Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 4

Episode starts with Abeer looking at his and Meher’s photo and is unable to take his eyes off it. He was cursing himself continuously for leaving her. Soon its night, Mehbeer are unable to sleep and were getting each others thoughts, Abeer calls Meher, she receives the call irritatingly.
?~what now? Who the hell died that u called me at this time ?
?~oh miss akdoo, smile at least once a day. *dramatic laugh*
?~this ain’t funny, u called me to say this?
?~dreaming about me baby?
?~no ways, my days r not DAT bad
?~u broke my heart *dramatic cry*
Their sweet nok jhok continues, they sleep.

Next day at evening, Meher was coming from office to home, a car comes in full speed towards her, she falls on the road, her arm aches terribly, the car driver comes and takes her to car and drives to hospital, the doctor plasters her arm and says she has fracture and will get fine in one week. The driver drops her to her house, she goes to her flat by lift and rings the doorbell, Abeer opens the door and gets concerned, he takes her to her room and makes her eat, they have an eyelock, Abeer kisses her forehead and leaves, Meher touches her forehead where he kissed, unknowingly a smile crepts on her face, the screen freezes on her smiling face.

Precap: Abeer decorates Mehers room with his and her photos and keeps a note for her

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