Mehbeer FF Yeh Dil Part 3

Next day, everyone are heading towards examination hall. Abeer, Nisar & Akshat too had prepared for the exams. The accounts professor is excited about his promotion. He keeps the supplement reserved for Meher that has been partly written. Everyone enters the examination hall. The question paper & the main answer sheet is given to all. Everyone starts answering the question. Abeer has an eye on Meher at the same time. As she comes towards the end of the main sheet, Meher asks, “Sir, I need a supplement.” The professor gives her the supplement. Meher does not know something is written on that sheet & she takes it. Abeer sees that & smirks. Meher is shocked to see that something is already written in that sheet. The invigilator comes to her & said, “So you are copying. I’ve not expected this from you. Come to the principal’s office.”

Meher: Trust me Sir, I didn’t do anything. I didn’t even know that something is written in that.
Ignoring her words, he drags her to the principal’s office.

Principal: I have always believed that you are a good student. But you’ve disappointed me this time.

Meher: Sir, I didn’t do anything. Trust me.

Meher’s class teacher comes & protests to the principal. She said, “Meher can never do such a thing. She has been an excellent student. She has been topping in the class & the University. It will be unfair on your part to suspend her without knowing the other side of the coin.”

Professor: I’ve caught her red-handed. What proof you have to say that she is innocent?
Prncipal: Because you have done this, I suspend you from the college.

Meher & her class teacher are dismayed. After the paper is complete, Abeer goes to her & said, “Now do you know what allI can do? If you apologize to me, I will see that principal takes you back in the college & allows you to write the exams.”

Meher goes home.

Devki: What is the matter?
Shyam: what she will tell? I say that she is caught copying in the exams. She has brought digrace to this house.
Devki: Meher is not that kind of a girl. She has been topping in the class throughout her academc career. She can never do such a thing. Some rich people must have played this prank. Meher, is there any truth in what your dad is saying?
Meher: Your estimation is right. It is all Abeer’s work.
Devki: Don’t worry. I will do something.

All the students in the college get to know about Abeer’s misdeeds & starts detesting him.

Parth: I never knew that you will stoop to such a low level only to take your revenge.
Abeer: All of a sudden you are supporting her? Don’t forget that I have been helping you to pay the college fees.
Parth: If I knew about your reality, I would have worked hard day & night to pay the fees by myself.

He leaves.

Abeer: Nisar, at least you try to understand.
Nisar: Sorry, I’ve some work.

Akshat too ignores him.
Abeer: Sasha, you’ve been my friend since childhood..
Sasha interrupted & said, “I have always supported you when Meher has been talking ill about you but now what you’ve done is highly disgusting. Unless you see that she joins back, I’m not going to speak to you.”

Meher’s class teacher goes to Abeer’s house to complain about him. But she finds only Kuber Malhotra. All others had gone to the temple.

He asks her, “Who are you?”
The lady said, “I’m Abeer’s class teacher. I’ve got a complaint against your son.”
KM: What did he do now?
Teacher: You had come to our college a year back & appreciated her for breaking your record in the college.
KM: Yes, I did. I also asked her to join my company after her degree.
Lady: Abeer has trapped her in cheating case.
KM: So what? This s the first time he has done a good work. If ordinary middle class people are not within their limits, this is what we do.
Teacher: No wonder. It is because of you he has become spoilt. I’ve recorded your voice. I will go to the press people & reveal about your true colours. I will see that it gets printed on every newspaper.
KM: If I let you go only then you will be able to do it.

He is about to lock the door and molest her. However, Rishhab, Madhvi & Abeer comes back. They save her in the nick of time. Abeer is shocked to see that her saree has been torn. He is shattered to see what his dad has done. Madhvi gives her saree to wear before she leaves.

Rishab: I apologize you on Abeer & KM’s behalf. Lets sort out the matter within ourselves. If you go to the press, it will affect my reputation too. I will talk to the Principal & see that Meher gets justice.

Teacher: I know that you are a very resectable person. I wanted to meet you & tell you what Abeer did but you had gone out. What KM has done is a bigger mistake than Abeer’s. That is very much unforgetable. It is a good thing that you people had come otherwise, he would have disgraced me.
Rishab: I apologize to you once again. I will see that you & Meher get justice.
Teacher: Thanks a lot.
She leaves

Madhvi confronts Abeer: Is this what I taught you. I thought that you will be different from your dad. It isonly because of your pranks, that lady was about to get disgraced. What was the need for you to frame Meher. She is such a promising student. Meher had exposed you because you’ve done wrong but your revenge is absolutely baseless.
Abeer: Sorry mom. I never knew it will go to this extent.
Madhvi: If you’ve realized your mistake, you talk to the principal & see that Meher rejoins the college.

Madhvi leaves.

When Rishab is about to go, Abeer stops him. He knelt down before him & said, “I know you’ve always understood me.You have always told me what is good & what is bad. I know that I’ve been getting influenced by my dad though I never had a good relationship with him as far as studies are concerned. He has money for me but never spent time with me.”

Rishab holds his hand & makes him get up. He said, “I’m glad that you’ve realized your mistake. Tomorrow, we both will go to the principal & see that Meher is back.”

Abeer & Rishab hug each other.

Abeer then confronts Kuber saying,”I’ve always respected you but what you did today is not at all acceptable.”
KM: It is all because of you. If I had not stopped her, she would have gone to the press & humiliated us.
Abeer: So you have tried to disgrace her? How cheap! You should have at least thought about mom.
KM: You don’t have to teach me. If you had focused on your studies, these scenes would have got avoided.
Abeer: Whatever, I am today is because of you. You are also somewhere responsible for it.
KM: How do you say that?
Abeer: You have moey for me. You have been giving me any amount that I’ve asked without questioning me. But you’ve never spent time with me. You’ve never appreciated me or asked me what I wanted.

After the confrontation, Abeer leaves.

Rishab then calls Devki & said, “I will sort out this matter. Please don’t send any legal notice now.”

Devki: Fine.

Rishab & Abeer talks to the college principal & said, “Meher is innocent. She is a promising student but has been framed.”

Principal: Abeer, I am glad that you’ve accepted your mistake. Promise me that you will behave decently henceforth.

Abeer: I promise you. I won’t give any scope for complaint from my end.

The Principal calls up Devki & tells her, “Meher’s suspension has been cancelled. She can write the exam & there will be a free supplementary exam for her in the first paper.”

Meher meets the principal who apologize to her for the misunderstanding.

Rishab: I apologize to you for all that has happened.

Meher rejoins the college & rewrites the first paper while there is 3 more days for the next one.

Rishab then puts Kuber behind the bars for misbehaving with the lady lecturer.

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