Mehbeer ff: hidden love episode 26


The episode starts with Meher warning shyam to be away from her family. She goes banging the door loudly. A pair of eyes were watching her as she did this, it was none other than Abeer. He says in his heart that Meher, if we can’t marry in grand way we will run away from our houses and then marry, I will marry u only. He too leaves from there and goes behind Meher.

Meher goes towards her car but Abeer stops her.
Meher: Abeer what r u doing here?
Abeer: I came to meet u at ur house but I saw u coming out of the building, u were very angry and I followed u to see what r u up to, I heard everything u said to uncle.

Meher rolls her eyes in irritation and tries to go but again Abeer stops her.
Abeer: R u angry on me?
Meher: no m angry on my fate.
Abeer: Meher, I know what he did was wrong, what u said to him was right, ur anger is justified, don’t be so hard on yourself.
Meher: So what else should I do? I m unlucky to have such fate, everything bad happens to me only, I don’t know what wrong I did.

Abeer: Meher, yahan aao.
He pulls her into a hug, she keeps her forehead on his shoulder hiding her face. He runs his fingers in her hair.
Abeer: everything will be OK I promise, don’t curse your fate, everything happens for a reason, if we can’t marry in a grand way, let’s run away and marry, what say?

Meher breaks the hug and looks at him stunned and sometime later laughs.
Meher: thank u, u know what? shahdi rukne k baad se main ro he rahi thi, ab ja k hasi hoon.
Abeer: Jab hum hain to kia gum hai?
Meher smiles at her funny to be husband.
Meher: achha bye, now m going.
Abeer: bye. Ek kiss to dedo.
Meher: Abeer now I really want to go bye.
She sits in her car and leaves. Abeer smiles and goes.

Shyam takes out a photo album which had Suman and him with Meher and Tunnu’s childhood pics.
“I hate u pops”
These words echoed repeatedly in Shyam’s ears. He recalls Meher’s last birthday with him, Meher feeds him cake and he too does the same, he gifts her a crown, she smiles and says I love u pops, she kisses him on his cheek.
He recalls every moment of her childhood when she intentionally made mistakes to get his scolding, and the time when she was born, he promised her to love her very much, but instead of loving her, he hurt her a lot, he made her cry by leaving her and breaking her heart, he repents for his mistakes and cries.
Shyam: I lost my daughter, meri bachi, I m the worst father one can ever have.
He takes a paper and writes something.

Its night, Abeer thinks if the marriage wouldn’t have stopped, Meher would have been with me right now. Meher is stressed in her room, she looks at the photographs on her wall of her and Abeer, she breaks the vase kept in her room to get her anger out, she picks up a piece of broken vase in her right hand and moves it towards her left hand trying to cut her wrist, Abeer calls her and she throws the piece of vase away from her.

Meher: Abeer
Abeer: u OK Meher?
Meher: han m fine
Abeer: u don’t look OK to me
Meher: nhi m fine, mujhe kia hoga?
Abeer: achha I will tell u k tumhe kia hoga.
Someone jumps in from the window, its Abeer.
Meher: Abeer u were here only?
Abeer: yes I saw everything u were doing, y did u tried to suicide?
Meher: I was stressed.
Abeer: oh really! u were stressed n u didn’t think about me or ur family that what will happen of them if u die?
Meher: Abeer I was angry.
Abeer: Bas Meher, u don’t have any right to kill yourself, y do u always get negative about everything? Life ko enjoy karo, be happy.
Meher: how? whenever I get happy something bad happens.
Abeer: y r u spoiling ur happiness for others? be positive.
Meher stays quiet.
Abeer: First I only used to get love on ur sweet things, but now I get love on ur anger too.
Meher smiles.

Its morning, everyone were busy in their own selves, the doorbell rings, Meher answers the door, she doesn’t finds anyone there, she was about to close the door but then she saw a folded paper on the floor with a parcel.
Meher: Who must’ve sent this?

She picks them up and goes to her room, she unfolds the paper which said:
My dear daughter Meher,
I m sorry for all my deeds, I m repenting for my mistakes, I shouldn’t have left u like this, u and Tunnu were my kids and u both will always be my kids only, I know I left u both when u were little, but ur marriage was my dream as well, not only this but I left my sister also, I hurt ur mother a lot, forgive me if possible, tell everyone else also to forgive me, I have sent this gift for u and Tunnu as a gift of father, I hope u like it, also that i have no problem by ur marriage now, u didn’t invited me but its OK, I will stay away from all of u, I wish u all the best for ur whole life, be happy, I will always love u n Tunnu, pay my regards to everyone.

Meher is shocked at this sudden apology which she never expected. What made him do all this?
Without thinking further, she opens the parcel, it had bangles again with a chit which said:
“Wear this on ur wedding, I kept it for u since when u were little, this will help u in every exam of ur life, keep it safe.”

It also had a pendant on which it was written Daddy’s boy, it was for Tunnu. Meher was smiling between her tears, because the hope she once had that her father will realize his mistake and he still loves her, came true.

No precap.

Credit to: Sally Sue (Sara)

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