Mehbeer ff: Love Is Blind Episode 34


Meher in her sleep hugs Abeer’s arm tightly as if the moment she will leave him, he will vanish. Abeer wakes up and sees Meher holding him tightly, like really tight. He tried to free his arm but she tightens her grip.
Abeer: chhoro na Meher, aahhh
He holds his head and sees everything blurry.
Abeer: yeh kia?
He looks at Meher, he couldn’t see her face clearly. He touches her lightly.
Abeer: Meher, r u OK? Han? mtlb SB kuchh itna blurry blurry kese hogaya?
He tries to recall but fails. He tries to wake up Meher.
Abeer: wake up Meher.
Meher: I can’t wake up, my head is hurting.
She says sleepily.
Abeer: even mine is hurting, but y? what happened?

Meher: we drunk bhaang.
She said with her eyes closed.
Abeer: so r u shy to meet ur eyes with me?
She tries opening her eyes.
Meher: no, its not opening, m sleepy that’s y…u too sleep, u will be OK.

Abeer: y r u holding me tightly?
Meher: if I leave, what if u go?
Abeer: hain? where m I going?
Meher: to Sasha
Abeer chuckles.
Abeer: u sleep, u r not in ur senses.
He tries getting up but she doesn’t leaves him and gets irritated like a child whose favourite toy is being snatched.
Abeer: achha I won’t go, now happy?
She smiles with her eyes still closed and nods in a yes.

Abeer in heart: what happen to her? Is she again feeling insecure? If yes then I should be there to make her believe that I won’t leave her like before.
He turns to her side and caresses her cheek. He places his hand over hers and sleep.

Later when they wake up, after they get out of hangover, Abeer recollects running after Sasha and seeing Meher hugging Akshat.
Abeer in heart: yr she’s really insecure, Abeer don’t let her get hurt again, she needs u and this time won’t be able to bear leaving u.

He was in his thoughts when Meher came and clicked her fingers in front of his face.
Meher: u won’t come to office?
Abeer: of course I will.
Meher: so let’s get ready, hum already late hain.
Abeer: OK.

At office, they both go inside, Meher was holding his bicep tightly.
Abeer: y r u reacting like this?
Meher: like what?
Abeer: u r holding me so tightly as if I will disappear when u leave me.
Meher: do I say anything when u do so?
Abeer nods no.

Meher: hmm…I m going to my cabin.
She leaves him on the way.
Abeer: Meher
He calls out her name and she turns back, he goes and gives her an assuring hug feeling her insecurity, she responds by hugging back.
Abeer: I won’t ever go leaving u.
Meher: me too.
They break the hug and go.
Abeer goes to his studio and receives a call from Sasha.
Abeer: han Sasha?
Sasha: Abeer Akshat proposed me
Abeer: what?
Sasha: yes he proposed me
Abeer: r u happy?
Sasha: don’t know, I m not ready for it.
Abeer: so tell him
Sasha: will he understand?

Abeer: if he loves u then he will understand
Sasha: OK bye love u
Abeer: love u 2.
He disconnects the call and sees Meher in his studio.
Abeer: tum KB ayi?
Meher: usi waqt when u said I love u to whoever u were talking.
She says coldly.
Abeer: I agree I said, look it was Sasha and u know that we r childhood frnds.
He said showing her his call log.
Meher: of course I do, let me tell I didn’t come here to spy on u.
Abeer: then?
Meher: can’t I cum just like that?
Abeer: u can…but tell me once, y r u behaving weird since the time we woke up?
Meher: I feel insecure seeing u with some other girl than me.
Abeer comes closer to her and keeps his hands on her shoulders.
Abeer: I know it happens, but believe me I love only u, Sasha is just a frnd.
Meher hugs him tightly and cries vigorously on his shoulder. Abeer caresses her hair soothingly.
Abeer: Meher, calm down
Meher: I don’t know y but I m feeling as if something bad is going to happen.
Abeer: relax nothing will happen I m here, don’t worry.
Meher: I m scared.

Abeer: arey kuch nh hoga Meher.
He breaks the hug and cups her face, he wipes her tears with his thumb.
Abeer: fuzool mein roti ho, ab roi to I will cry so badly that u won’t be able to stop me..see like this.
He starts crying dramatically while she laughs.

Later that day, in Abeer’s room, Abeer was seeing something in his laptop in dark. Meher comes and switches on the light. Abeer goes and twirls her.
Meher: kia hua?
Abeer: I booked honeymoon tickets of seven days of Paris.
Meher smiles.
Meher: its my dream place. Thank u.
He smiles at her.

Precap: Mehbeer in Paris.

And here’s the poem I wrote:
I remember the last time we met,
Not even a single gaze of u I could get,
For once, I wanted u to look in my eyes,

To see if my promises were lies.

After scolding and saying goodbye u went,
Not thinking what ur presence meant,
My heart was wounded, it was a gift u sent,
Loving and getting hurt is a new trend.

I went on my knees begging u not to go,
U pushed me away and nodded in a no,
I looked at u with teary eyes,
My heart kept asking why u did so?

U said that my tears are fake,
Better don’t shed a lake,
U r a gold digger no one wants to take,
Go away for God’s sake.

With this I went numb,
For leaving me like this, I will prove u r dumb,
I wished u good luck showing my thumb,
My heart said u will again come.

Years passed by with this break up,
But the broken pieces of my heart didn’t patch up,
Not even for once I got a hiccup,
How did u so easily gave up?

Walking down the road I was going somewhere,
I saw u were standing there,
Meeting eyes with u was a dare,
This was something happened when I was unaware.

U said sorry and pleaded with your eyes,
Then I recalled all your lies,
Then I took a deep sigh,
I said don’t keep ur hopes high.

I tried to run but u held my hand,
And made me wear a friendship band,
U said if not lovers can we be friends?
I nodded in a no, my eyes were fully drenched.

I said do u know what leaving u meant?
Look in my eyes, these are the tears I held.
Somewhere these words made him melt,
He wiped her tears and knelt.

Forgive me, he said pleading,
Her heart again started bleeding,
She laughed sarcastically and asked what r u getting?
Go away and find a girl of ur matching.

He broke down hearing this,
He said do u know how much u were missed?
He hugged her cryingly for a while,
With this, she got a faint smile.

She hugged him back happily,
This moment felt heavenly,
They both went smilingly,
And promised to stay together loyally.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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