Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 6

Meher hugs the teddy bear and cries caressing it as if feeling the old connection with it, although that teddy bear had brought the sweet memories from the past and made her cry, but still she felt relief hugging it and playing with it. She keeps the teddy bear on the bed and wipes her tears, she goes to freshen up.
Downstairs, everyone were talking on random topics when doorbell rang, Suman goes to answer the door and finds Abeer.

Suman: You came so early?
Abeer: I took half day for Meher, I promised I will take care of her, just some more days left to prove myself, so I’ll do everything to get her back no matter what.
Suman smiles and he comes in and goes to Meher’s room. Meher was trying to comb her hair but it was too difficult, Abeer comes and sees her sitting and having difficulty in combing her hair.
Abeer: Leave Meher, I am there I will do it.
Saying this he approaches her from back and takes the comb from her hand and combs her hair lovingly and caresses her hair from other hand, his concentration was on her hair and she was looking at him with love from the mirror the whole time. He notices her gaze on him and looks at her from the mirror, after a long time they were having an eyelock through the mirror, he bends down keeping both his hands on her shoulders matching her height, she closes her eyes and he moves away from her. He sees her eyes are still closed.
Abeer: Meher
Meher opens her eyes.

Abeer: What happen? were u expecting something?
He giggles. She nods no. He notices the teddy bear on the bed and looks at her, he sees her swollen eyes.
Abeer: Meher were u crying?
Meher: no, why will I cry?
Abeer: don’t lie, I know u cried, I m sorry I know this teddy bear and those memories made u cry, I promise I won’t hurt u again.

She turns back to face him and stands up.
Meher: what sorry? it’s just a word for u right? I gave u one chance to prove yourself and not to hurt me.

Abeer: its not a word for me, I said it by my heart, I m really sorry, and if u gave me the chance to prove myself then I will do anything to prove myself.

He goes and she looks on.

No Precap.

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