Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 31


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The hair from Abeer’s hand falls, he is about to pick it up but Meher comes and picks it before him, she looks at the hair and then at him, she frowns looking at him while he gets scared.
Meher: yeh kya kia?
Abeer: vo..Meher, these r not ur hair.
Meher: achha? to kia are these yours? when did u started having long hair? did u comb anyone else’s hair before me or these hair came by flying to u?
Abeer: comb mein thay, I took it out and held in my hand to throw it afterwards.
Meher: jhoote, u broke my hair, tumhe main nh chhorungi, (fakes crying) itne achhey Baal mere torr diye
Abeer: Meher just calm down, trust me these r not ur hair.
Meher: chup kro, I will kill u
She fakes anger and crying. Abeer moves back seeing her angry.
Abeer: OK , tell me what punishment u want to give me for this?
Meher: write on a paper that u r jhorru ka gulaam from ur childhood.

Abeer: OK.
He writes it on a piece of paper and gives it to her, he goes. Meher laughs.
Meher: I fooled him ahahahaha, the real fun begins now.
She takes a picture of that chit and sends it to Madhvi, Kuber, Sasha and Nisaar. She smiles mischievously.

Abeer goes down and hears a familiar voice.
Abeer: Suhana
Suhana: Bhai
They have a hug.
Suhana: bhabhi kahan hain?
Abeer: room mein hai, she’s angry on me.
Madhvi: humein pta hai y is she angry.
Saying this she gives her phone to him, Abeer sees Meher has sent the pic of that chit to them and gets embarrassed.
Abeer: Meher bhi na..
Suhana: kia hua bhai?
She comes and after seeing the photo she laughs.
Suhana: hua kia that u wrote this?
Meher: I will tell.
Meher comes laughingly, Abeer is shocked on her changed mood.
Meher: I played a prank on ur bhai by attaching fake hair with my real hair, I told him I cry a lot even if someone breaks one hair and fight a lot no matter who is it, he was combing my hair and broke my fake hair, he thought they r real (she continues telling)
Meher: he got scared by my anger, Abeer, this is hair extension not my real hair, so chill. This was a prank.

Suhana: Wah bhabhi I have seen him scared first time in whole life.

She too giggles, everyone laughs except Abeer.
Abeer: kya yr Meher, u scared me.
Meher: (giggling) I was just joking, u look like a cutoo pie when u get scared. Bura na mano holi hai.
Abeer: miss prankster
Meher: Mr. darrpok. Hahaha, I had fun.
Abeer: come in the room.
Meher: no I have work in kitchen.
Madhvi: no u both go, servants will do the work.
Abeer gives a victorious smile to Meher and takes her in the room. He closes the door and pins her to the wall.
Abeer: so miss prankster, u scared me so u will have to pay for that.
Meher: n u got scared so easily.
She again laughs. Abeer palms her mouth.
Abeer: let me speak, I have something for u.
Meher tries to speak but can’t as his hand was still there on her mouth. He removes his hand and takes some colours in his hand.
Meher: what is it?
Abeer: its this.
He smears her face with red colour.
Meher: Abeer u.
Abeer: Bura na mano holy hai.
He leaves her and laughs. She smears his face with holi. They have fight with colours. He again tries to smear her face but she doesn’t lets him do so.
Meher: bas Abeer, no…u already did a lot.. my clothes got dirty.
Abeer: I know how to clean them.
He pulls her with him in the washroom and opens the shower, the ice cold water made Meher shiver.
Meher: Abeer y r u making me drenched?
Abeer: let’s have some fun.
He too comes in the water with her.
Meher: m feeling cold plz stop the shower.
Abeer: no I won’t.
She tries to go but he hold her by her shoulders, she struggles but he doesn’t leaves her. Suddenly she stops struggling and splashes water on him.
Abeer: do that on urself, ur face is still coloured.
Meher: let me go.
Abeer: arey clean ur face.
Meher: u will again apply colours on me so what’s the use?
Abeer: u r right, let’s change and play holi.
Meher: hmm OK.

Precap: holi party.

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Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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