Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 8

Its morning, Abeer wakes up and sees Meher sleeping peacefully on the other end of the bed, he got flashbacks of how they used to hold hands in their sleep when they were married, how happy they were but then one day everything got ruined.

Abeer’s dad offered Meher to work with him in his office, Abeer too worked as a singer but his dad intentionally discouraged him and praised Meher, not only this but he also drugged Meher which caused her to sleep early and she wasn’t able to give time to Abeer, however Abeer knew she was busy, he wasn’t minding that she was sleeping early and working with his father, he was supporting her, Abeer’s father couldn’t see their closeness, he always wanted a rich girl for Abeer, he thought all poor people are gold diggers, so he made Abeer against Meher by filling his ears against her, this caused Abeer to file divorce from Meher, this is what happened after he filed divorce:
Meher: Abeer plz don’t do this, I love u.
Abeer: no u love my money, u r a gold digger, u never loved me, u just married me so that u can have fun from my money.
Meher: no, I love u not ur money.
Abeer: stop it, just stop it, stop lying! what do u think u will fool me?
Meher: I m not lying, I love u
Abeer: no, u don’t love me, I did a mistake by marrying u, I can’t spend my life with a gold digger like u, sign on these papers and kindly leave from my life.
Meher: Abeer plz don’t say this I love u.
She hugs him crying badly. Abeer pushes her away.
Abeer: but I don’t love u Meher I hate u, I have signed these papers u too sign it, u have time of two minutes, sign else I will make u sign forcefully.
Meher feels helpless and picks up the pen with trembling hands, she first looks at Abeer and then the papers, she signs it unwillingly.
Meher: I signed it, but just on ur saying, I can do anything to make u smile to keep u happy, even if we aren’t one now, but I will love u forever.
She cries and packs her bags and gives a last glance to Abeer and then leaves from his house. She kept wandering on the roads and didn’t went to her house because she didn’t wanted her family to suffer because of her, Akshat was on the same road, he saw Meher on the road but didn’t see her face, he kept ringing the car’s horn indicating her to move away but she was lost in her own world, Akshat stops the car and moves out of the car towards Meher.
Akshat: what madamji, u are roaming on the road, u will get hurt.

He sees her not listening to him so he spoke a little loud this time.
Akshat: Madamji!
Meher comes back to her senses and turns towards him.
Meher: Akshat
Akshat: Meher.
They have a hug.
Meher and Akshat are childhood frnds, they share a very good bonding.
They break the hug.
Akshat: Meher y r u roaming on the road, n y u crying?
Meher tells him everything, he consoles her and promises he will always be there for her no matter what.
Fb end.

Abeer was sitting beside Meher lost in thoughts, but his chain of thoughts broke as he felt Meher moving in her sleep, he goes from her room before she saw him but unfortunately she sees him.
Meher: Abeer
Abeer turns but doesn’t meets his eyes with her. Meher comes out of the bed and stands in front of him.
Meher: u told everyone from ur house that u r living here with us?

Abeer: yes

Meher: OK

She goes to freshen up. Abeer gets teary eyed and leaves from her room, while going he collides with Akshat.
Abeer: Watch where u go.
Akshat: Abeer Abeer Abeer, u too watch where u go, how dare u sleep in my fiancee’s room? its first tym so m leaving u, if it happens again I won’t leave u, I will win Meher before u can win her, stop me if u can.

He leaves saying this, Akshat said this intentionally to make Abeer jealous and his desire increases to win her. Abeer too leaves from there. He gets a call from his dad. He receives his call.
Abeer: jee dad
Dad: I wana tell something important to u
He tells everything how he used to drug Meher and wished to break both of them. He apologizes to Abeer.
Dad: I know I did wrong but I have realized my mistake, I want to rectify my mistake.
Abeer: dad how could u do that? r u out of ur mind? u drugged my Meher! keep ur apology to urself! I break all my ties with u.
He disconnects the call and Abeer’s dad cries, Abeer’s guilt increases, just Meher’s words echoed in his ears “no Abeer plz don’t say this I love u” then her promise echoed in his ears ” I signed it, but just on ur saying, I can do anything to make u smile to keep u happy, even if we aren’t one now, but I will love u forever.”
By now he was crying, he runs out of the house and sits in his car, he drives his car angrily, and goes towards the bar, he kept drinking until he lost his senses completely.

Meher and Akshat were talking, they were laughing recalling their mischiefs, they kept talking and after some time he left from her room. Meher switched on her laptop and goes through the photos, she comes across an old photo of her and Abeer, in which Abeer was hugging her from back and she had camera in her hand capturing their photo, she smiles. She goes downstairs to drink water but doesn’t finds Abeer, she wonders where he went, she calls him, he picks up the call on second ring.

Precap: Meher brings Abeer home, the truth to unfold in front of Meher

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