Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 7

The episode starts with Abeer promising to do anything to prove himself and leaving from her room while she looks on. Meher thinks about Akshat and his support.

Meher: I can’t be so selfish, Akshat might be feeling bad seeing my and Abeer’s closeness, I should go talk to him.
She goes towards his room, she sees him lost in his own world. She goes and sits beside him. He feels her presence.
Akshat: What happen?
Meher: sorry
Akshat: (confused) sorry? why?
Meher: u must be hurt seeing me and Abeer together, I forgot about u, sorry Akshat, I am totally confused what to do
Akshat holds her by her shoulders and calmly says: “U don’t have to be sorry about anything, I totally understand your situation, infact I should say sorry on holding your hand forcefully that day, I made u feel uncomfortable”
Meher: Akshat its OK.
Akshat: how’s ur arm?
Meher: better.
Akshat: hmm, I am sleeping, take care.

He takes his clothes and goes to change.
Meher’s POV:
Akshat was too calm today, he didn’t got angry, I don’t know why, I will have to find out what happened that his behaviour has this calm.

She goes from there. She comes to her room and sees Abeer sleeping on her bed. She covers him with a blanket. She works on her laptop trying to distract herself and got successful. Abeer moves in his sleep and holds her hand, she looks at him and tries to free her hand but he doesn’t lets her go.
Abeer: (in his sleep) Why u doing work, idiot, take rest, wifey ji.
Meher again tries to free her hand but he pulls her on the bed.
Abeer: sleep na miss akdoo. U look very cute when u r sleeping, so quiet, hehehe.
Meher: Abeer leave me.
Abeer: i left u once and suffered, I won’t leave u. Don’t leave me, don’t go.
Tears came out of his closed eyes.
Meher: Abeer.
Abeer: I was mad to blame u, forgive me don’t leave me.

Pass aye, dooriyan phir bhi kam na hui…plays in the background.

Meher shuts the laptop and keeps it on the bedside table, she was getting restless seeing him cry in his sleep. Abeer kisses her hand and entwines it with his hand.
Abeer: love u.
He leaves her hand. Meher wipes his tears. She turns her face away from him and sleeps.

We leave the one who loves us and love the one who leaves us, same was with them, Meher loved him but he misunderstood her and left her, Abeer realised his mistake after she left from his life, Meher says she has moved on but she hasn’t, she still loves him, she cares for him, her heart aches seeing him in pain, only heart knows what it thinks, and when our dreams are broken, we become totally hopeless. Will Abeer be able to prove himself and will Meher forgive him?

Precap: Mehbeer’s divorce story to be revealed (to the readers)

Sorry guys for a emotional and boring update ?

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