Mehbeer ff: Love is blind episode 36


Mehbeer sleep hugging each other tightly, the fear of losing each other came again. Meher drifts into sleep as soon as she closes her eyes but sleep was far away from Abeer’s eyes, all he could do was look over Meher. He touches her forehead and sees that the fever is still the same. He thinks that normally the fever goes faster when injection is given. He gets up slowly from the bed carefully trying not to disturb her sleep. He opens the drawer of the bedside table and takes out a thermometer he always keeps in case of emergency. He closes the drawer and checks her temperature.

He sees her fever is very high of 101°.
Abeer: doctor said this fever isn’t normal fever (prays to God) plz, plz, don’t do anything wrong, Meher says u can’t be so cruel, don’t let these words become false.

He looks at Meher. She was sleeping peacefully so he called her doctor. She receives the call.
Abeer: Hallo Dr.Angela?
Dr.Angela is the doctor who came to check Meher’s fever (in previous update)
Dr.Angela: yeah, who’s it?
Abeer: its me Abeer Malhotra, Meher Malhotra’s husband, u came in the Hotel Madison sometime before to check a patient who u said she’ll need some tests and then we’ll know the reason of the fever.

Dr.Angela: yes Mr.Abeer, so what u want to say?
Abeer: can I come with her today in evening?
Dr.Angela checks her appointment register.
Dr.Angela: yeah u can come at 8:00 pm sharp.
Abeer: thank u doctor.
Call disconnected.

Abeer: I know u r scared of blood tests but its about ur health so I will do anything to make u OK.

He holds her hand in his hand and admires her while she’s asleep. Later that day, when Meher wakes up, they do lunch together and it was now 7:30 pm.
Abeer: Meher I want to tell u something.
Meher: hmm bolo
Abeer: ur appointment is today at 8:00 instead of tomorrow and we’ll have to go there right now so we reach on time, and one more thing, we are going for blood test.
Meher’s eyes widens.
Meher: bbblood test PR q?
Abeer: ur fever isn’t a normal fever.
Meher: nh kraungi.
Abeer: achha mt krana, but we’ll have to meet the doctor, plz Meher for ur health.
He pleads with his eyes.
Meher: OK
Abeer takes a sigh of relief.
Abeer: chalein?
Meher: han chalo.
They go out of their room and makes way outside the hotel, they take a cab and leaves for hospital. After sometime they reach and steps down the cab, they go inside the hospital and asks the receptionist about Dr.Angela’s cabin, he tells the direction and they go.

Mehbeer goes inside the cabin and sits on the chairs in front of Dr.Angela.
Dr.Angela: so how r u feeling now Meher?
Meher: it feels still the same.
Dr.Angela checks her fever.
Dr.Angela: Its still the same as before, Mr.Abeer, we will have to take her to the blood test counter, ask them to make reports as soon as possible.
Abeer: yes
Meher looks at him with fear.
Meher: but Abeer.
Abeer: no buts Meher just come.
Abeer takes her out of the cabin to the blood test counter and asks her to sit. Meher nods no. Abeer pulls the chair out and makes her sit. Abeer asks the doctors of blood test to take her blood sample.
Meher: no Abeer.
Abeer: jb darr lagay to..
Meher: gana gao.
Abeer: nh, jb darr lagay to tum kisi esi cheez ka socho jis se tum khush hoti ho, n what’s that thing?
He talks to her and signs the doctor, the doctor finds her vein n starts cleaning her skin with alcohol swab, she doesn’t notices her doing this, Abeer makes her busy in talks and the doctor pierces her skin with a thick needle and starts taking her blood, she was about to scream but he again makes her busy, the doctor was done with drawing her blood and asks them to go and the reports will come by tomorrow.
Abeer: but can’t it come today?
Doctor: no it takes time, so come tomorrow by afternoon.
Abeer: thank u doctor.
They go out of hospital and hires a cab.
Meher: u r a great distractor Abeer.

She says after sitting beside Abeer on the backseat of the taxi.
Abeer: its good I got successful in distracting u, it was funny when u said darr lagay to gana gao
He giggles.
Meher: I was repeating ur words which u taught me.
She too laughs remembering that day.
Meher was coughing alot at night. They were at a camp which was settled by college. At night Mehbeer were out of their tents hanging out together sitting under a tree.
Abeer: Meher, don’t u know not to cough at night as the sleeping souls wake up.
Meher: esi koi kahawat nh.
Abeer: OK as u say…Meher I found ur cough syrup, take it.
He gives her the syrup and she drinks it. Suddenly they hear a ghostly voice.
“go away if u want to live”
Meher gets scared and hugs Abeer tightly.
Meher: Abeer bhoot agaya plz chalo yahan se.
Abeer: no Meher, we’re brave, we will face this ghost, if u r scared then sing a song and ur fear will go away.
Meher: OK
She sings “han hasi bangaye” beautifully and Abeer was mesmerized by her voice. It was Nisaar who let out that ghostly voice. It was NisBeer’s plan to make Meher sing. Meher finishes the song and looks at Abeer who was smiling at her.
Abeer: well done
Meher: PR bhoot gaya kya?
Abeer: there ain’t any ghost here, that was Nisaar it was our plan to make u sing.
Meher: Abeer u..
She is about to hit him but he stands up and runs, she chases him and they both fall on the grass.
Abeer: oh God, u came to hit me.
He starts singing.
Meher: y u singing
Abeer: darr lagay to gana gao.

