Mehbeer ff: love is blind episode 39


Next morning, Meher was up before Abeer, she was about to go outside the room to order something for breakfast but Abeer wakes up and stops her.
Abeer: ruko Meher
Meher turns to face him with a questioning look
Abeer: I will also come with u, can u wait till then?
She nods and he goes to freshen up, she sits on the bed.
Meher says in heart: Abeer is worrying for me so much, I don’t want him to ruin his own happiness because of me, our honeymoon got flopped because of my cancer, we came here to enjoy and because of me, Abeer is suffering, I will have to do something to make this time memorable and not regretful.

Her thoughts are interrupted by the sound of the washroom door open, he comes out.
Abeer: Meher r ur feet OK now?
Meher: han its completely fine don’t worry let’s go.
They go out of the room to the cafeteria and settle themselves after ordering something.
Meher: Abeer, I want to say something.
Abeer: bolo
Meher: promise u won’t be angry
Abeer: OK promise ab bolo
Meher: don’t u think that because if my cancer ur happiness is getting ruined?
Abeer stops eating and looks at her.
Meher: no, I mean we came here to enjoy and because of me, u r suffering.
Abeer: so what do u mean? I should worry about myself before u?
Meher: m not saying that, u r being overprotective, I m telling u we should enjoy more.
Abeer: I understand what u r saying, but for me, ur health is important, u still have that fever and this breeze can make u more ill, n that doctor said u can have breathing problem later on, so m worried for u.
Meher: what about ur happiness?
Abeer: my happiness lies in u.
Meher: plz Abeer, I also want u to be happy, we will go out less, but we will go, my happiness also lies in u.

Abeer: u want my opinion on this right? my opinion is that till u don’t get completely fine, we won’t go out, we will stay in Paris till u get fine, ur doctor is here and u have to take care of urself, I m doing this for ur betterment.
Meher: yr Abeer its all about me ha, what about u? will u destroy ur whole life because of me and my stupid cancer?
She gets angry.
Abeer: fuuu, talk to me when u want to listen to me.
He leaves angrily leaving Meher angry and teary eyed both at one time.
Meher in heart: y does he always have to misunderstand me? I m thinking for his happiness and he is not listening to me.
She cries while eating.

Later that day, Meher was in her room, Abeer wasn’t there with her. She was worried for him, she kept crying. Abeer comes to the room.
Abeer: so do u want to hear me once?
Meher hugs him.
Meher: bata k nh jasakte? I was worried for u.
Abeer hugs her back and runs his fingers in her hair.
Abeer: bilkul isi tarha I m worried for u, but u want my happiness also, so I decided we should go out, tum jahan bolo wahan.
He kisses her hair and she smiles wiping her tears.
Meher: I want to go on a long drive.
Abeer: theek hai, but cover yourself else ur fever will increase.
Meher agrees and hugs him again.

At night, after they come back from the drive, Abeer cares for Meher, he was being over protective again, Meher liked it at first.
Meher: don’t be so overprotective Abeer, sleep, u also need rest, I m OK.
Abeer also got irritated, of course he is also a human, for how long will he bear this kind of behavior.
Abeer: OK, u want me to sleep right? I will sleep, good night, Mrs Malhotra.

He turns his back towards her and sleeps angrily with a heavy heart. Meher says in heart that I know u worry about me, but I should also worry about u as I married u by my wish and not forcefully. She goes out of the room, she collides with a man accidentally, the man tries to touch her, she stops his hand from reaching her and slaps him. The man gets angry, she gets scared and runs to her room, she locks the room, the man bangs the door hard and somehow opens it and she hides in the cupboard.

The man keeps finding her but fails and leaves, Meher falls asleep in the cupboard.

Precap: Abeer opens the door of the cupboard to take out his clothes and gets shocked seeing Meher inside.

Guys m I making my ff boring?

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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