Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 3

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Its morning, Meher’s family sits to have breakfast, after sometime doorbell rang, Suman answers the door and its Akshat, he greets her and she allows him in, he sits beside Meher.
Akshat: hi Meher.
He greets her and kisses her hand, she feels awkward.
Meher: Hi
(?~Meher, ?~Akshat)
?~i was thinking that u n me go somewhere, your mood will also get fine and outing will also be done.

Meher hesitantly agrees.
Abeer is in his car going towards Meher’s house when he spots Akshat and Meher together, he sees he is holding his hand forcefully and she is uncomfortable, he comes out of car and goes towards them.
Abeer greets him.
?~hi Akshat

?~u came again to disturb us, just go away
?~relax, I came to meet Meher. Hi Meher
she gives him a faint smile, he frees her from Akshat’s grip and she is relieved.
?~Akshat, if she doesn’t want u to hold her hand then don’t, can’t u see she is uncomfortable by your touch?
?~she is my fiancee and I can hold her hand, right Meher?
She doesn’t answers. Abeer answers by her side.
?~she is your fiancee, that doesn’t means u force yourself on her, come Meher.
He holds Meher’s hand softly and takes her without waiting for his answer, Akshat leaves angrily. Abeer makes her sit in his car and she felt so comfortable around him, he cracked his lame jokes, she never laughed like she used to laugh, he plays a song “baatein yeh kabhi na tu bhoolna”. They both recalled their old times, whenever they came from college they used to go to have coffee together and how they always made each other laugh whenever they cried, it seemed like those memories have turned into a big fat lie now.

After sometime they reach a restaurant, he comes out of car and opens the gate for her, she comes out and he puts his arm around her shoulders, she looks at him blankly but doesn’t protests, they go inside and Abeer orders her favourite food for her and just a coffee for himself, she eats quietly for sometime and says:
“Why u doing all this? U have lost the right to do all this 8 years ago”

?~Meher plz eat, u look hungry, u gave me a chance to prove myself so I will do whatever it takes to win u back

She accepts her defeat and continues eating, her face was expressionless but somewhere she knew he cares for her and will always be there for her. When she finishes eating she pays by herself and Akshat comes there.

?~come I will drop u home.
?~i will drop her, come Meher.
?~i will go by myself

She goes out and sits in an auto and leaves. She was not in a mood to fight so she went alone. She reaches home and goes to her room and sits on the bed with a blank mind, she wanted peace, she wanted her own space, she had mixed feelings in her heart right now. Akshat comes in her room and sits beside her.
?~Meher u OK? u went from there alone.
?~Akshat I didn’t wanted u guys to fight so I came.
?~n why the hell did u give him a chance? That too to the guy who made u cry so much?
?~plz Akshat not now.
?~y? can’t I ask u something? I can’t even hold your hand? hmm? I m ur fiance.
?~Akshat, don’t u have any other topic besides Abeer?
?~ohhh you went with him when I wanted to go out with you n u won’t talk about it? Meher…
he is cut in between

?~She can go out with whoever she wants.
They get into a fight.
She pushes both of them out of the room and closes the door on their face. She gets angry and unknowingly sleeps.
Abeer opens her door from the key of course when Akshat leaves from there, he comes in quietly and finds her sleeping, he covers her with the blanket and goes.
When he’s leaving, Suman stops him and asks what happened?
?~nothing she’s sleeping.
she goes to Meher’s room and kisses her forehead. Abeer leaves to his house and plays his guitar, he was very disturbed and angry on himself, he was continuously looking at Meher and his photo, their marriage pics, their first hug, there were many pictures, he remembers valentine day is close and recalls their last valentine’s day.

Meher comes in their room and the lights were switched off, Abeer was hiding behind the closet, as she enters the lights switch off, Abeer slowly comes from behind and showers rose petals on her, she enjoys the flower rain on her, Abeer wishes her happy valentines day and she too wishes him, they have a hug and Abeer gives her roses.
Meher: thank u Abeer.
Later he takes her on valentines date in a restaurant booked only for them, they feed each other cake and dance on Janam Janam. He picks her up in his arms and twirls her, they look deep in each others eyes and smile.
flashback end.
Abeer: till this valentines day we will be a happy couple again.
He smiles.

Precap: Meher on road, a car comes towards her in full speed.

I don’t know if this update was as u expected or not, feel free to give suggestions ?

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