Mehbeer ff: Love Is Blind Episode 35


Meher: thank u for booking tickets of Paris, its my dream place Abeer.

She happily hugs him and he too hugs her back. Meher informs her family .They sleep early after packing their bags as they are going the other day. Its morning, Meher wakes up with Abeer and after having breakfast and taking elders blessings, they go to airport and wait for the announcement. After sometime its announced and they sit in the aeroplane and fly off to Paris.

Sasha and Akshat meet in a coffee shop.
Akshat: what u wanted to tell?
Sasha: I m not ready for a relationship right now.
He stops drinking coffee in between and keeps it on the table and looks at her.
Akshat: why? no, I mean, r u scared?
Sasha: scared? y will I be scared?
Akshat: WO kehte hain na, thappar se darr nh lagta sahab, pyar se lagta hai.
Sasha giggles.
Sasha: Akshat
Akshat: OK I will be serious now, did u feel bad when I accidentally fell on u and..
Sasha: I understand it was accidental…but how is that related to this? be reasonable
Akshat: some girls feel bad about that so I asked.
Sasha: forget it but I m not ready for relationship right now, but we can be friends.
Akshat: fine, I will wait.
They talk and go from there after sometime.

In the aeroplane, Abeer was asleep leaning to the back support of the seat. Meher listens to songs or should I say sad songs, the songs which described her hidden feelings, her fears, her everything. Unknowingly a tear rolled down her cheek, she quickly wiped it and looked at Abeer and to her luck he was asleep.
Meher says in heart: God, plz don’t let my fears come true, I know u won’t do this, u can’t be so cruel.

She brushes off her thoughts and sleeps. After one hour, they reach, Abeer wakes up and sees Meher still sleeping, he shakes her but she doesn’t wakes up, he picks her up and gets down the aeroplane, he again tries to wake her up but she didn’t wake up. He takes their luggage and hires a cab, he sits with her and the cab drives off.

He asks the driver to drop them at Hotel Madison. The distance gets covered in 1 hour and he gets down the car with Meher who was still asleep.
Driver: do u need any help?
Abeer: no
Driver: I mean I can help in taking this lady inside coz u have luggage also.
Abeer: did I ask for help in taking her? yes u can do one help that u help me with luggage.
Driver: but Sir ur hands will get tired.
Abeer: do as I said, she’s my wife I will handle her.
The driver stares at Meher.
Abeer: stop staring and do as I said.
The driver takes the luggage and goes inside with them.
Abeer says in heart: bada aya
He goes inside and books a room for them, the driver leaves and the hotel staff keeps their luggage in their room. Abeer goes to the room, he puts down Meher for a while holding her tightly and unlocks the door, he again picks her up and tucks her neatly on the bed, he kisses her forehead and notices that she is burning hot in fever.
Abeer: what happen to her?
He goes out and asks the hotel staff to call a doctor. He goes in his room and sits by her side holding her hand.

The doctor comes and checks Meher.
She gives an injection and says
Doctor: this fever is not a normal fever, i can’t say anything right now, we’ll have to do some tests and then we will know what’s wrong with her, come with her tomorrow 10:00 am.
She gives him her card on which there was her hospital’s address and her phone number.
Abeer: thank u doctor.
Doctor leaves and he holds her hand in between her palms.
Abeer: what happen to u dear? plz wake up soon, I m missing ur pranks ur naughtiness ur everything.
He starts laughing.
Abeer: do u remember how u played that hair prank and u scared me…it was the funniest thing u ever did.
Then he gets teary eyed.
Abeer: plz Meher get well soon plz.
He touches her on her palm, her hands starts moving.
Meher: Abeer
Abeer: tum uth gai
Meher: how m I here? we were in aeroplane
Abeer: I brought u here
Meher: what’s this place?
Abeer: we are in a hotel.
Meher: oh, but y r u crying?
Abeer: u weren’t waking up that’s y.
Meher laughs.
Meher: ab to uth gai, ab to hasso.
Abeer: kese hassu? doctor came and said the fever u have is not normal, after tests she’ll know what’s wrong.
Meher: everything will be fine..pakka, we came here to have fun and celebrate honeymoon not to cry.
Abeer: but u take rest.
Meher: rest to tum krogay.
Abeer: q?
Meher: jb me krungi to tum bhi krogay coz u r tired becoz of travelling…so sleep.
They both sleep hugging each other tightly, the fear of losing each other came again.

Precap: Doctor says Meher has blood cancer, she has very less time, she’ll survive if treatment is done on time, Abeer breaks down.

Will Meher get well soon? or will Abeer lose her forever? how will the lovebirds live with this shock? Stay tuned.
(Don’t worry guys, I won’t do anything wrong with Meher’s character, if Mehbeer get separated in my story then they’ll reunite soon, keep commenting, love u all ?)
This is the permanent cover of my story

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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