Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 30

Abeer and Meher sleep cuddling to each other on the bed feeling each other’s warmth, they felt like heaven to be so close to each other. Next morning, Meher’s sleep gets disturbed by the sunrays, she hides her face in his chest. Abeer wakes up and sees her hiding her face from the sunrays, he smiles at her childishness, he gets up and draws the curtains.
Meher: y did u wake up?
Abeer giggles.
Abeer: were u awake?
Meher: yes, but I didn’t wanted to get up from the bed so..
Abeer: so u hid ur face…looks like someone is feeling lazy, don’t go office today.
Meher gets up with a jerk.
Meher: office?! oh no, I forgot that totally.

Abeer keeps his hand on his head and laughs.
Abeer: I was just joking, today is Sunday so we have whole day to rest.
Meher: u scared me.
She lays down again. He opens the door of the bedroom and looks out to see if someone is awake.
Abeer: no one is awake, let’s sleep some more.
Meher smiles.
Meher: sotu raam
Abeer: u don’t want to sleep?
Meher: no I don’t want to.
Abeer: fine, I will sleep alone.
Meher: I was joking, OK I will sleep as well.
They both sleep again.
Later when Meher wakes up, she sees Abeer sleeping and gets an evil plan, she opens her cupboard and takes out hair extension, she attaches fake hair with her real hair, she smiles evilly.
Meher: ab ayega maza.
Abeer: kis cheez mein?
She gets startled and closes her cupboard.
Meher: vo…vo, han, we r married and together so we can spend more time together usme maza ayega.
Abeer: achha
Meher: Abeer, can u do one thing?

Abeer: yes?
Meher: will u comb my hair?
Abeer: OK
He takes her brush to comb her hair while she tells him that she loves her hair a lot, n if anyone breaks even one hair then I cry a lot and fight no matter who is it.
Just then, her fake hair breaks mistakenly and he panics, she smiles evilly.
Meher: what happen?
He hides the hair in his fist.
Abeer: nothing.
He is done combing and the hair in his fist falls by him. Meher sees this and smiles that her plan is working. He is about to pick it up but she bends down and picks it instead, she frowns at him, Abeer gets scared.

Precap: Meher acts like crying, Abeer feels trapped.

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