Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 32


Guys should I change the name of my story? Because now the hidden love is no more hidden…do tell me..happy reading

Mehbeer come out of the shower after stopping it, Meher sneezes and shivers.
Meher: what was the need to drench me in that ice cold water? Now see I got flu.
Abeer: we both are partners in this flu.
Meher: like seriously, even in this serious time u r not over ur jokes.
Abeer: Meher its just a normal flu, it will be ok.
Meher: hmm *sneezes* I m feeling lazy.
Abeer: OK then rest for sometime, we’ll go late for the holi party at Nisaar’s house.
He wraps a towel around her, she rests.

Later at Nisaar’s house, the holi party starts, Nisaar and Abeer apply holi to each other, then Nisaar applies it to Meher and hugs her, Abeer gets jealous seeing them. Meher too applies holi to him. Abeer gets more jealous and keeps his hand around her waist and pulls her closer. Meher looks at him confused.
Meher: what?
Abeer: don’t be confused, I m ur husband n I can hold u like this, r u uncomfortable?
Meher: no
Nisaar: if u both r done should I say something?
Abeer: bol
Nisaar: let’s sit at the pool area and have some fun.
Meher: OK
Sasha: kis baat pe OK? what’s going on?
Meher: we r going to pool area, will u also come?
Sasha: yes
They go to the pool area and sits on the chairs. Abeer drinks bhaang with Nisaar. Meher was busy in talking with Sasha, Abeer signs Nisaar and Sasha to be quiet, he approaches Meher, her back was facing him, he picks her up on his shoulder.
Meher: leave na who’s it?

Abeer smiles evilly and jumps in the pool along with her, Meher stands in the water and removes the hair from her face, she sees its Abeer.
Meher: Abeer yeh kia hai? Was drenching me in the ice cold water wasn’t enough?
Abeer: hahahaha, I was just having fun.
Sasha and Nisaar also laughs with him while Meher gets irritated.
Meher: tum nh sudhrogay na?
Abeer: I think so.
Meher sneezes.
Abeer: aww baby again got ill.
Meher: it ain’t funny, u did this in college too.
(what Abeer did in college on her first day u know that)
Abeer: y can’t I do now?
Meher: coz I had flu.
Meher is unable to stand in the pool and slips, he holds her and they have an eyelock.
Sasha whispers to Nisaar: two in one, prank plus romance.
They giggle and cough. Mehbeer blushes. Akshat comes and applies holi on Sasha.
Akshat: happy holi Sasha
Sasha: happy holi, but I told u I don’t want to apply holi.
Akshat: friends mein itna chalta hai, sorry by the way.
Sasha: I was joking, main bhi lagaungi.
She too smears his face, they hug each other.
Abeer: yeh KB hua Sasha?

Sasha: 2 3 din pehle, we met outside a mall, but we’re just friends.
Akshat: hmm
Meher smiles at them.
Akshat: hi Meher
Meher: hi
Akshat: what r u doing in the pool?
Meher: WO someone pushed me in the pool.
She says this looking at Abeer.
Akshat: Abeer aisa nh krte, Bhagwan ji gunah dete hain.
Everyone laughs except Abeer.
Meher: Abeer let’s go out of the pool
Abeer: hmm.

He helps her go out and he too comes out. Someone comes and accidentally collides with Sasha, the colours fall on Sasha and Akshat. That someone says sorry and goes. Sasha and Akshat looks at each other.
Nisaar: guys holi is incomplete without dance, so should we dance?
Abeer: han, let’s go there where everyone else are also there.

They all go there, everyone dance on Rang barse. Sasha and Akshat collide and falls on each other, their lips met accidentally followed by a kiss, their eyes open wide in shock.

Precap: Sasha and Akshat’s reaction after the accidental kiss, Mehbeer drunk.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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