He laughs and she playfully punches his arm.
Fb end.

They reach the hotel and step down the cab, Abeer pays the driver and goes inside the hotel to their room.
Meher: Abeer, did v come here to rest? let’s go somewhere plz?
Abeer: ok, but where?
Meher: love locking bridge
Abeer: what’s this?
Meher: the bridge where couples together lock to a bridge and throws the key in the lake’s water as a sign of unbreakable love.
Abeer: our love is already unbreakable
Meher: plz Abeer, for me?
Abeer: anything for u
She smiles.
Meher: I m hungry.
Abeer: I will order something
Meher: order something yummy
Abeer: as u say

Abeer goes out to order something and she starts feeling cold, she wraps a bedsheet around her and shivers, she feels sleepy and falls on the bed. Abeer comes back after ordering and finds her sleeping.
Abeer: Meher r u OK?
Meher was deep asleep.
Abeer: yeh kia, kuchh ziada he neend arahi hai isko, and she is shivering.
He slows down the fan and covers her with a blanket, he touches her forehead, the fever was still the same. He cancels the plan of going out. The food comes and he eats alone.
Abeer: kuchh khaya bhi nh or sogai, I hope there’s no bad news when the reports come.
Meher suddenly wakes up.
Meher: Abeer
Abeer: hmm?
Meher: sorry
Abeer confused: sorry q?
Meher: because of me, we can’t celebrate honeymoon properly.
Abeer: for me, ur health is important, will u eat?
He asks forwarding the plate to her.
Meher: han, but u also eat.
They eat together.
Meher while eating: Abeer, I m bored sitting in the room, we planned to go out on the love lock bridge, chalein kia? m feeling suffocated here

Abeer: chalte hain, PR ek shart hai, we will come early, u have fever.

Meher happily: theek hai thank u, u r the best husband of the world.

Abeer smiles at her. They finish eating and get ready, they go out of the hotel to hire a cab, they find a cab and sits inside. The cab leaves. They reach in 15 minutes. They pay the taxi driver and goes on the bridge. Slow breezes came and they enjoy a lot, they together lock on the bridge and throws the key in the lake.
Meher: yayyy! one more memory.
Abeer laughs on her childishness.
Abeer: should I push u in the lake? we will swim together.
Meher looks at him confused as to why does he wants to swim with her when she has fever and she don’t know swimming.
Meher: I can’t.
Abeer: m joking, chalein Meher? hawa bohat hai, u will get more ill.

Meher: chalo
They go from there. Soon they reach hotel and sleep. Soon it was morning. Abeer woke up before her as he doesn’t gets proper sleep in tension. He just wanted the reports to come soon. He sat on the bed resting his back on the bed board with a thumping heart. Don’t know why he got strange thoughts. Suddenly he receives a call, after seeing its Dr.Angela’s call, he receives it immediately.
Abeer: hallo
He said with quivering voice.
Dr.Angela: ur reports are ready and..
Abeer: and what? everything is normal na? nothing serious na?
Dr.Angela: Ur wife has blood cancer, she has very less time, if she is given treatment on time, she’ll survive else we will lose her.
Abeer’s eyes get moist hearing this.
Abeer: doctor r u sure?
Dr.Angela: m sure, m really sorry, I recommend Dr.Edward Larson, he is the best cancer doctor and he has treated many patients.
She tells him the details. Call disconnected. Abeer breaks down and cries seeing Meher.
Abeer: how will I tell everyone about this? m so weak, meri Meher, she will die.
He kisses her forehead and his tear falls on her eye, she wakes up and sees Abeer crying.
Meher: Abeer, y r u crying?
Abeer hugs her tightly and cries, his tears were not stopping. She rubs his back.
Meher: shhhh
Abeer: Meher, don’t leave me
Meher: where m I going?
Abeer: Dr. Angela said u have blood cancer and u have very less time.
He tells her everything.
Meher: Abeer, we came to know about a doctor that can help us right? be positive, koi na koi rasta hoga, plz don’t cry.
She wipes his tears and hugs him again.

No precap.

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Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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