Mehbeer ff: love is blind episode 40


Its morning, Abeer wakes up and doesn’t finds Meher. He thinks to find her. He opens the cupboard to take out his clothes and is shocked to see Meher inside. Abeer wakes her up.
Abeer: Meher…Meher
He taps her cheeks and she opens her eyes.

Meher: kia hua?
She said yawningly.
Abeer: pehle to tum bahar aao, kia hua vo to tum btaogi mujhe.
He pulls her out of the cupboard and shuts the door, he pins her to the cupboard.
Abeer: what were u doing in the cupboard? u slept inside so that u don’t have to face me? u hated my over protectiveness so much?
Meher: no Abeer, yesterday when u slept, I felt like roaming outside, when I went outside the room, a man collided with me and tried to touch me, I slapped him, he got angry and started chasing me, I got scared and came in the room and locked the door, he started banging the door and I hid in the cupboard, he opened the door anyhow, I don’t know when I fell asleep.
Abeer: how dare he to scare u? tum theek ho na Meher?
Meher: hmm main theek hoon.
Abeer: that’s y I m overprotective about u Meher, I love u I care for u y don’t u understand? Its not safe hiding in the cupboard, ur breath would’ve stopped, u should have waken me up.
Meher: I didn’t wanted to disturb ur sleep.
Abeer: han han, n if ur breath stopped that was OK right? If he did anything to u then?
Meher: I m sorry Abeer, I won’t fight with u, u r right on ur place, I just wanted that u also get enough sleep.
Abeer: if I wouldn’t have opened the cupboard don’t know what would’ve happened, don’t scare me like that again and always wake me up if something happens.
He takes her in a protective hug, she responds back.
Abeer: I will come after taking bath, u go take rest, u slept so uncomfortably last night, u should sleep, sojao.
Meher: I m habitual of u making me sleep.
Abeer smiles and takes her to the bed, he makes her sleep by caressing her hair, she sleeps and he kisses her forehead. Abeer goes to take bath.

Later when Mehbeer come out of the room to have lunch, Meher sees the same man who she slapped last night. He too sees her and approaches her.
Meher: Abeer vo
Abeer: kia hua?
Meher: wohi admi phir agaya.
She gets scared and hides behind him. That man comes there and tries to make Meher come in front.
Man: I remember u r the same girl who slapped me last night, come in front, why r u hiding?
Meher holds Abeer tightly.
Abeer: u collided with her and tried to touch her that’s why she slapped u, aren’t u ashamed of harassing a girl? What wrong did she do by slapping u? go away idiot else I will call police.
He gets scared of his anger and leaves. Abeer realizes Meher is still hiding behind him.
Abeer: Meher, don’t be scared, gaya vo.
Meher takes a sigh of relief. Abeer forwards his hand.
Abeer: chalein?
Meher: hmm chalo.
She holds his hand and goes. They sit on a table facing each other.
Abeer: Meher, u sit on my lap I will make u eat.
Meher: there r people around here.
Abeer: so what? we are husband and wife, plz for me?
Meher: OK
Meher sits on his lap and he puts his one arm around her waist. They make each other eat. After sometime
Meher: bas Abeer, or nh khana
Abeer: plz na for ur handsome husband, plz?
She laughs.
Meher: theek hai PR sirf tumhare liye.
He makes her eat the last bite, she too does the same. They go to their room.
Abeer: Meher take ur medicines.
Meher: hmm after sometime.

She receives a call by Kuber.
Meher: jee uncle.
Kuber: did u not forgive me till now? Call me papa, I m ur father as well.
Meher: OK papa
Kuber: kaisi ho? r u fine?
Meher: hmm m fine or aap or Maa kesi hai?
Kuber: theek hai, beta when will u return?
Meher: Abeer said that we will stay here till I don’t get fine.
Kuber: oh its good he cares for u, I m sleeping, take care.
Meher: good night papa.
Kuber: good night beta.

Call disconnected.
Abeer: why did u call papa as uncle first? Sach batao, u r not able to forgive him even now right?
Meher: no, nothing like that.
Abeer: I know its difficult, why r u scared of me? I won’t kill u OK.
Meher: hmm
Abeer: so tell
Meher: sach kahun to I m still hurt by his act but I have forgiven him.
Abeer: what about me?
Meher: m not hurt by u, I have forgiven u, we shouldn’t talk about past, let’s forget the bad memories.

Abeer: hmm.
He sidehugs her, his one hand was around her shoulders and his other hand was cupping her cheek. Suddenly Meher starts laughing. He breaks the hug getting confused.
Abeer: r u feeling tickles?
Meher: no
Abeer: y r u laughing?
Meher: on u
Abeer: why?
Meher: u got scared on that hair incident
Abeer: oh achha, hahaha.

Later at night, when Meher was combing her hair, she had difficulty.
Abeer: need help?
Meher: yes
He comes and combs her hair. He sees so many hair in the brush coming out every time he combed it. He silently looks at the hair and gets teary eyed, Meher sees this from the mirror.
Meher: kia hua Abeer?
Abeer shows her the comb which were full of hair, she too gets sad.
Meher: Abeer, ask the doctor that will I have to get bald?
Abeer: I will ask, but don’t get sad.
Meher: I m scared, I will look so ugly.
Abeer: no u won’t, in my eyes, u r the most beautiful girl of the world.
Meher cries.
Abeer: don’t worry, kuchh nh hoga, m with u.
He wipes her tears and hugs her.

No Precap.

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Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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