Mehbeer ff: love is blind episode 43


Guys m telling u there are some intimate scenes in this update, but they are written in limit, i hope u guys dont mind, in my whole story there wasnt such scene, but m adding it in this update…happiness returned in Mehbeer’s life after long so romance to banta hai ?

The trio reaches home, Madhvi and Suhana greets them and hugs Mehbeer.
Suhana: how r u now Bhabhi?
Meher: m fine n u

Suhana: m also fine, I missed u both a lot
Meher: we also missed u, (she then says to everyone else) sorry we couldn’t do shopping for u all

Kuber: koi baat nh beta, u both spent time together n r happy that’s enough.
Suhana: han bhabhi its OK, how was ur honeymoon? kia kia hua?
Abeer: u all plz don’t tease us

Meher gets vomit and runs to washroom. Abeer goes after her. He rubs her back.
Abeer: I think I should call the doctor at home
Meher: no it is normal…
Before she could complete, she gets dizzy and was about to fall but he holds her.
Abeer: its not normal…come out
He takes her out slowly and lays her on the bed, he calls the doctor.
Meher: Abeer leave na its…
Abeer: shhhh

He puts a finger on her lips.
Abeer: hallo doctor….can u come right now at XYZ place?…..OK thanks
call disconnected.
Abeer: nothing will happen if the doctor comes and checks u…I think chhotu baby is going to come.
Meher: we’ll see
The doctor comes to their room. He does Meher’s check up while Abeer curiously looks on.
Doctor: congratulations, u r going to be a mother.
Abeer smiles looking at her tummy.
Abeer: come doctor I will drop u to gate.
He goes and Meher looks at her tummy. Abeer comes back while she was still busy in staring at her tummy. He sits beside her and clicks her fingers in front of her.
Abeer: kahan kho gai?
Meher: nothing, m scared.
Abeer: q?

Meher: I got recovery from cancer just now, I m scared that because of the medicine’s side effects, something may happen to our baby.
Abeer rolls his eyes.
Abeer: y r u thinking like this? nothing will happen…we should be happy.
He caresses her tummy and goes near it.
Abeer: come soon, papa is desperate for u.
Everyone comes and congratulates them. Soon Mehbeer were all alone in the room. Their happiness had no boundaries. Abeer lays beside her and holds her hand.
Abeer: how r u feeling?
Meher: very good

Abeer comes closer to her. He entwines his both hands with her and comes half on top of her and kisses her temple, then her eyes and then kisses near her lips, she feels his touch. Zinda hua main phirse…plays. He kisses her cheek and leaves her one hand and shifts his hand to her waist turning her towards him, her dress gets a little unzipped and he sees his name’s tattoo on her back, he caresses it and smiles. She puts her hand around his waist and snuggles more into him, he runs his fingers in her hair and she tightens her grip on him.
Abeer: I love u
Meher: I love u 2
She sleeps in his arms. He admires her while she is asleep. Her phone rings and Abeer quickly picks it up and receives the call.

Abeer: hallo
Suman: how’s Meher?
Abeer: she’s fine
Suman: make me talk to her
Abeer: she’s sleeping..I will make her talk to u when she wakes up
Suman: OK

Later, Tunnu calls Meher and tells her about Tina and their break up and that he’s sad.
Meher: don’t worry everything will be fine, I have a good news.
Tunnu: what is it?
Meher: u r going to become a Mamu
Tunnu: yayyyy! how sweet, tell him/her to come soon
Meher laughs

Meher: he will come after 9 months…can u come to meet me? I m missing u a lot?
Tunnu: of course didi y not? I will come
Meher: I will talk later OK bye.

No precap.

Guys the story may end soon as there is nothing left to show further.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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