mehbeer ff: love is blind episode 38


Its morning, Abeer wakes up and freshens up, he takes a quick bath and comes out wearing a casual shirt with jeans. He sits on the bed and his hand touches Meher’s hand, he notices her hands are ice cold. He holds her hand, it was totally lifeless, he checks her pulse but doesn’t finds it. He checks her breathe, she was breatheless.
Abeer: Meher! ESA nh hosakta, u can’t leave me, I love u, plz don’t go, utho, plz utho
He shakes her but she wasn’t feeling his hands. He picks her up taking her in his lap. He cries hugging her.
He wakes up with a jerk. It was his nightmare. He sweats badly and looks at Meher, he holds her hand to check her pulse, she was completely OK, her hands weren’t ice cold, he checks her breath, she was OK. He thanks God and kisses her forehead.
Abeer: I can’t even imagine my life without u, jaldi se theek hojao, if it was possible I would have taken all ur sorrows in my fate and given all my happiness in ur fate, I promise.

She wakes up and he hides his tears from her.
Abeer: u do breakfast and then we will go to doctor.
Meher makes him look at her.
Meher: u again started crying, I told u m not going anywhere.
Abeer: I saw a bad dream.
Meher: it was just a dream, I m okay.
Abeer: u sure?
Meher: hmm
He helps her in getting up, she again gets pain in her feet and controls her scream, she digs her nails in the back of his palm.
Meher: I will go by myself.
She goes avoiding eye contact with him, he looks at her nail marks on his hand.
Abeer: dard seh legi PR bataegi nh, sahi nam rakha hai, miss Akdoo.

Later, Abeer and Meher meet Dr. Edward Larson after taking appointment.
Dr.Edward: so u have blood cancer?
Meher: yes
Dr.Edward: did u got any kind of pain like in ur bones?
Meher: yes, I got yesterday
Dr.Edward: did u get pain in ur feet while getting up
Meher: yes
Dr.Edward: what about problem in breathing?
Meher: it didn’t happen
Dr.Edward: incase it happens, then hug her immediately, it helps, if that doesn’t helps then give mouth to mouth oxygen, but if nothing helps then call me immediately.
Abeer: sure, but is it necessary that it can happen?
Dr.Edward: yes.
He prescribes some medicines.
Dr.Edward: take it till u feel better, if they don’t work, then treatment will be given by us.
Abeer: thnx doctor, and about food?

He explains everything and they go.

Abeer: I was scared when I saw u were dead in my dream.
Meher: what u think? I will leave u so easily? no ways, I will irritate u whole life, I won’t die so early.
Abeer hugs her.
Abeer: I won’t let u die.
Meher: plz don’t be sentimental, I will tell u a joke:
Roye vo is qadar meri laash se lipat kr, k laash uth k boli le pehle tu marrja.
They burst out laughing.
Abeer: u always manage to make me laugh.
Meher: han, I will never let u cry

They go from there. Later, Meher was roaming here and there in the room while Abeer was in the washroom, she feels sleepy while walking and falls leaning to the side of the bed. Abeer comes out of the washroom and gets shocked seeing her subconscious on the side of the bed.
Abeer: r u ok Meher?
Meher: hmm, m OK, bed tk Jane me susti horahi thi.
Abeer: oh God Meher u scared me
He picks her up and keeps her on the bed.
Abeer: don’t scare me ever again

He sleeps.

Precap: Mehbeer have an argument on Abeer’s over protectiveness, Abeer sleeps before Meher angrily, Meher goes out of her room in midnight and mistakenly slaps a man, he runs after her and she runs to her room and locks the door and hides in the cupboard.

Guys I made my ff nasty on someone’s saying, but I promise I won’t do anything wrong with anyone’s character, tell me what u all want to happen in my story? Babies can’t come now, they r newly married couple.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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