Mehbeer ff: Love Is Blind Episode 33


asha and Akshat collide while dancing and fall on each other, their lips meet accidentally followed by a kiss. Akshat’s hands slides down her waist. Their eyes widen in shock. Sasha was on the top of Akshat. She tries to get up but can’t as he is holding her waist tightly.
Sasha: Will u let me get up plz?

Akshat realizes and leaves her waist, she embarrassingly gets up and wipes her lips. Abeer comes towards them.
Abeer: what happen Sasha?
Sasha: nothing, we collided and fell on each other, we accidentally kissed.
Abeer: ohhhhh the love story just begun.
Sasha: shut up Abeer, did u come to make me feel worse?
Akshat: sorry Sasha, I didn’t do it intentionally.
She runs from there getting embarrassed.
Abeer: I will see her.
He goes after her. Meher sees Abeer running behind Sasha, she got strange thoughts for awhile and started drinking bhang. She goes from there in a drunken state and misunderstands Akshat as Abeer, she backhugs him.
Meher: Abeer!
Akshat frees himself from her grip and turns around.
Akshat: its me not Abeer.
She slaps her forehead and goes to find Abeer but someone pulls her and she falls in his arms, its Abeer.
Meher: where were u?
Abeer: with Sasha
Meher: oh…I misunderstood Akshat as u…I love u so much that I see u everywhere
Abeer is drunk as well and they start laughing and Abeer falls unconscious on her shoulder in Bhang’s affect.
Meher: kya hogaya?
She sees his eyes closed. She calls Nisaar…he comes and takes them to his car to drop them home.

They reach home and Nisaar and Meher lies Abeer on the bed.
Nisaar: u also got drunk with him?
Meher: hmm
She says subconsciously and falls unconscious on the bed with Abeer. Nisaar covers them with blanket and goes. Meher opens her eyes a little and talks to him fully drunk.
Meher: y did u got drunk with me? And y did u run behind Sasha? I feel insecure when u run behind other girls like this.
She hugs his arm and sleep.

(Guys now I think this story is getting boring, should I make it nasty or should I end it?)
(Also that I made a poem on Mehbeer related to the story on TV, I hope u like it, I will post it with another chapter)
(I changed my story name and cover so don’t get confused)

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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  3. Plzz don’t end it. It’s awesome

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