Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 5

The episode starts with Meher smiling touching her forehead and rests. Abeer goes downstairs.
(?~Abeer, ?~Meher, ?~Akshat)

?~Mummy ji I was thinking to stay her for some days.
Suman: U can stay as its your house too, I know u will win Meher back, may God keep you both together always.
They smile and he touches her feet. Akshat comes and sees this. (Akshat has specially come to India for Meher and is staying in her house as he doesn’t knows anyone else besides her in India)
?~Looks like someone unwanted is going to stay here.
?~time will tell who stays here and who don’t.
He winks at him and goes leaving behind a smiling Akshat (strange na)

Abeer comes to Meher’s room and sees her lost. He goes and sits beside her.
?~gumnaam hai koi.
Meher gets startled by his voice.
?~Cant u make a normal entry?
?~no, else how will I get to c u were lost in my dreams ?
?~Abeer u r so kiddish
She picks a pillow and starts hitting him.
?~Meher stop na.
He holds the pillow which is about to hit him.
?~and my miss akdoo is back to miss kiddish ?
They continue to fight with pillows but carefully as Meher’s arm was broken, they both lay down to rest, as Abeer breathes, his nose whistles, Meher laughs on him.
?~its natural Meher.

Soon he too joins her in laughing.
(Have u ever wondered what is Akshat up to? if yes then let’s check on him)
In Akshat’s room, Akshat was thinking about how he always supported Meher and he never saw love for him in her eyes but for Abeer, he was never able to give her happiness in 8 years like she was happy right now in Abeer’s presence, he thinks if Meher is happy with Abeer, I will reunite them, he cries silent tears.

At night, Mehbeer sleeps together in one room, Meher on bed and Abeer on couch, they both kept admiring each other and slept.
It’s morning, Meher was sleeping so Abeer silently woke up and decorates whole room with their pictures and keeps a note for her on the table, he freshens up, haves breakfast and leaves for office.

After sometime Meher too wakes up, she switches on the light and surprisingly looks around her room, all their photos brought the past in front of her. She recalls every moment of her past and cries, she wipes her tears, her gaze shifts to the note on the table, she unfolds the note which said:
“I know all these photos brought your bitter past in front of u, but see the brighter side, we also have made very sweet memories too, there’s something for u in your cupboard, I hope u like it.

She keeps the note and opens her cupboard, she sees a teddy bear, it was Abeer’s old gift which he bought for her and she left it in his house only as it would have made her more weak. She picks up the teddy bear.
Mehbeer had a fight and so they weren’t talking to each other, all the tries to talk to Meher went in vain, Abeer knew she loved teddy bears, so he bought it for her and kept it on the bed, he hid somewhere in the room so he can see how she reacts. After sometime Meher comes in the room, when she sees the teddy bear she hugs it and her mood got fine, she smiles knowingly that Abeer must have bought it, as she was playing with the teddy bear, Abeer came out of his hideout and hugged her from behind. She smiles looking at him and they both have a very good time and got back to normal.
Fb end

Coming out of her past, she realized she was crying, she wiped her tears and hugged the teddy bear.

Precap: Meher finds difficulty in combing her hair, Abeer sees this and asks her to leave it and he will do it, he combs her hair lovingly, Meher looks at him with love

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