Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 29


And the final decision is option b. I hope u guys r happy with my decision, also that if u r a MaNan fan or kyy fan, do read my new ff Kaisi yeh yaariyan, only chp 1 is posted, happy reading.

In the morning, everyone is busy in the preparations of marriage meanwhile Meher is in her room, she keeps looking at her bridal dress and smiling like a fool.
Meher’s POV:
I hope no problem stops our marriage today, and this day becomes memorable.
I kept smiling the whole time, I was feeling as if I m in heaven, I hope this happiness lasts forever.
End of POV.

All day passed in preparations of marriage while Meher n Abeer kept thinking about each other, finally the time came for the marriage to start, both the families were there in the marriage hall, Meher and Abeer sit near the havan kund and after some rituals, it was time to take pheras, so they stood up and Suman did ghatbandhan and they took pheras and it was time for bidaai, Meher gets sad and hugs her family with teary eyes, everyone blessed her and asked her to keep smiling always, Mehers bidaai is done.

Meher and Abeer sit in the car after a final goodbye, whole drive they talked very little. Abeer kept joking to make her smile and finally they reached. After the grah pravesh, Abeer took Meher in his arms and took her to the room, he makes her sit on the bed.
Meher: tell me one thing.
Abeer: what?
Meher: is suhaagrat necessary?
She asks teasingly.
Abeer: hain? what happen that u asking like this? u OK?
He asked sitting beside her.
Meher: vo kia hai na, I want to sleep early, kal office hai.
She said hiding her teasing expressions looking down. He holds her chin and makes her look up directly in his eyes, she had tough time controlling her laugh.
Abeer: suhagraat to ho kr rahegi Mrs. Malhotra.
Meher: awww, kitne cute ho tum.
She pulls his cheeks and laughs.
Abeer: u were teasing me, very bad Meher.
They start running in the room and ends up falling on the bed.
Meher: ahahahahahaha, I was just teasing u, if u say I will get stars for u.
She winks at him.
Abeer: haha, which stars? real ones or those sticker ones?
He asked teasing her.
Meher: hahahaha Abeer!
Abeer: I will come after freshening up.
Meher: OK

After sometime both were in their casual wear, it felt so good to be next to each other again, they lay down facing each other on the bed cuddling.
Abeer: to aa he gai tum finally mere pas us chommu kabutar se chhoot k. haha.
Meher: kon?
Abeer: Akshat.
Meher: is giving everyone nicknames necessary?
Abeer: of course it is necessary else my name isn’t Abeer Malhotra.
They laugh.
Meher: even I have a nickname for u, Abeer The angry bird.
Abeer: Meher the miss Akdoo.
They again laugh.
Meher: if u r done then should v sleep?
Abeer: no, let’s dance.
Meher: sleep.
A: dance
M: sleep
A: dance
M: sleep
A: sleep
M: dance
A: finally u agreed.
He giggles and picks her up in his arms and dances in the room with her.
Meher: Abeer leave me.
Abeer: no I won’t.
Meher gets an evil plan.
Meher: OK
She starts kissing his face.
Abeer: stop Meher.
Meher: no I won’t (then she whispers) what about our suhaagrat?
Abeer: oh I forgot.
He puts her on the bed again and he too lies beside her. They get intimate, lights go off. They sleep hugging each other.

Precap: Meher asks Abeer to comb her hair, he agrees and her hair gets stuck in his ring and breaks. He panics, Meher smiles evilly.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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