Mehbeer ff: love is blind episode 44 (Last episode)


As days pass by, Meher faces pain. When the doctor checks her, he tells that she’ll have to abort the baby as the cancer cells are still there in her body and that it will be risky for both baby and her. Meher breaks down hearing this.
Meher: plz doctor, don’t say this, there must be some way, no matter what I won’t let anything happen to baby, he/she has right to come in this world.
Doctor: I m sorry but abortion is necessary.
Mehbeer goes from his cabin sadly. As they sit in car, Meher keeps looking out of the window. The whole drive went like this. They reach home and Meher runs upstairs and sits on the bed lost in thoughts. Abeer comes and sits beside her.
Abeer: Meher, doctor has said doesn’t means k waisa he ho, vo doctor hai koi Bhagwan nh, hosakta hai reports galat ho
Meher: I never thought I will have to abort our baby, he/she won’t be able to come in this world.
Abeer stands up from the bed and brings a vase and gives it to her.
Abeer: break it on my head and let out your anger.
She throws the vase on the floor and cries hugging him. He consoles her.

7 months pass by. Meher was still carrying the child in her womb. She was sitting in her room when she gets labour pain. She screams and calls Abeer. He comes and sees her collapsing. He asks her to get up from the bed.
Meher: I can’t.
Abeer: wait

He calls the doctor at home. The doctor arrives after 30 minutes. The doctor sends everyone out. Abeer worries that she might be in pain. He could hear her screams. After sometime the doctor comes out.
Doctor: its a boy.
Abeer smiles and takes his son in his arms. He goes in and sees Meher sleeping. He plays with the baby.
Abeer: I was so desperate for u…u finally came, I love u n ur mom equally.
He kisses them both.

When Meher wakes up, she looks around and smiles seeing her baby. She happily cries and hugs him. Abeer comes and hugs her. Finally all the problems were solved and Mehbeer with their baby became a happy family.

About other characters:
Tunnu and Tina sorted out their differences and patched up again with the same love and bonding.

Sasha and Akshat fell in love and got married and lived happily ever after.

Story ended.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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