Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 28 and voting time


Meher and Abeer are sleeping cuddling to each other on Abeer’s bed, Meher wakes up and gets out of the bed but Abeer pulls her.
Abeer: don’t go, let’s sleep for some more time.
She smiles and sleeps again. Her alarm disturbs her sleep, she wakes up and switches off the alarm, she sees a pillow in her arms instead of Abeer, she looks around to find that she is in her bedroom and it was just a dream, she blushes and goes to take a bath.

After sometime she comes out wearing a pink and white dress, she does breakfast and goes to office. In Tunnu’s college, the Dazzling Four goes on the stage followed by a big round of applause, they are given award of the best singer and the CD of their album, everyone congratulates them and they take selfies together.

Somewhere outside a mall, Sasha and Akshat are coming by opposite sides and doesn’t see each other, they collide with each other.
Akshat and Sasha in unison: Tum?!
Sasha: same boy who was staring at me that day in the engagement right?
Akshat: r u Abeer’s friend?
Sasha: yes
Akshat: u r right m the same boy.
Sasha: I forgot to introduce myself, Sasha.
Akshat: Akshat Ranwal, so friends?
(forwards his hand)
Sasha: yes friends (shakes hands with him)
The moment he held her hand in his hand, it felt different, it wasn’t as if he never did a handshake with a girl before, he had many girls as friends, but this feeling he was getting was something apart from friends.They release their hands from each other’s grip and go different ways.

Precap: Mehbeer marriage.

Guys plz tell me how to show Mehbeer’s marriage? I really don’t know what to write plus I don’t want to bore u all with those rituals, bidai and all, I have thought enough now only u all can help me with my update, its taking so much time to think that how to start my update, I guess its voting time, I will give choices, the choice chosen by majority will be my final decision.

(a) Show the day start with preparations, Mehbeer meets by hiding throughout the day, marriage scene at the end.

(b) show little preparations of marriage, fast forward to the marriage, cute moments of mehbeer, first night together.

(c) show one year leap where they are a married couple but different from other couples.

So these were my choices, don’t say that do what u want, if I knew what to write I wouldn’t have asked u all ?, all the silent readers wake up, its ur time. The voting will end when today gets over. Also I want to ask that r u guys OK with me showing Tina-tunnu and Sasha-Akshat scenes as well?

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

We recommend
  1. U cud show a leap of few days and den directly to the marriage,first night and then take 1year leap and show ishaan

  2. Both Akshat and tunny scenes are fine but show them less if possible only focus on mehbeer

  3. b) then after some time leap of a year

  4. option (b)

  5. B… Cant wait for it to be romantic!!!! And todays episode rocked…!!!

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