Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 27


Guys, as i am pairing Sasha with Akshat in my story so i m changing Akshat from Arjun Singh to Yuvraaj Thakur, tell me what u think about it in comments ?, happy reading.
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Meher reads the letter sent by Shyam and smiles between her tears, she was happy as the hope which she once had that her father still loves her and that he will come back, came true. She goes downstairs and calls everyone. Everyone comes.
Suman: What happen Meher?
Meher shows her the letter and the gifts sent by Shyam. She was still smiling. Suman looks at the letter and then at the gifts he sent with a chit, she didn’t knew how to react. She stood there in a shock, Devki takes the letter from her, she too gets shocked reading it (I have already told what’s in the letter so no suspense), Tunnu also reads it, everyone except Meher were in shock.
Meher: Arey kia hua aap sab ko?
Suman: kuchh nh, main yeh soch rahi thi k achanak ese sorry
Devki: haan yeh kese hua?
Meher: When he filed a complain against us that we didn’t invite him, I got really angry and went to meet him later that day by evening…

She narrates them everything that happened.
Meher: Maa I had to do this, it was needed.
Suman: u did good, and its good he changed and will stay away from us.
Devki: yes, his one sorry can’t heal the pain he gave us.
Tunnu: right.
Meher: He don’t have problem by my marriage now, so everything is sorted now.
Tunnu: congrats.
Suman and Devki smiles at her. Meher goes to get ready for office.

Abeer is in his studio, he is playing the guitar to enlighten his mood as he is sad that his and Meher’s marriage got cancelled. Abeer asks Jawahar to send Meher to his studio when she comes, Jawahar nods and goes. Meher’s stops her car outside the office and goes inside, Jawahar tells her that Abeer is asking u to come to his studio, she goes to the studio and opens the door of the studio, he was still playing guitar, his eyes were closed, he was in his own world.

She closes the door behind her and goes towards Abeer. She calls his name but he doesn’t responds at first. She places her hand on his shoulder.
Meher: Abeer.
Abeer opens his eyes and stops playing guitar and looks at her. He stands up to face her.
Abeer: I m just too stressed, I lost u again because of that complain.

Meher: Everything is fine now, dad apologized and said he will stay away from all of us, he doesn’t have any problem by our marriage now.

Abeer: Did I heard right?
Meher: yeah u heard right.
Abeer: yesss! finally u will be mine.

He picks her up in his arms and twirls around several times, she laughs.

In Tunnu’s college, Tunnu was hidden behind a wall seeing Tina coming, he was planning to scare her. A teacher comes and Tunnu thinks she is Tina, he lets out a ghostly laughter and gets scolded by the teacher, the teacher goes. Tina laughs on him.
Tina: Very funny han.
Tunnu: I thought its u.
Tina: next time be careful.
She goes laughingly.

Abeer and Meher decide to spend time with each other after office, they go on a drive and have a nice time. They go to their house bidding bye to each other and soon sleeps.

Precap: Mehbeer marriage.

Guys I wasn’t feeling good by not writing for some days so sorry if my update is boring, I was totally blank on what to write, I will need suggestions for upcoming episodes.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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