Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 9

Meher calls Abeer, he picks up the call on second ring but it wasn’t Abeer who picked up the call. It was the bartender who picked the call, he said ,”hello”.
Meher: who r u? this is my friend’s number
Bartender: Ma’am he is totally drunk here, he can’t even walk properly, can u plz pick him up? its bar’s time to be closed
Meher: m coming
Bartender: I’ll message u the address.

He messages the address and she goes to the bar by her car. She reaches and goes inside the bar, she sees Abeer sitting on the floor subconscious, she goes towards him.
Meher: Abeer, come let’s go home u r not OK.
She helps him stand up, she holds him but he doesn’t let her hold him.
Abeer: I don’t deserve ur care Meher.
Meher: Abeer, come with me plz either u deserve it or not I will do it, if not for the sake of our old relation I will do it for the sake of humanity, now come, no arguments.
She again holds him and helps him walk, she slowly takes him to car and gets him seated on the passenger seat. She sits on the driving seat and drives the car, he puts his head on her shoulder.
Abeer: Meher, I got to know everything that how dad didn’t wanted us to be close, he intentionally made us apart, I was mad to believe on his talks, he even drugged u at night, so u sleep early and can’t give me time, he confessed by himself, and then said that I forgive him, how could he?

Meher was shocked to hear this, she gets teary eyed.
Abeer: I broke all my ties with him, I can’t bear anyone insulting u, whatever I say to u, no matter how much I fight with u, but I really love u Meher, I know u also love me, u promised me u will love me forever.

She cries hearing this. They reach, Meher places his head carefully on the back support of the seat and goes out of the car, she goes to his side and opens the door, she helps him come out and closes the door, he kept murmuring continuously, she takes him to her flat by lift, they reach the floor, she makes him stand by the help of a pillar. She unlocks the house’s door and takes him inside the house.

Abeer: I haven’t done anything, it was a misunderstanding, plz believe me.
Meher takes him to her room and lies him on the bed. She turns to go but he holds her hand and pulls her close to him, he kisses her cheek.
Abeer: sorry Meher, but I really love u.
He let’s her go, she covers him with the blanket and holds his hand between both her hands.
Meher: I also love u Abeer, I kept my word, but I don’t know if I should trust u again or not.
She keeps his hand on the bed carefully. She sits in half laying position and cries. She recalls Abeer’s words “u r a gold digger, I did a mistake to marry u, dad used to drug u and u used to sleep early and could not give me time”
Then all the words came together “gold digger, mistake, drug, time, believe”
She closes her ears, she sleeps in an uncomfortable position, hugging her knees.
Its morning, Abeer wakes up after a hangover, he sees Meher sleeping in an uncomfortable position, he sits holding his head, he tries to recall what happened last night, he remembers Meher’s words “Abeer come with me u r not OK, either u deserve it or not I will do it, if not for our old relation, I will do it for the sake of humanity”. He remembers sitting beside Meher in the car and putting his head on her shoulder, he remembers what he said to Meher last night, he realizes he told her the truth and she must’ve cried after that.
He goes near her. He could see dried tears on her face, he makes her lie properly on the bed and covers her with the blanket.

Abeer says in heart “why r u doing this to yourself Meher, its my fault not yours, don’t give yourself punishment like this. Don’t be so hard on yourself, this is the last time u cried, I promise I will bring a big smile on your face.”

Precap: Meher says to Abeer you proved yourself, but I don’t want differences between u and ur dad, I will unite u both. She hugs him smilingly.

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