Mehbeer ff: love is blind episode 37


Meher pacifies Abeer that nothing will happen to her as his love is always with her. She jokes on him.
Meher: first I called u sotu raam, now I will start calling u rotu raam.
He laughs a little and she wipes his tears.
Meher: main fresh ho k aai.
She gets up from the bed but as soon as she gets up, she feels a severe pain in her feet and screams. Abeer makes her sit.
Abeer: kia hua? r u OK?
Meher: main uthi to pair mein dard hone lag gaya, its still aching.
She says by much difficulty.
Abeer: show me ur feet, u lay down

She lays down trembling in pain. Abeer goes towards her feet and massages them soothingly.
Abeer: theek hua?
Meher: nh
He massages it more and after sometime it gets fine.
Abeer: u don’t get up by yourself, I will take u everywhere.
Meher: but ur hands will get tired.
Abeer: no it won’t, I promised I will take care of u always, so I will do it now…come
He picks her up and notices something.
Abeer: Meher r u dieting?
Meher: no but why?
Abeer: your weight is very less now, I m feeling as if I m carrying a pile of clothes and not a human.
Meher laughs.
Abeer: I m tensed and u r laughing.
Meher: what u said was too funny, what should I do if I shouldn’t laugh?
Abeer nods his head in disbelief and takes her to washroom, he makes her stand.
Meher: Abeer can u give my my clothes and towel, m feeling lazy, plz?
Abeer: of course, I can also make u change if u want.
Meher blushes.
Meher: no its OK
He gives her the clothes and towel.
She goes and closes the door behind her. Abeer sits on the bed deep in thoughts.
Abeer says in heart: I will have to tell everyone about this problem.
He picks her phone and dial’s Suman’s number, she picks it up in second ring.
Suman: han Abeer beta?
Abeer: I have to tell u something important.
Suman: what is it?
Abeer: When we came to Paris, Meher had fever and even after giving injection her fever didn’t got less, then after the blood test we got to know that she has blood cancer, she has very less time, the doctor who gave her injection, she said to meet Dr.Edward Larson as he is the best cancer doctor.
Suman: meri bachi
She starts crying
Abeer: mummy ji, don’t cry, we have to be her strength and not her fear, God won’t do anything wrong, hausla rakho
Suman: beta vo abhi kahan hai? mujhe baat karni hai us se
Abeer: she’s in the washroom, I will make her call u when she comes out.
Suman: OK beta take care of her.
Abeer: yes I will, tell this to everyone, and don’t take tension, I won’t let anything happen to her, I will dig doctors grave if he doesn’t saves her.
Suman: I trust u, I m not tensed about her now as u r with her, don’t go leaving her alone, we can’t take risk.
Abeer: I won’t go, take care.
Call disconnected. He looks up and sees Meher standing there listening to their conversation.
Abeer: Meher, when did u come? sit.
He makes her sit in front of him.
Meher: y did u tell her? She might be worried
Abeer: Meher, they have the right to know this.
Meher: if she won’t be able to control herself then?
Abeer: kuchh nh hoga Meher, I want everyone to know as they have right to know this, if I am hiding something like this of u from ur mother so its wrong.
Meher: Abeer, will I be OK?
Abeer: yes.
They hug each other.

In Mumbai, in Meher’s house, Suman was crying alot, Tunnu comes.
Tunnu: what happen?
Suman: Meher has cancer
Tunnu: what?! Di theek hai na?
Suman: Abeer ne kaha k bukhaar hai, he said one doctor can help them.
Tunnu: so that means we have hope, hausla rakho Maa.

In Abeer’s house, Madhvi calls Abeer after she gets to know about Meher’s cancer.
Madhvi: Meher kesi hai? She’s OK na?
Abeer: han vo theek hai, phone doon usey?
Madhvi: han
He gives Meher the phone.
Madhvi: Meher tu kesi hai?
Meher: theek hu Maa, don’t worry, koi nh to Bhagwan help krengay, don’t take tension, how r u all?
Madhvi: sab theek hain
Meher: achha
They talk n disconnects the call after sometime.

Later that day, Abeer and Meher were in the cafeteria of the hotel having dinner, they were eating when suddenly Meher feels her bones aching and tiredness in her body, she feels uneasy and the spoon falls from her hand. Abeer looks at her.
Abeer: kia hua?
Meher: my bones are aching…I m feeling tired, I m having difficulty in eating, my hands are also aching.
She closes her eyes in pain, Abeer holds her hand and massages it, the pain was increasing.
Abeer: mujhe lagta hai humein kal he doctor k pas Jana chahye.
Meher: hmm
Abeer makes her eat and takes her to the room, he makes her have her medicines, they both sleep after sometime.

Precap: Abeer sees Meher not waking up for long, he checks her pulse rate, he shouts Meher

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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