops Meher to her place & goes home.

Meher & Abeer are preparing for their exams. However during dinner, both start thinking about each other.

Abeer POV

Meher has definitely made fun of me but I chose to ignore it. If i had not brought the snake into the classroom, then things would have been different. I am at fault but I have framed Meher because of which no one is even looking at me. Not even Sasha. I should speak to her as I’ve apologized her.

Meher POV

I do notice some change in Abeer but I am doubting him. He could have gone home straight even without caring for me but he didn’t do that. On the contrary, though I refused, he still persisted. Should I give him a chance? If it is not Abeer’s work, I think it is his dad’s work. His supporters are doing this as he is in jail.

All the students meet at the examination hall. Abeer does not talk to anyone & revises what he has studied & goes to the hall. After the paper is over, everyone comes out. Abeer would not even look at anyone & is going home directly. He sees Sasha but ignores her. Sasha stops him & said,”I know that you want to talk to me & you know very well that I can’t be upset with you for long. I’m talking to you because you’ve saved Meher & dropped her safely to her place. I was surprised to see her in your bike when I was driving the car.”

Abeer: Can I assume that you’ve forgiven me?
Sasha: Of course, you can.
Abeer: What about Nisar, Akshat & Rati?
All 3 of them came to Abeer & said,”Yes we have forgiven you.”

They sat & discussed about JAVA.
Next day is their exam. However, the situation became worse. Curfew took place in most of the places. The principal sent a mail to the students that exams have been postponed to 3 days.

Sasha & Akshat confess ther feelings for each other. Abeer too realizes his feelings for Meher but controls it. When he was about to leave, he hears the voice calling him ‘Abeer’. He turns back & to his surprise, it was none other than Meher.

Meher: You’ve really changed a lot.
Abeer: Thanks a lot.
Meher gives him the ball & said,”Throw it in the basket.”

Abeer successfully throws it into the basket.
Meher: Your concentration is good. When you are studying, you should focus on it.
Both sit together & do combine studies. They are preparng for the Maths exam.

Rishab goes & sees the situation & finds that KM’s supporters are demanding for his release & will not stop the riots till he is out.

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